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Is this Samsung’s next flagship? [SPYSHOT]

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I must warn you: take this rumor with a serious pinch of salt. We received this picture today from a tipster in Warsaw, Poland, of an unknown Samsung device, sporting a humongous screen, and decided to share it with you.

According to the anonymous sender, Read more »

HTC September 1st event rumor roundup – four droids, four WP7 smartphones and a tablet in the mix

by 27 comments

With this year’s HTC big summer event coming up we thought you might enjoy a quick rumor roundup, so you’d know what to expect. Last year the event saw the announcement of the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z, which were some of the best Android devices we had seen at the time.

Yet this year the Taiwanese company is almost certainly going to out do itself and make it an even more glamorous event. A good thing too as it will be competing with the other Android top dog for a spot in the limelight – Samsung will be having one of their unpacked events on the exact same day.

No less than six unannounced HTC devices are doing the rounds on the web and we suspect the Taiwanese will be officially unveiling some of them in London. There are three Android smartphones, a couple of WP7 handsets and a tablet. Here’s what they are about: Read more »

Samsung left out in the cold for future production of Apple’s A6 processors

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For some time now Samsung’s presence has been a large part of the Apple supply chain, but it looks like Apple are now turning their attentions elsewhere.

Apple's A6 Processor

Most will be aware of the various law suits that have recently befallen Samsung, courtesy of Apple Read more »

Retina display Apple iPad 3 to come in early 2012, WSJ confirms

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It always seemed rather improbable that Apple would release two generation of its tablet in a single year, but a part of us really wanted to believe it will happen. Yet, the Wall Street Journal just took stage and killed whatever hopes we had left for seeing a Retina display-packing iPad 3 this year.

According to the publication, the Cupertino-based company is aiming at starting trial-production of the iPad 3 in October, so the official launch cannot realistically come sooner than the start of next year. Read more »

Samsung’s 720p SuperAMOLED screen is reportedly ready, coming to phones and tablets soon?

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Rumor has it that Samsung has hit their target of 720p SuperAMOLED displays. The new displays should be unveiled soon and will come in different sizes – 5″, 6″, 7″ are mentioned by insiders.

Reportedly, Samsung had to resort to PenTile again to get the coveted 1280×720 resolution. Read more »

Unofficial Symbian Belle firmware now available for the N8, you can try it if you dare

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Nokia N8 hasn’t even received the official Anna update yet, but the most daring of its users are already rewarded with the next Symbian iteration – Belle. The files required for flashing Belle on your N8 are already available for download so if you are knowledgeable enough and decide that it’s worth voiding your warranty you might get it up and running right now.

There’s not much in the way of instructions on how to flash it in the forum thread that lists the download files, but you can find them over here. You would need to apply the Anna update first though, if you haven’t done so already. Read more »

Tango update to enable cheap Windows Phone 7 handsets from Nokia?

by 29 comments

What comes after Mango? Tango. At least that’s the latest rumor regarding Windows Phone 7, which saw its first major update released to manufacturers just a couple of weeks ago.

Tango is reportedly a minor update (like NoDo), which will focus on bringing WP7 to lower-end phones (current minimum requirements for a WP7 handset are rather high). The update may even be all about Nokia, who plan to push Windows Phone prices down. Read more »

Acer Aspire 3951 images and specs leak, an ultrabook that takes aim at the MacBook Air

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Intel has been talking about its ultrabooks for a while and now some leaked specs of an Acer-made ultrabook show what they could be like. The Acer Aspire 3951 (catchy name) is a 13.3″ laptop with aluminum body that is just 13mm thick and weighs about 1.4kg.

I’d love to see some official specs on the Aspire 3951 but for now we’ll just have to look at the rumors – a second-generation Intel Core processor (that’s Sandy Bridge) and optional SSD sure sound good. If the 160GB SSD is too small for you, there are 250GB and 500GB HDD options too. Read more »

The Retina-wielding iPad 3 is hardly happening this year

by 53 comments

Sorry to break the bad news to you, but it seems that the iPad 3 with a Retina display isn’t going to happen this year. Earlier, rumors pointed at the arrival of another Apple slate later this year with four times the resolution of its predecessor, but it seems we won’t be in luck this time.

And the reason is quite simple – touchscreen and display manufacturers will be unable to produce the parts for the high-res iPad 3 until sometime in 2012 (more pessimistic predictions even say the second half of next year). Read more »

Apple may be including face detection technology in iOS 5, 3rd party devs welcome

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We’ve already taken a peek at what iOS 5 has to offer, but it’s still in the beta stages of development. A report says that there will be a new feature that we haven’t seen so far – built-in face detection that is easily accessible to third party apps.

The same technology is already powering the face-detecting Photo Booth is OS X Lion, but it’s now coming to Apple’s mobile OS. Apple may or may not build their own app for iOS 5 that uses the technology, but third-party devs will get a go at it either way. Read more »

Verizon’s LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches on July 28th

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The Wi-Fi only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been selling in the States since June, but those of you holding out for Verizon’s LTE model will be pleased to hear that they only have to wait a couple of days more until a promise launch that’s due in this Thursday.

An official-looking, but not officially released slide pins the launch date of the 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 on July 28th. Read more »

Next iPad to have Retina display? So says LG Display CEO

by 368 comments

Rumors of an iPad with Retina display began circulating shortly before the current iPad 2 became official. It has been speculated to arrive as early as Q4 this year, bringing more bang than ever before.

Well, LG’s Display CEO – Kwon Young-soo jumped in and poured more gasoline into the rumor mill fire by saying in an interview with the Korean Times that LG’s Retina display have been used in iPhones and iPads. He went on saying that more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing the Retina display. Read more »

Leaked Sony A77 is one 24MP monster of an EVIL camera with 1080p video recording

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A few photos and some specs of an upcoming 24 megapixel Sony A77 camera surfaced and they look quite exciting. The mirrorless camera with Electronic Viewfinder and Interchangeable Lens (EVIL) looks like a real beast and judging by the resolution and its reported ability to record 1080p video, it might be the most capable in its class to date.

The only thing that puzzles us a bit is its size. As far as we know, the main advantage of EVIL cameras compared to DSLR cameras is that they are way more compact and this one looks anything, but that. Read more »

AT&T first LTE phones to arrive in December, the HTC Eternity is one of them

by 7 comments

A heap of interesting AT&T rumors just came in. Reportedly, the carrier will start selling its first LTE handsets in December and the HTC Eternity, which first leaked a while ago, will be one of them.

Our tipster says that the WP7-running Eternity will be the only new HTC phone to come to AT&T this year, but it won’t be the only one to have an LTE radio. A selection of LTE-packing Android smartphones will launch alongside it in December, including at least one device from each of LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Read more »

HTC working on a 3D version of the Flyer?

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More tablets from HTC ahead! We just heard that the Taiwanese company is working on a 3D version of its Flyer slate and we even got a photo of a part of the device to prove it. What you are seeing here should be the topmost part of the upcoming stereoscopic slate and as you can see, it features two cameras rather than one.

Now leaks based on just a piece of hardware should definitely be filled under uncertain, but seeing the interest that the EVO 3D generate, it would be strange if HTC didn’t keep pushing on the stereoscopic front. Read more »