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A 7″ tablet prototype with sliding keyboard from DELL leaks out, looks gorgeous

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As a company, DELL is not particularly well known for the design of its products. Aside the Adamo series of laptops, most of the tech giant’s creations are utilitarian by design. The leak of a 7″ tablet prototype however, is about to make me completely change my mind about the design philosophy of the Texas based company – with its sliding-out, split QWERTY keyboard, it is simply gorgeous.

There is no information on the OS which the tablet will be running Read more »

Samsung S9500 could be the Wave III, might pack in some killer hardware

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Samsung did not taste the kind of success they may have expected with their bada OS smartphones. Even though both the Wave and Wave II were excellent devices, the lack of applications for the platform hurt their sales greatly. But Samsung isn’t keen on giving up and it seems they may have another high-end bada device in the pipeline.

According to a tweet by SamFirmware, the GT-S9500 would be the next Samsung Wave, or the Wave III as the site’s admin calls it. It will most probably be running bada 2.01 OS that we saw a few days back. Read more »

The NGP will play PLAY games but not run PLAY apps

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Don’t worry we haven’t lost the plot, we know the NGP was never an Android device to begin with. However, there were rumors that a little cross-pollination was occurring.

NGP with a NoDroid screen

That is to say, with the NGP’s downloadable content infrastructure, there were those wondering whether it could take advantage of the same apps in use by the Xperia PLAY. Read more »

The next generation of Snapdragon processors will be sampled next month

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Some really exciting events are taking place in the world of mobile CPUs in the past day or so. Just as NVIDIA showcased a demo of their latest work in progress – the quad core mobile beast named project Kal El, Qualcomm “leaked” a slide which shows their upcoming Snapdragon processors, along with a hint for a possible sample of them next month.

The new Snapdragons will use a brand new Krait CPU architecture which Read more »

TomTom in the making of its own Street View service, be afraid Google, be very afraid

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TomTom is a respected GPS tycoon, which makes receivers and also provides the map data and know-how. Now it looks like it’s thinking of branching out into the street viewing business, which is Google and Microsoft exclusive territory so far. We guess those two wouldn’t exactly appreciate that.

This comes after a very intriguing picture was uploaded to, showing a TomTom van with a 360-degree cam mounted on top of it. What else could be used for except making an all-round street view service? Read more »

Revamped Google mobile interface on iOS devices came and went, did you catch it?

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Anyone else caught wind of this? Apparently some iOS users have recently stumbled upon a revamped version of Google’s mobile site. Primarily the changes are cosmetic but in a big way. It appears Google have gone for a more graphical UI, displaying their primary services via an app screen style, 4×3 layout with tabbed window elements to boot.

revamped google mobile ios screens

The icons aim to help specify your search terms with categories such as images, places and news. Read more »

Huawei bringing a high-end Android device to the UK in 2011

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Chinese Mobile manufacturer Huawei are looking to make a greater impact on the UK market and the Huawei Vision aims to signify their presence as a high-end smartphone contender.

Huawei Vision teaser shot

Both Huawei and ZTE recently received approval to become official Windows Phone OEM’s but in the meantime, they’re setting their sites on the upper echelons of the Android market (not to be confused with the Android Market). Victor Xu, chief of strategy and marketing at Huawei, spoke of their upcoming high-end Android device, the Huawei Vision. Read more »

Microsoft to demo the tablet Windows next week?

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According to some internal sources, Microsoft is preparing to preview its tablet-oriented Windows OS next week.

As we already reported, Windows 8 will debut next year on various gadgets, including ARM-based tablets.

Read more »

Have HTC got a Thunderbolt Mini in the works, codenamed Mecha S?

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Does an innocuous piece of code hold the key to an unknown HTC? Sources claim that this leaked user agent profile (or UAprof), makes reference to a previously unknown HTC device, codenamed the Mecha S.

HTC Thunderbolt, magnifying glass

UAprofs traditionally are used to display a device’s properties with regard to webpage rendering and MMS exchange. This one mentions the ‘HTC_Mecha_S’, which has lead people to believe this to be a small version of the HTC Thunderbolt as the Thunderbolt went by the codename ‘Mecha’ itself. Read more »

Is Samsung going to replace LG into manufacturing displays for Apple? iPad 3 with AMOLED – fact or fiction?

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Apple’s acting CEO Tim Cook is on a visit in South Korea right now and some industry sources claim he has a really intriguing business there. According to the rumors, Cook is there to talk with Samsung about supplying AMOLEDs for their iGadgets.

Older rumors said Apple would be launching a new iPad (whether it’ll be an upgraded iPad 2 or entirely new iPad 3) later this year and those might as well use AMOLED screens. Read more »

Gingerbread-running Samsung SPH-D600 spotted in the wild, has WiMax on board

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The FCC have just spilled the beans on another unannounced Android smartphone by Samsung. The SPH-D600 was caught running the latest phone-oriented version of the Google OS – 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

The Samsung SPH-D600 is a mid-range device headed to Sprint. Its HVGA screen and back panel suggest a close relation to the Galaxy Ace, but the 1GHz Scorpion CPU and the WiMax connectivity put the D600 higher up the pecking order. Read more »

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango bringing over 500 new features to the platform, tasty [VIDEO]

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Steve Ballmer was speaking at the Japanese Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 and on his run through of all things Microsoft, the subject of Windows Phone naturally cropped up. What he actually spoke about was the upcoming iteration of Windows Phone, version 7.5 aka “Mango”.

Windows Phone Update Banner

Ballmer promised two very exciting things. Firstly, that Mango will be bringing over 500 new features to the platform. Read more »

New details on the QWERTY slider Motorola DROID 3 for Verizon

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The DROID 3 is another Motorola upcoming smartphone that keeps leaking ahead of its official announcement. We first met it this March along with the already available DROID X2 and the still unannounced Tagra.

Today an anonymous tipster revealed a few more details about the DROID 3. Read more »

iPhone 4 to possibly get a 64GB version, iPod touch caught saying it had it in it all along

by 26 comments

Remember those photos and videos of the 64GB iPhone 4 we saw a while back? Well, it seems that the device could be close to launch.

The info comes from a memo received by the guys at This is my next Read more »

Is the Toshiba “Thrive” Android Honeycomb tablet just around the corner?

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We’ve spoken of Toshiba’s upcoming 10.1″ Android tab on numerous occasions before. It made an appearance at CES and we caught that back in January, specs popped up from BestBuy in early April and a scheduled release was slated for June in Japan.

Toshiba Thrive Tablet

Now, however it would seem that the Toshiba tab in question might be finally making its way across to the US and not only that, it gets a new name too. Read more »