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Razer announces Tiamat, world’s first true 7.1 channel gaming headset

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Razer has a reputation for making exciting accessories for the gamers but it seems this time they have something for the audiophiles as well. Although a surround sound headset won’t be high on the list of must-have items of an audiophile, mostly due to the emulation used to create the surround effect, the Tiamat steers clear of such gimmicks. It packs in not two or four but a grand total of ten drivers, five for each ear.

Out of those ten drivers, you get two drivers for the front, center, side, surround and subwoofer channel each. This means you get to hear all the channels through dedicated drivers instead of having one or two drivers producing the sound of many. Read more »

iOS Rage is now free for a week

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In case you are into the eye-candy graphics and the id Software actions, you will be pleased to know the iOS mobile game Rage is now free for a week in the Apple’s App Store.

id Software has promised it will make the game free if a dedicated Facebook page gathers 100 000 likes. Yes, the 100 000 likes has been made so id kept its promise and Rage and Rage HD for iOS are now free. Read more »

Nintendo Wii gets a redesign and a lower price, coming to Europe in October

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Hot on the heels of the PlayStation 3 price cut comes the news of a new cut-price Nintendo Wii. But the new price tag is not the only feature, as this new cheaper Wii will also be considerably smaller than the current model.

The new Wii features a horizontal design that sits flat on your table and is barely wider than the slot loading DVD drive on the front. Unfortunately, this new Wii loses the ability to work with GameCube games and accessories. Read more »

Sony announces price cut for the PS3, special low-price version of the PSP

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Sony had some good news for prospective PS3 buyers at Gamescom yesterday. The five year-old but still going strong console is receiving a healthy $50 price cut, with the new prices being $249 for the 160GB version and $299 for the 320GB version. They have also launched a special edition inFAMOUS 2 bundle that comes with the 320GB model along with the copy of the game and a 30-day PlayStation Plus subscription for $299.

Also announced at that event is a new cut price version of the PSP. The PSP E-1000, as it is called, has a sexy new matte black finish and slightly new design but it loses out on some features to get that new €99.99 (RRP) price. Read more »

Minecraft arrives on the Xperia PLAY and FIFA 12 joins in as a timed exclusive

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For the gamers amongst you, Mojang Specifications’ smash indie title Minecraft should be no stranger to the likes of your mouse and keyboard.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

With 11,963,015 (as of writing) registered players and 3,144,868 of those playing the paid survival version, they’ve already amassed a huge following and E3 brought us news that Minecraft would soon be making its way into the mobile world. Read more »

Cut the Rope: Experiments is now available in the Apple App Store – 3 new level packs and 75 new levels

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The widely popular iOS and Android game Cut the Rope got its third title, dubbed Experiments and it brings 3 level packs and a total of 75 levels.

Following the original title – Cut the Rope and the sequel Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift this third title, Experiments, ushers the gameplay into a scientist’s house. You’ll have to chase the stars around with the candy before feeding it to Om Nom. Read more »

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 updated, gets additional levels and a new look

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When Rovio released Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7, it was curiously the older version of the application that was available on iOS a long time back. It had the older start screen and fewer levels. But the application has now been updated to v1.1, which takes the number of levels from 135 to 225. Unfortunately, it is still short of the 270 levels available for iOS and Android. Hopefully the additional levels will be added soon.

Unfortunately, at $2.99, the game is still inexplicably expensive (as are a lot of Windows Phone 7 apps) compared to the iOS version, which costs $0.99. Read more »

Razer announces Electra gaming headset for smartphones, adds more thump to your Angry Birds sessions

by 26 comments

Got fed up with the headset that came bundled with your phone? Razer has now launched a new pair of headphones targeted specifically at mobile phone gamers. The Razer Electra boasts of a powerful bass response that will bring your mobile games to life.

It comes with dual detachable audio cables, one of which has a built-in microphone that works with iPhone, HTC and BlackBerry devices. Read more »

Plants vs Zombies for iOS gets 1.7 update – goes HD with Retina graphics support

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You’ve probably heard of Plants vs. Zombies – one of the hottest games on the App Store since day one. Today it got updated to version 1.7 on iOS to bring users Retina support which means that the graphics are now much crisper and just look awesome.

PopCap Games (creator of PvZ) has also said that they’ve removed some bugs along the way and even made the game speedier so the update is a must. Read more »

Angry Birds Mine and Dine second update is out, brings 15 more cave themed levels

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It’s been just over a month since the Mine and Dine Episode rolled out for the original Angry Birds game. It should offer 45 levels (not counting the golden eggs) – 15 are already available, 15 you get today and 15 more should be released in a month or so.

More pigs, more stalactites, more jewels and angrier birds await you. Read more »

Ad-supported Fruit Ninja now available for free in Android Market

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If you have an Android-based smartphone and don’t like to pay for games, here is some good news for you. Halfbrick Studios has just launched an ad-supported version of Fruit Ninja and you can get it for free from the Android Market right now.

The game was launched back in March in the Amazon’s app store for free, then hit the Android Market for $1.29. Read more »

Check out the Angry Birds Summer Pignic cinematic trailer – epicness all over

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The Angry Birds Seasons episode – Summer Pignic got its final level unlocked yesterday and if you’re already feeling sad to see it end you can watch this cool trailer made for the episode by creator RovioMobile.

The video shows the typical birds-vs-pigs battleground situation, a slingshot and the eggs being held hostage. It looks as though the pigs will prevail until the boomerang bird swoops in to save the eggs seconds before it’s too late. Read more »

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launches on Android as an Xperia PLAY exclusive

by 19 comments

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has just got a nice FPS exclusive among the rest of the droids. EA has launched Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xperia PLAY via its dedicated game store.

The game has been released for the iOS gadgets since the last December and its price there has been varying between €0.79 and €2.39. Read more »

29 game trailers you don’t want to miss, we’ve got them all here [VIDEO]

by 438 comments

If you are a gamer, you probably start salivating at the sound of names like Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Unfortunately, there is still some time for these games to arrive. But we have something to keep you busy till then.

Now I know these are just the game trailers and you have probably seen them before anyway. But this is just something to pass your time till you wait for the real thing. And we have tried to include gameplay videos wherever we can instead of just trailers, so they are all the more exciting to watch. So, let us begin then. Head past the break to watch all the trailers we have collected for you. Read more »

Angry Birds Rio gets a second Carnival Upheaval, 15 new levels await you

by 452 comments

Without any heads-up Rovio has just launched the second Carnival Upheaval update. It brings 15 new levels and concludes this episode.

Read more »