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‘Dead Space’ and ‘Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus’ available for free on Samsung App store

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Continuing their tradition to offer free apps and games, the Samsung App store has not one but two games this time to give away. The first one is the popular Dead Space, a futuristic survival horror game, which recently arrived on the Android Market. The game is otherwise sold for $6.99 but you can have it for free on the Samsung App store.

Another free game is Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, a war-based shooter, which is currently being sold at a discount for $0.99 on the Android Market but for Samsung smartphone owners it is completely free. Read more »

JXD S7100 combines 7-inch Android tablet and gaming console into one, sells for $139.99

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Ever wanted a 7-inch Android tablet that also had gaming keys on the side? Then JXD has just the thing for you. Although the company usually spends its time making PSP clones, this time they have gone ahead and made something original. Oh, wait. Never mind.

The device has a 7-inch display with a rather unimpressive 800 x 480 resolution. What is impressive, however, is the processor it runs on. The S7100 has the same dual-core Cortex A9 with Mali-400 GPU found under the hood of Samsung’s Galaxy S II. Read more »

We take a look at this year’s creative Christmas trees, suitable for any festive geek

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No doubt, many of you have unwrapped your new toys, eaten yourselves to a standstill and maybe even fallen asleep in an armchair by the fire.

the LEGO Tree at St. Pancras Station

But we thought we’d look at some of those who’ve decided to jazz Christmas up this year with their creative attempts at Christmas trees, ones any geek would be proud of. Read more »

EA brings Real Racing 2 to the Android Market, lets you try its sweet graphics for free

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Android users have been rightfully jealous of iOS for having exclusivity of one of the hottest racing games for some time now. Fortunately, EA has finally decided to right the wrong and brought Real Racing 2 to the Android market.

One of the most elaborate racing games for mobile platforms landed in the official app repository of the platform the other day and has already gathered a significant amount of downloads. Read more »

Nokia adds classic Snake game to their Facebook page, brings back old memories

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Before there was Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies, there was Snake. One of the two games found on old Nokia phones (the other one being Space Impact), Snake is single-handedly responsible for taking away many hours of precious time from people’s lives, none of which they regret because it was just so much.

Unfortunately, you don’t get Snake on Nokia phones these days. Not the old fun one, anyway. And Nokia seems to understand how much people miss it. So they have brought it back, but it’s not on their phones anymore but on Facebook. Read more »

Rovio puts the ‘Play’ in PlayBook, brings Angry Birds to the tablet

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Other than the lack of a native email, calendar and contact app, the biggest item on the list of things you can’t do on a BlackBerry PlayBook is play Angry Birds. These days you can probably play Angry Birds on washing machines and microwave ovens as well, so its absence on the PlayBook was a bit disappointing.

However, if you’re one of the PlayBook owners or planning to buy one now that the prices have dropped so much, you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the bird flinging action because Rovio has just launched the entire Angry Birds series on the BlackBerry App World. Read more »

More December deals for mobile gamers as GTA 3 on iOS and Android gets a price drop

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Rockstar’s monumental classic sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto 3, appeared on everyone’s radar back in October 2001, being the first game in the series to boast full 3D graphics and not only that, ridiculously fun gameplay.

GTA 3 gets a price cut

Roll on to it’s 10th anniversary and the game that took the world by storm is back in the minds of gamers, as it launches on both Android and iOS devices just in time for the holiday season. But wait, there’s more… Read more »

EA and Gameloft slash prices on around 120 titles between them this Christmas

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Christmas sales are great in the high street, but even better when they crop up elsewhere, such as in this case with both EA and Gameloft putting a number of their top titles on sale for the holiday season at considerable discount.

Festive fun from EA and Gameloft

With around 20 iOS titles from Gameloft and over 100 EA titles on both iOS and Android in some cases dropping from $10 down to as little as $0.69, it seems like a good time to get your festive game face on. Read more »

All three Angry Birds games are now available for BlackBerry PlayBook, cost a small fortune

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Angry Birds is arguably of the most popular game franchise in the history of mobile gaming. Almost every mobile device and OS on the market today has a few of the Angry Birds titles, and now the BlackBerry PlayBook joins that family as well.

Today Rovio announced that it launches the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio versions compatible with the RIM tablet. Read more »

AMD’s $549 Radeon HD 7970 launched, gets benchmarked

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The highly anticipated AMD 7xxx-series GPU are finally arriving and the first one out of the gate is the Radeon HD 7970. This is the first GPU to utilize the 28nm process technology and according to AMD is the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the market today.

The 7970 is clocked at 925MHz and can be overclocked to 1.1GHz. It has 2,048 stream processors and 3GB of GDDR5 memory with 384-bit memory bus. It is also the first graphics card in the world to use the Direct3D 11.1 technology and AMD’s Graphics Core Next GPU architecture and natively supports PCI Express 3.0. Read more »

The Old Republic shows up on our scanners looking to fill the Star Wars MMORPG void [VIDEO]

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The wait was over for many a Jedi and Sith-in-training yesterday, as Star Wars: The Old Republic; EA, BioWare and LucasArts’ new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) finally launched on PC.

A Sith looking moody with twin red light sabres

The title itself fills the gap left by the last Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: Galaxies which saw varied interest between its launch in 2003 and its recent shutdown, less than a week ago (December 15th). Read more »

Sony has shipped over 320K PS Vita units in just two days

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Sony’s latest portable gaming console is obviously doing pretty well. The PS Vita sold 321,407 units in the first two days of its market availability, which is nearly half the amount of the initial shipment (believed to be around 700,000 units).

The sell rate is roughly comparable to that of the original PSP (166,074 units in the first 24h) and Nintendo’s recently launched 3DS (371,326 in the first 48h), so portable consoles are still doing relatively well. Read more »

Tweak the graphics of Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android for best image quality – if your phone has the GPU for it

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So, you’ve got yourself a cool new droid with a beefy GPU but then you find out that GTA 3 was optimized for common Androids and their paltry graphics. Luckily, it turns out that the game supports much better graphics, you just need to enable them through slightly unconventional means.

It’s as simple as replacing the right file with a customized one and you can get much improved visuals from the game if your phone’s GPU is up to it. There are a couple of more before/after pics after the jump. Read more »

Ripped Angry Birds compatible with other Nokia S40 phones

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We all know how popular the Angry Birds game is. And back at Nokia World when the S40-running Asha 300/303 were announced to come with the popular pig-bashing game pre-installed, fans of the platform loudly rejoiced.

However, it was not clear whether Angry Birds would run on older S40 devices. Well, worry no more – it works and it’s good to go for you to try out. Read more »

Sony launches PS Vita in Japan, releases online user guide for it

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After almost a year of officially announcing it, Sony has finally launched the PlayStation Vita. For now, however, the device is only available in Japan with US availability starting from February 22, 2012 onwards.

Sony will be selling three variants of the PS Vita in the US, the Wi-Fi-only mode, Wi-Fi+3G model and Wi-Fi+3G model with a 4GB memory card, limited edition case and ‘Little Deviants’ game and will be priced at $249.99, $299.99 and $349.99 respectively. Read more »