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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 fated to be multi-touchless forever, its hardware is to blame

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There was hope that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 will get multi-touch support through a future software update but now this hope is gone. The XPERIA X10 hardware is to blame for the lack of multi-touch and no software update can fix that.

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Nokia’s CEO hints of a Snapdragon-powered handset

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The Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo hinted of a Snapdragon-powered Nokia device coming in the near future. He went on record saying “Qualcomm definitely is a potential partner going forward. The companies did fight a long time in court, but now we see them as a potential partner.”

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HTC Incredible is just two weeks away from its launch on Verizon, the Supersonic goes to Sprint in a week

by 1,007 comments

Two Android-based HTC smartphones are about to hit the stores in the USA really soon. Unfortunately for most of the rest of the world both of them work on CDMA networks only. Reportedly, the highly rumored HTC Incredible should be unveiled in two weeks time, while the HTC Supersonic will show up in about seven days.

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Is there a dual-core Intel Atom for netbooks in the works?

by 606 comments

Now here’s some interesting news from the netbook world – Intel may be readying a dual-core Atom processor. Maybe the notion of netbooks as generally underpowered computers will be overturned soon…

This rumored new processor is the mobile version of the Intel Atom D510, which is used in nettops, and it will be called the Atom N500. There aren’t any other details available about the N500, but for comparison, the D510 is clocked at 1.66GHz and packs 1MB of L2 cache. Read more »

New details revealed on Microsoft Courier tablet, don’t sign up for an iPad just yet

by 12 comments

Remember the awesome Microsoft tablet concept that leaked last September? Granted, there’s nothing official yet, but meanwhile some new details leaked online through a “reliable source”.

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Project Natal for Xbox 360 could cost less than 80 dollars, make a lot of geeks happy

by 26 comments

We had a brief run-in with motion-based gaming at our office when we reviewed the Sony Ericsson Yari, but it wasn’t really a full-featured console-like experience. The opposite holds true about Microsoft’s Project Natal – it will bring motion-based gaming to the Xbox 360.

Unlike the gesture-based game play of the Nintendo Wii, Project Natal for the Xbox 360 uses your entire body motion as game controls (it uses a special camera to capture your movement). It seems like it will be pretty cheap too…
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Google asked Sony Ericsson to build the Nexus One, SE turned them down, preserved their pride

by 33 comments

Google: “Sony Ericsson, please build the Nexus One”, Sony Ericsson: “Nah.” True story, according to Sony Ericsson’s CEO, Bert Nordberg. That’s probably not the best idea Sony Ericsson has had lately…

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Yet another video of the super sleek Dell Mini 5 surfaces

by 427 comments

The Dell Mini 5 first popped up last month at the CES. Back then the company called it a “5-inch tablet concept” and showed some images just to tease people. Only a few features have been revealed so a lot of questions remained unanswered. Well, the following video will answer some of them. Just watch!

As you can see, the 5-inch tablet concept Mini 5 is not only a MID but a smartphone as well. It would be awkward to talk on a thing as huge as that but luckily, it packs a standard 3.5mm audio jack so a headset is always welcome.

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Rumored Nokia N8 to be introduced at the MWC 2010, packing a 12MP camera with 720p video recording

by 79 comments

In less than 4 days the mystery surrounding the rumored Nokia N8 done with. Even if there is no Nokia device called N8 waiting to be announced soon, I hope that there will be a Nokia phone packing all those features I’m about to share with you after the jump. The name hardly matters. But the features do!

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Apple considers iPad price cut, in the meantime Hutchison welcomes the device in Austria

by 17 comments

While operators show their trust in the iPad, Apple seem to start losing faith in their newborn. These days, the CEO of Hutchison Austria announced that the operator will be the first in the country to offer the device to its customers. In the meantime Apple are considering a price cut if the first iPad sales aren’t as high as expected.

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Samsung to show off a new phone with new, better AMOLED touchscreen at the MWC?

by 12 comments

Samsung is cooking up a few surprises for us at the MWC and apparently their brand-new Super AMOLED displays will be one of them. The current touchscreens are made up of a separate display and touch sensor, which complicates the manufacturing process. Plus the second layer that is the touch sensor absorbs light, degrading image quality.

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The rumored LG LU9400 Arena Max gets pictured, looks worse than the original

by 10 comments

It’s only a matter of time before the LG KM900 Arena gets a successor. We’ve heard rumors of one, but little was known: its name, LU9400 Arena Max, and the fact that it will support Wi-Fi. Not much, huh? Well, read on, I have something to share with you.

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HTC Incredible leaks, lives up to its name with Snapdragon, Android 2.1

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Yet another pretty cool HTC smartphone leaked over the weekend. Unfortunately this one works on CDMA networks only so it will hardly see much in terms of world popularity, but oh my, is this some fine piece of technology.

HTC Incredible

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A lot of new Windows Mobile 7 details surfaced, we still hold our breath

by 907 comments

PPCGeeks managed to obtains some new spicy info about the latest Microsoft mobile OS – Windows Mobile 7. Zune and Xbox integration are waiting to be unveiled at the MWC later this month.

As the previous leaked images left us with mixed feelings, so is the new feature roster. The notable improvements Read more »

Intel and AMD six-core CPUs to come in May

by 1,078 comments

I knew this will be happening eventually, but that kind of speed certainly exceeded my expectations. Apparently six-core CPUs will be flooding the market before the year has been halved. AMD and Intel both have plans of releasing those so regardless of your preferences it might be a good time to start saving.

According to DigiTimes Intel will hit first in march with its Core i7-980X. Read more »