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Blizzard opens Diablo 3 Beta to everyone this weekend

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Less than one month before we get to free Sanctuary from the forces of Evil, Blizzard will be making the beta of Diablo 3 accessible to everyone. Starting on April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PST and ending on April 23 until 10:00 a.m. PST, everyone with a account will be able to hop on the Diablo 3 beta server and slash some monster in what is undoubtedly the most hotly anticipated game in recent years.

Blizzard is taking the opportunity to do a last stress test of its servers before putting an end to the Diablo 3 beta on May 1st. Read more »

God of War: Ascension trailer released

by 14 comments

Prepare your PlayStations, for the all mighty God of War is coming back. Rumors of this game have been circulating for a while now but we finally have the full trailer courtesy of the PlayStation Facebook page.

The game will be called God of War: Ascension, unlike the God of War IV name that was being floated around till now. Also, unlike what I imagined, this doesn’t seem like a successor to God of War III but more like a prequel, where they show how Kratos came to be known as the Ghost of Sparta. Read more »

Max Payne Mobile now available on the App Store

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The critically acclaimed and award winning title Max Payne is now available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game has been released on the App Store and costs $2.99.

Max Payne is popular not just because it featured great action but it was also one of the first games to feature a cinematic story that gave the players a feeling of watching an action movie and not just playing a video game. It was also the first game to feature the now famous slow motion gameplay feature dubbed Bullet Time. Read more »

EA accidentally leaked Crysis 3 in Origin Store

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Electronic Arts spilled the beans on Crysis 3 right in their digital store Origin. Apparently the third part of the popular series is in the works and will be ready soon.

There were two options of the Crysis 3 Limited Edition game mentioned – for Xbox 360 and PC, so it’s still unclear if there will be a PlayStation 3 version as well. Read more »

Max Payne Mobile will hit iOS on April 12, Android two weeks later

by 30 comments

In case you are a fan of Rockstar’s original Max Payne from a decade ago, who’s itching to get some old school action in his/her pocket, we have some good news for you. Max Payne Mobile – the port of the original blockbuster will land on iOS devices on April 12. Android running hardware will follow suit two weeks later – on April 26.

The videogame developers promise the “full classic Max Payne PC experience” on your handheld device. Read more »

BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – free DLC adding extended endings

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After the unprecedented feedback that Mass Effect 3 received, BioWare promised to listen and respond. Well, today is a lucky day for gamers as the popular title receives the conclusion it deserves.

BioWare has just announced the next Mass Effect 3 DLC called Extended Cut. It does exactly what the name suggest – extend the current finale with additional scenes and so anyone interested can get answers to their questions and proper closure. Read more »

UPDATED! Sony releases version 1.65 update for PS Vita, pulls it due to issues

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Yesterday, Sony issued a firmware update for the PS Vita, which took the version number to 1.65. Among the list of changes included ability to disable certain notifications, such as when friends sign in, messages are received, etc., ability to set the auto standby timer to ‘After 10 Minutes’, arrow for indicating when new activities are available in LiveArea, and the inclusion of Caps Lock for the on-screen keypad.

However, it seems there was some issue with this update, due to which Sony had to pull it down shortly after it went live. Read more »

Halo’s epic multiplayer statistics get outed in an infographic

by 11 comments

The developers from Bungie have ended their relationship with the “Halo” video game franchise in a truly memorable fashion. The studio released an infographic, showing the data it collected from “Halo” online multiplayer over the years.

Now get ready for some serious numbers. Read more »

Transform your video-call cam into a joystick, no it’s not a joke

by 13 comments

Playing games on your touch-enabled phone can be frustrating if you’re not, you know, a Galaxy Note owner.

Well, a research group from Keio University are in development of a joystick add-on that’s placed on top of your front-facing camera and can, depending on the precision of your hardware, perform the simple actions of navigating left, right, up and down in apps and games. Read more »

Angry Birds games have their physics all messed up, scientist says

by 34 comments

A physics professor has done an extensive analysis on the Angry Birds Space physics laws. What he found is that both games are too far away from how the things work in the real world.

Shocker? Read more »

PlayStation Orbis looking to be Sony’s next big console in 2013

by 41 comments

Despite any official word on Sony’s next major console unlikely to emerge until the likes of E3 next year, speculation, rumors and leaks have already started to creep out of the woodwork.

Playstation Controller timeline

First and foremost, the new name. It’s uncertain whether Sony intend on keeping it through to market, or whether it’s merely a placeholder during the developmental stages, but the company’s next leading console may well bear the name, ‘Orbis’. Read more »

LA Noire is now playable on Android tablets via OnLive streaming

by 15 comments

When I first read through the headlines, at first I thought Rockstar has decided to port the LA Noire to Android, but it’s not the case. OnLive has updated the LA Noire game with touch-optimized controls and interface so you can play it on almost every Android tablet out there.

OnLive is a paid service where you can rent or buy games and play them on tablets, PCs, Macs or even TVs. The actual playing is done on the OnLive serves, you just get the picture via HD streaming. Read more »

Angry Birds Rio updated on Android, new levels

by 4 comments

The droid version of Angry Birds Rio just got an update bringing users 12 new bonus levels.

Those are unlocked by collecting in-game achievements like collecting all the fruit in an episode or passing all the levels. Read more »

Temple Run now available on Android

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When it comes to simple yet addictive games, few can beat Temple Run. The game has been available on iOS for a while now and has finally arrived on the Android Market Google Play Store.

So what is the objective of the game? You run. Run like you’ve never run before. Run for you life. Run from the crazy monkeys out to get you, all the time jumping over obstacles and collecting coins. Read more »

Gameloft announces 2012 game lineup, Dark Knight Rises is the biggest name on the list

by 27 comments

Gameloft has come forward with a few tidbits about what we can expect from them for 2012.

Apart from a host of big-name titles, which include the highly-anticipated Dark Knight game, Gameloft has plans to integrate in-app purchases as well as a bevy of social features into all of their upcoming releases. Read more »