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Sony’s PSP Remaster title series will bring select PSP games to your PS3

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The PlayStation Portable, otherwise known by us lazy people as the PSP, may very well be outdated now, but it still has some of the best games out there that you wouldn’t mind playing again if only they didn’t have graphics that belong to 2005. If that’s the case then consider yourself lucky because Sony has got something called PlayStation Portable Remaster that will bring select PSP games to your PS3, that too in high definition, which is the right kind of definition as far as games (or anything, for that matter) goes.

So it works like this. Sony will select certain games of their choice and then give them the full royal treatment, which involves updated graphics, extra content, support for the Sixaxis controller and in some cases, even stereoscopic 3D support. The games will then be distributed on Blu-ray. Read more »

Now you can use PayPal to make payments on Xbox Live, make fun of PSN users

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Now you have the option to make your payments on Xbox Live by using your PayPal account. Along with adding a great dose of convenience, this new feature will also add an extra layer of security to your transactions.

Speaking of security, we have all seen what has happened to Sony’s PlayStation Network Read more »

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley update is out for Android

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Angry Birds Rio is the third installment of the popular game by Rovio. iOS users already got an update to Rio with some Beach Volley action, but now it’s Android users turn.

The update is out for Android and it started off with the Amazon app store at first, but has quickly moved on to the stock Android Market. Read more »

Windows Phone 7 to get a new popular game title every week till June ends, Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and PvZ included

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Are you stuck with a WP7 device and have nothing interesting to play? Well, this is going to change soon.

Six popular mobile games will hit the Windows Phone’s Market very soon – Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Sonic 4, geoDefence, Doodle Jump and Hydro Thunder Go. Read more »

First (spy) pictures of Project Cafe Wii 2 surfaced, you can see its controller too

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Nintendo announced the Wii’s successor a month ago, but we got only two pieces of information: its codename – Project Cafe – and its targeted launch in 2012. The Wii 2 is going to be unveiled at the E3 expo next month, but we already have the first real shots.

They were taken by a spy camera at a closed developer event. Read more »

Gameloft relax their DRM rules, help avoid downloading-woes on Android

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Gameloft, the company responsible for a plethora of well known mobile games across all sorts of platforms including iOS and now Android, have taken steps to make it that much easier for you to transfer your games from your old Android device, to your new one.

the black-on-white Gameloft logo 2011

Previously, transferring your Gameloft purchases was an arduous task, whichever way you tried it. Read more »

PlayStation Network is back online, Japan still pending

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It’s been a long and tedious ride back to online-hood for the PSN but it seems that it’s finally getting up and running. The amount of countries where the PSN is operational again is huge and ranges across 5 continents. Along these are Europe, Australia, parts of Asia and South and North America.

The other bit of news is that Japan, PSN’s homeland, has refused to turn the ‘ON’ switch on the network until assurance has been made that the necessary precautions and counter-hacking measures have been taken. Read more »

N.O.V.A. 2 gets an Android and Facebook version, epicness written all over it

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N.O.V.A was a popular FPS game for iOS, which then crossed over to Android as well. And now droid-land is getting a taste of the sequel – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. Not only that but Gameloft was kind enough to make the game available on Facebook too, neat right?

The game has been around of iPhones and iPads for some time now (December 2010) and offers truly immersive gameplay, worthy of a hefty portion of your day. Read more »

LG teams up with Rovio to bring you Angry Birds Rio on every new Optimus smartphone

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Angry Birds Rio is going to be preloaded on every upcoming Optimus starting with the Canadian Optimus 2X.

You can bet the LG Optimus 3D and Optimus Black are getting Rio as well as the regions where the Optimus 2X is still scheduled for launch. Read more »

Sony Playstation Network won’t be up this week due to increased focus on security

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The Sony Playstation Network was expected to be up and running again this week. However it seems that Sony didn’t realize the extent, to which the security of the network was compromised and will hold off restarting it and won’t meet the deadline it set for itself last week.

The main focus is on security and Sony wants to test the entire complex network before it launches it again. This is done to ensure the security of the network and guarantee that personal information won’t get stolen even if the network is subjected to more attacks. Read more »

Beach Volley is the new update for Angry Birds Rio and teases us with gameplay footage [VIDEO]

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Ah, Rovio, you devil you! How much longer are you going to make us wait for the update to Angry Birds Rio? Next week is just around the corner and you are not helping our patience much by teasing us with this fresh gameplay video you’ve just released.

Ah, nevermind, I guess it’s worth the wait. The new video is pretty exciting and shows that Rovio is keeping its word about how fun the new update is. In the gameplay video, our trusty angry birds are on the Rio de Janeiro beach and are giving the evil green pigs a break. Instead, they have their eyes on the nimble little marmosets. Read more »

Plants vs. Zombies game will hit Android soon, fans rejoice

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We all know that, currently, the Apple Appstore has far more exciting mobile game offerings than its Android rival. Things however, are gradually beginning to change as another blockbuster iPhone game is about to become available for Android as well. This time, it is the 2010 Game of the Year award winner Plants vs. Zombies.

According to a tweet from PopCap (the developers of Plants vs. Zombies), Read more »

Angry Birds Rio update scheduled for next week, will pack more surprises than ever

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Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced that their highly popular Angry Birds Rio game will get an update in the coming week.

The status update on Rovio’s Facebook page promises many new “juicy secrets” to uncover coupled with new features including “marmoset mauling action”. So will the monkey-bashing continue or we’ll see another animal for our little angry birds to attack? Read more »

Sony details the state of the PlayStation Network in hack aftermath

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Earlier today, Sony’s VP Kazuo Hirai, (formerly in charge of Sony’s PlayStation division) headed up a conference from Sony’s HQ in Tokyo, Japan. The conference was held to address the current situation of the PlayStation Network, the online infrastructure employed by PlayStation 3 owners to play games online, communicate with friends, view PS3 specific content and shop.

Kazuo Hirai from Sony

The PSN service was recently taken offline after hackers compromised the system and have possibly stolen personal user data including user’s names, addresses, passwords and bank information being accessible to the attackers. Sony have since disconnected the PSN and the service has been offline for more than a week. Read more »

Nintendo Wii 2 aka Project Cafe announced, specs and prices leak

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Two days ago Nintendo announced its plans to launch a Wii successor next year. The better part of this announcement was that Nintendo will actually demo the new console on the upcoming E3 expo this June in LA.

Nintendo gave no more official information on the subject, but its CEO promised to bring a new approach to home gaming consoles. Read more »