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Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in less than 3 days

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The Angry Birds hasn’t cooled off, even after being around for over two years. The new major release – Angry Birds Space – that launched less than a week ago has already seen millions of downloads.

Angry Birds’ Twitter account broke the news that Space saw more than 10 million downloads across the various platforms – and that’s just for the first three days since its release. Read more »

GTX 680 tested in quad-SLI configuration, fails to keep up the consistent lead over HD 7970

by 27 comments

After the launch of the Nvidia GTX 680, the initial reviews that came out painted pretty much the same picture, that this new graphics card is better in almost every way compared to the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and is currently the fastest single GPU graphics card available in the market today.

But even before we could stop ogling at the amazing benchmark scores, Hardware.Info has come out with a new review, where they test not one or two but four GTX 680 in a four-way SLI configuration and then they compared it with the HD 7970, which too was set up in a quad-CrossFire configuration. Read more »

Angry Birds Space for Android also comes in premium and tablet-optimized versions

by 13 comments

Amidst all the excitement surrounding the launch of Angry Birds Space one important bit of news that got missed out was the fact that Angry Birds Space is the first version of the game on Android that also has a ad-free premium version ($0.99), along with a tablet-optimized ‘HD’ version ($2.99).

When the game got launched, like most people I ended up downloading the free version, thinking that as usual it would be the only version available. Google also advertises only the free version on its Google Play homepage. Read more »

Nvidia officially announces the GTX 680, blows AMD out of the water in benchmarks

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After an unofficial sneak peak yesterday, the first of the Kepler series of graphics cards, the Nvidia GTX 680, has now been officially announced. This is Nvidia’s flagship graphics card for now and is the fastest they have ever built. It uses the 28nm fabrication process, a first for an Nvidia GPU, along with some other new tech, such as GPU Boost.

What GPU Boost does is it automatically increases the clock speed of the GPU when it is under load, from a base clock speed of 1006MHz to 1058MHz to provide better frame rates. But what this feature also does is it reduces the clock speed when the GPU is not being taxed, dropping down all the way to 324MHz during idle. Read more »

Angry Birds Space now available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

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The wait is over. Rovio launched today the next edition of their famous Angry Birds franchise. Dubbed Angry Birds Space, the game, as you’d imagine, features all new physics, levels and birds.

We already acquainted you with all the new birds and as for the levels they are different from what you are used to from previous Angry Birds games. Read more »

Upcoming Nvidia GTX 680 gets shown off in a leaked video

by 16 comments

The highly anticipated GeForce 600 ‘Kepler’ series GPU from Nvidia is on the brink of being launched with the flagship GTX 680 being the first out of the gate. With this new GPU, Nvidia plans on reclaiming the title of the world’s fastest single GPU graphics card, beating the recently launched AMD Radeon HD 7970.

But before the wraps come off, someone has already managed to snag the official video of the GTX 680 and uploaded it on YouTube. Read more »

Angry Birds Space releases tomorrow. Meet all the new birds first.

by 9 comments

Rovio’s space themed Angry Birds Space marks the first real departure from their usual bird flinging action. I mean it’s still bird flinging, but this time it’s in space, which means the gravitational force in action here is a little different from the one you experience on Earth.

After a ton of promotion, including by NASA, the game is finally set to launch tomorrow, on March 22 on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. But before you download and start playing the game, here are some short videos to familiarize yourself with the updated birds that you will be playing with in this new game. Read more »

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio updated with more levels

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Rovio just updated its Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio titles with new levels. Just two days before the launch of the brand new Angry Birds Space game, the company’s developers delivered a nice treat to the Angry Birds addicts around the world.

Angry Birds new UI • Angry Birds Rio new bonus levels

The original Angry Birds game got 15 new tropical themed levels, part of the new 45-level Surf and Turf episode. In addition to the new levels, the update also brings new UI, new animated tutorial and some gameplay improvements such as the fast-forward key for quickly jump to the score screen after you’ve killed the last pig. Read more »

Cut the Rope: Experiments finally arrives on Android

by 17 comments

The highly popular ‘Cut the Rope’ game has been available on Android for a while now. But it’s next version, ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments’ has been an iOS exclusive since launch. But not any more, because developer Zeptolab has announced on its Facebook profile that the game is now coming to Android.

For the time being, ‘Cut the Rope: Experiments’ is only available on the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle Fire for $0.99 but it is expected shortly on the Google Play Store as well (Zeptolab says Saturday but I still can’t see it on the store). Read more »

A better look at two of the new Angry birds – Ice Bird and Lazer Bird

by 11 comments

Rovio is gearing up to launch the next major version of their absurdly popular Angry Birds game and they’re stepping up the promotion – yesterday we saw a custom helmet for F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen and today brings more F1 promotion and two new birds.

Heikki’s compatriot Kimi Raikonen will wear a patch (seen above) featuring a new angry bird on his race suit. The bird was chosen to match Kimi’s nickname “Iceman” and is called (surprise!) Ice bird. Read more »

Retina resolution iPad apps start populating the App Store

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It’s been just a week since Apple announced the new iPad and already we are seeing a decent number of apps optimized for the Retina resolution. In fact, Apple has even created a new category within iTunes that highlight these new apps optimized for the new iPad.

Now these aren’t new apps but just ones that have been spruced up to run at a higher resolution. In some cases, such as the Kindle App, it was basically making the text look sharper and in cases of 3D games like Infinity Blade II, the developers would have had to go through a lot more trouble to pour in enough detail to make the game look good enough at that resolution. Read more »

Blizzard officially announces the release date for Diablo 3, mark your calendars for May 15

by 14 comments

So that’s that, then. Goodbye social life, goodbye hygiene and hello fizzy drinks, fast food and sleepless nights! For Diablo 3 will soon be in my possession.

After years and years of waiting Blizzard finally announced the release date of the long awaited game. Diablo 3 will become available exactly two months from now, on May 15. Read more »

Angry birds fly straight into F1 – check out the new helmet of Heikki Kovalainen

by 6 comments

The Formula 1 season is just about the start and there will be a surprising new presence on the grid this year. We are talking the title that became a synonym for mobile gaming, Angry Birds, which will appear on the helmet of Heikki Kovalainen.

Rovio managed to strike a deal with their compatriot and Caterham driver and his helmet was branded with the immensely popular game. It’s unclear if the deal will only last for a few races or the whole season, as the submitted official image of Kovailainen’s helmet has no Angry birds on it. Read more »

Epic new Unreal Engine on Nvidia’s Next-Gen Kepler GPU, will blow your mind

by 68 comments

Epic are known for their Unreal Engine and the cool graphics it produces and at this years’ Game Developer Conference, the company made gamers drool once again. Why, you ask? The reason is a demo called “Samartian”, which isn’t terribly new, but this year looks especially stunning because it runs on a next-generation Nvidia’s Kepler GPU. And the graphics are just phenomenal.

At last years’ GDC, Epic used three GTX 580s just to run the demo, but now they are utilizing the power of just a single next-gen Nvidia Kepler graphics card and the results are mind-blowing. Read more »

Rovio showcases Angry Birds Space gameplay, looks hot

by 15 comments

March 22 approaches quickly and Rovio are warming up for their biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds.

The company knows its fans are hungry for new Angry Birds action and they are giving us just what we want – a new gameplay teaser of the new Angry Birds Space. Read more »