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First (spy) pictures of Project Cafe Wii 2 surfaced, you can see its controller too

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Nintendo announced the Wii’s successor a month ago, but we got only two pieces of information: its codename – Project Cafe – and its targeted launch in 2012. The Wii 2 is going to be unveiled at the E3 expo next month, but we already have the first real shots.

They were taken by a spy camera at a closed developer event. Read more »

Motorola Defy official Gingerbread ROM leaks

by 14 comments

Good news, Motorola Defy owners, your Gingerbread is on the way. What’s even better is that a leaked image coming straight from the Motorola dev center will allow the most knowledgeable among you to bring their handsets to Android 2.3.3. right now.

Of course, even though it’s an official image, it’s not the final thing (or Motorola would have released it themselves). Read more »

Iconia Tab A500 and the Eee Pad Transformer will get Honeycomb 3.1 in June

by 2 comments

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the Asus Transformer will be getting the latest Android Honeycomb version 3.1 in early June.

This was supposedly confirmed by both companies to This is my next dot com. Asus indeed has confirmed it on its Facebook page. Read more »

Is Apple prepping a surprise product announcement for 19 May?

by 27 comments

Apple love their secrets and this instance is no different. Although the big cheese, I mean fruit, have yet to confirm anything officially, signs point to Thursday, May 19th as a day to mark down in your calendars.

Apple Logo behind velvet curtain

Why? What has made you put your conspiracy hat on GSM Arena? We’ll sources say somethings afoot and it makes sense to pin it down to the 19th as the start of something, as this marks the Apple Store’s 10th anniversary.

So lets look at the facts Read more »

Leaked ROM from HTC Puccini 10-inch Android tablet details 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, LTE

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The rumor of a 10” Android tablet has re-emerged, this time with more details and a couple of screenshots too. The tablet, named as the HTC Puccini, sports a WXGA (1280 x 800) screen and runs Honeycomb according to some specs from a leaked ROM.

Aside from the bigger screen, the Puccini tablet should also pack more processing power thanks to the confirmed dual-core Snapdragon inside. Read more »

Visa unveiling the most comprehensive mobile payment scheme to date

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Credit card giant Visa plans to roll out the most extensive digital wallet system ever attempted by a credit card processor, bank or carrier that will focus on NFC in its implementation across Canada and the US. To kick the service off they need to see a greater adoption of NFC readers from merchants, those willing to pay transaction fees back to Visa or its partner banks whilst using the service.

Visa NFC sample

Visa already uses NFC readers (about 150,000 of them) in conjunction with its PayWave service but this new scheme sees Visa make far greater use of its existing reach. There are currently over 1.8 billion Visa cards in use worldwide, usable at over 30 million stores, with more than 50% of credit card transactions in the US being handled by Visa followed by MasterCard, American Express and Discover as the next largest companies. Read more »

Motorola DROID X2 set to launch on 26 May

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Motorola DROID X2 just can’t stop showing its face before the official announcement. It is supposed to hit the stores on 26 May, while the pre-orders will start shipping on 19 May.

Now what about we get an official announcement, mmkay? Read more »

LG Genesis for US Cellular is a two-screened clamshell droid with a hardware QWERTY keyboard

by 286 comments

Uh, okay – I hadn’t seen that form factor in a while. Leaked specs and images show a communicator-like LG Genesis with a clamshell form factor, two screens (one internal and one external), a hardware QWERTY keyboard and Android.

This phone was originally called LG enV Pro and was headed to Verizon… Read more »

A 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook may be on the horizon, Sprint’s PlayBook delayed indefinitely

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The Internet rumor mill is talking about two BlackBerry PlayBooks – a new 10” model and one that has been delayed. Supposedly, the 10” PlayBook is intended to be sold alongside the 7” model and will not replace it.

As for the delayed one, the chatter is that Sprint’s 7” CDMA PlayBook has been delayed again (it was originally scheduled for 19 April), this time indefinitely… Read more »

Android Ice cream sandwich name confirmed, release at Google I/O next week looking probable

by 965 comments

Rumors about the naming of the next Android iteration have been around ever since Honeycomb came out and it seems most of them were right. The Ice cream sandwich moniker has just been confirmed by a Google employee on the Android support forums.

What’s more interesting though is that the same forum member mentioned that it will bring a fix for the SweepGradient on paint on Android 3.0 Issue. And no – it’s not important what that class does (though it’s fairly obvious) – what matters is that Android Ice cream sandwich will be an update to Honeycomb. It could be the Android 3.1 that Adobe carelessly mentioned last week. Read more »

LCD-based tablet from Amazon is coming in the second half of this year, the new Kindle?

by 5 comments

Some boasting from Quanta Computer points to Amazon preparing an LCD-based tablet. The display will feature Fringe Field Switching technology, which provides great viewing angles, color rendering and brightness – supposedly better than IPS.

However, E Ink Holdings, the company behind the Amazon Kindle electronic paper display, says there won’t be a new e-paper display from them until next year… Read more »

Two Sony netbooks (almost) slip by unnoticed – a slider and an ultra-thin netbook

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Okay, let’s rewind this a bit. Remember the two Android tablets that Sony announced? They also showed two netbook-ish computers. The first was dubbed Ultra Mobile PC (UMPCs were the “Neanderthals” to netbooks).

The second is a “Freestyle Hybrid PC” and is a side-sliding tablet/netbook… Read more »

Nintendo Wii 2 aka Project Cafe announced, specs and prices leak

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Two days ago Nintendo announced its plans to launch a Wii successor next year. The better part of this announcement was that Nintendo will actually demo the new console on the upcoming E3 expo this June in LA.

Nintendo gave no more official information on the subject, but its CEO promised to bring a new approach to home gaming consoles. Read more »

Motorola Droid X2 press shots leak

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True, there have been blurry shots of this one before. Now, the upcoming Motorola Droid X2 appears even closer to an official release with this next leak including official press shots.

The device, logically, sports Verizon Wireless logo on its back along with the familiar Droid graphic on the screen. Read more »

Next Dell Streak and set of Windows 7 tablets leak

by 6 comments

Dell has leaked some specs to go with their leaked roadmap from February. The Dell tablet family is getting some new additions each with its own different personality.

Dell leaked tablet road map

The 10″ Streak Pro should be released as soon as this June, sporting Android Honeycomb, Dell’s Stage 1.5 UI and an Nvidia Tegra T25 chipset along with 2 mics and 2 cameras. Following up is the larger 13″ Latitude EX-3; a convertible lap-tab that comes with the option of an i3, i5 or i7 processor, 4GB of RAM, support for full 1080p output, a various slew of peripheral options and all on Windows 7. Read more »