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More December deals for mobile gamers as GTA 3 on iOS and Android gets a price drop

Rockstar’s monumental classic sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto 3, appeared on everyone’s radar back in October 2001, being the first game in the series to boast full 3D graphics and not only that, ridiculously fun gameplay.

GTA 3 gets a price cut

Roll on to it’s 10th anniversary and the game that took the world by storm is back in the minds of gamers, as it launches on both Android and iOS devices just in time for the holiday season. But wait, there’s more…

Alongside the enhanced textures and models the price tag was already a bargain at just $4.99, now however on both the Android Market and iOS App Store, the price has been cut down to a cool $2.99, which considering the game, is probably one of the best Christmas app deals around. You’ll have to be quick though, as this price drop is only set to last another week, ending on December 29th.

Are you going to pick it up, if so head here for the iOS version or here if you’re a droid user.



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