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The EAster brings special discounts on popular iOS games in the UK

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EA seems to be in a holiday spirit. Some of its games for iOS are getting a price cut of up to 80% for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners in the UK and its giving away a free iPad 2 to users in the UK, France and Germany, who just need to answer 3 video questions on Facebook.

The discount begins today and the company has dubbed this promotion the EAster – catchy ain’t it? Read more »

Rovio and NASA exchange tweets, new Angry Birds Seasons ad launches in space

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“Join the hunt for Golden Eggs!” is Rovio’s slogan appearing in the latest Angry Birds Season commercial. There are golden eggs, Indiana Jones styled font, a really angry bird and… a space shuttle.!/NASA/status/61051714173800448

NASA even tweeted on Rovio’s wall about this. May be the next Angry Birds is going up…literally? Read more »

New Angry Birds edition becomes a Nokia exclusive, gameplay involves some NFC magic

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Nokia has teamed up with Rovio to bring an exclusive Angry Birds Magic game on the NFC-capable Nokia Astound and C7 (after the functionality gets unlocked). The free version of the game contains 20 levels, 15 of which are unlocked only via NFC communication with another device.

In case you didn’t know, Nokia wants to make it clear that the Nokia C7 has a NFC chip built right in and they plan to unleash it soon, probably with the Symbian Anna update.

Here is the video trailer of the new Angry Birds Magic game: Read more »

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave to be exclusively released on the XPERIA Play

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The sequel to the very popular console and mobile game Dungeon Defenders will be launched exclusively on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play first, announced the game publisher Trendy Entertainment.

Sony Ericsson couldn’t be happier to pioneer this game with its Playstation certified smartphone, as this will surely anchor big financial and market success for both companies. Read more »

PSX4Droid 3.0 is now free for download, its developer’s account gets suspended

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PSX4Droid is a PSOne emulator for Android that has been for sale in the Android Market for eight months now. It allows you to play various PlayStation One games on your Android smartphone. We already informed you it has been pulled for “Content Policy Violation”, just when the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play was about to roll out.

It seems Sony Ericsson has pulled some strings to get the emulator out of the Market. It was there for eight months on a $6 price. Was it in violation – it could be, but Google didn’t have any problem taking a share of its profit until now.

But “surprisingly” Google has changed its position and it not only banned from the Market but suspended the developer’s account too. Read more »

Forza Motorsport 4 gameplay video accidentally leaks on YouTube, looks cool

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Whether it is a leak, or simply a marketing gimmick, a fact is a fact – an internal gameplay video of the highly anticipated Forza Motorsport by Turn 10 Studios found its way on YouTube.

With a rather fascinating narrative for an “internal” video document, the short clip previews some of the major features of the upcoming Xbox 360 video game. Read more »

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play finally pays us a proper visit, here come the videos

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The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has finally landed in our office and we’re already hard at work on a preview for you.

The XPERIA Play’s hardware gaming controls really mean business and greatly improve the gaming experience. It’s as close as any mobile phone has ever gotten to the Sony PSP or the Nintendo 3DS. Read more »

Duke Nukem Forever delayed…again…but it’s just for a month, if you believe them

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Duke Nukem Forever is delayed again, guys. Not a big surprise there, right? Fortunately, it’s going to launch just a month later than the previously announced date in May – 10 June 2011. Gearbox prepared a funny video to give you the news and apologize for them.

The legendary game has been in development since 1997 and a month’s delay is nothing compared to those 14 years of waiting.

Read more »

Apple iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS land in Europe, ready to hit the stores at 5pm

by 3 comments

Today is a big day for the old continent. The Apple iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS have just hit the shelves. Huge lines, stock shortages and online shipping delays of up to four weeks mark the iPad launch day. The iGadget also premieres in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.

The Nintendo 3DS launch also caused huge lines of impatient fans looking to get the popular console. Read more »

AMD unleashes the new graphic beast – meet Radeon HD6990

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The king is dead. Long live the king! This is the exact words to describe the latest AMD creation – the dual-headed beast Radeon HD6990.

The HD6990 is the new “world’s fastest” card. It’s basically two HD6970 soldered into a single board. Unfortunately the price is also two times higher – $700.

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The Nintendo 3DS torn to pieces by the iFixit guys

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The Nintendo 3DS is the latest gadget to reveal its inner secrets to the guys over at iFixit. In all of its 3D prowess and gaming glory, straight from Japan, this little bad boy has two displays, special gaming controls and a 3D switch. Let’s check out what the iFixit team has dug up.

Read more »

iOS game Infinity Blade gets a huge update, half price too

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The Infinity Blade game for iOS devices has been a huge hit ever since launch. Based on the Unreal Engine 3, it offers incredible graphics for a mobile device.

It doesn’t have much varied gameplay but thanks to this latest major update, it now has six new game arenas (effectively doubling the available ones) and some other nice stuff.

Read more »

Sony PSP NGP with first hi-res trailer, gameplay videos inside

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It’s been a week since the next-gen PSP NGP was announced, but it’s just today we get the first official hi-res video. The teaser shows the PSP2 gameplay capabilities, demonstrates a few games, but most importantly – we get to see what the new games will look like.

You are about to see actual gameplay footage of Uncharted, Killzone, WipEout, Little Big Planet, Resistance, etc. Read more »

PSP2 NGP won’t be that expensive, Wi-Fi-only version is in the works

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On the yesterday’s PSP2 NGP announcement nobody talked about the elephant in the room a.k.a. the expected retail price. Well, you may relax a bit, as Sony has plans to make the portable console “affordable” since “the very beginning of the project in 2008”.

According to SCE’s president of worldwide studios Shu Yoshida, the next PSP “is not going to be $599”. He said this laughing, suggesting the price would be way below the current PlayStation 3.

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PSP 2 codenamed NGP announced, quad-core processor and graphics inside

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Sony has finally unveiled the next-generation PSP. It’s codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable). The gadget looks much like its predecessor outside, but its core is able to compete with PlayStation 3.

The PSP NGP packs quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor and quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4+ graphics – the same specs rumored for the next generation of iPads and iPhones. There is no official word on the RAM yet, but the debug units packed 1GB LPDDR2. Still it’s possible the retail units come with 512MB.

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