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Motorola Defy official Gingerbread ROM leaks

Good news, Motorola Defy owners, your Gingerbread is on the way. What’s even better is that a leaked image coming straight from the Motorola dev center will allow the most knowledgeable among you to bring their handsets to Android 2.3.3. right now.

Of course, even though it’s an official image, it’s not the final thing (or Motorola would have released it themselves). The number of bugs reported by early adopters isn’t too big so far, but the signal issue might make you wait for an official release or another leak , particularly if you live in an area with less than stellar coverage.

Here’s the list of major bugs compiled by the helpful guys over at XDA-developers.

• Data Manager does not show the volume of traffic
• Signal problem (calls and SMS seem to work, but “searching for signal” warning appears often and phone gets hot)
• 720p video recording does not work

If they don’t bother you enough too much and you aren’t afraid of flashing a ROM on your Defy manually you may proceed to the forum thread for download of the image and detailed instructions on the updating process.

Alternatively you can just have a look to see what you will be getting when Motorola finalizes the code and makes it publicly available.



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