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All three Angry Birds games are now available for BlackBerry PlayBook, cost a small fortune

Angry Birds is arguably of the most popular game franchise in the history of mobile gaming. Almost every mobile device and OS on the market today has a few of the Angry Birds titles, and now the BlackBerry PlayBook joins that family as well.

Today Rovio announced that it launches the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio versions compatible with the RIM tablet. While the availability of Angry Birds is great news for PlayBook owners, who don’t exactly have the richest collection of games to choose from, the price of the trio of games is probably going to ruin their party. The three Angry Birds game cost $4.99 each, like on the iPad, which simply is outrageous, compared to the $0.99 they cost in the AppStore and the price of nothing in the Android Marketplace.

Still, it’s better to have the option to purchase them at a high cost than not being able to purchase them at all, right?

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