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First Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone surfaces, extensive hands-on video inside

by 168 comments

First Windows Phone 7 devices are closing in from all directions and some of them have already started surfacing online. One of them, the first Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone, just showed up in an extensive hands-on video.

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AMOLED-packing Samsung NX100 caught in the wild, a new 20-50mm lens shows up too

by 187 comments

The first mirror-less Samsung cameras didn’t exactly blow the big players out of the water but they certainly were a decent effort. But that obviously isn’t good enough for the Koreans, as a new NX camera is just around the corner.

The first photos of the Samsung NX100 just appeared online and we have a few nice specs to go with them. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing may be a bit steep, Vodafone already has it on preorder

by 32 comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab has been officially announced just yesterday, but the price speculations are already all over the internet. Some retailers managed to put up some early (and a bit absurd) prices – 700 euro for the 16GB and 800 euro for the 32GB tablet.

Update: Vodafone DE is already taking pre-orders for Galaxy Tab – we got it straight from a Vodafone rep over at their booth at IFA 2010. The tablet costs 300 euro on 2-year contract and a 35 euro monthly tariff. What you get for that money is unlimited mobile internet, nothing else.

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HTC HD7 to launch in October, it’s a renamed HD3

by 753 comments

A leaked O2 schedule reveals HTC HD7, which is in fact the previously rumored HD3. Its launch date points to 18 October, but you may want to hold your excitement for a while.

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Don’t update your DROID X with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM, says Motorola

by 7 comments

Motorola warns every Droid X owner not to update with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM. The reason is simple – there is no way to update your device with the official firmware in September. Or at least that’s what Moto says.

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A new EVO-styled HTC leaks, 8 megapixel camera and kickstand await at the back

by 30 comments

This HTC fella is rumored the have everything that EVO 4G and Desire HD have, and even more. It wears the Nexus One clothes and comes with an awesome kickstand.

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Angry Birds available for WebOS, may become a movie franchise

by 195 comments

Hollywood has been trying to do video game based movies for a while without much success. But what if they take a game that’s extremely popular on mobile platforms and turn it into a series of shorts?

The creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, are looking to do just that and they have already been approached by several studios. Oh and by the way, Angry Birds has added WebOS to the list of supported platforms… Read more »

Breaking: Samsung Galaxy Tab official teaser video released, official announcement due in 9 days

by 41 comments

The Samsung tablet is just around the corner and, understandably, rumors about it are intensifying by the hour. But now we have something that’s better than any rumor or blurry spy shot – an official promo video.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The video doesn’t say much about the tablet itself but it still confirms that it will be running Android 2.2 and will support video-calling. There will also be a second camera at the back of the 7-inch tablet and it will allow full web browsing (which probably means Flash support).

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Samsung P1000 Tab fondled in China, 1024×600 pixels resolution confirmed (sort of)

by 19 comments

The Samsung Tab Android tablet has appeared several times before, but this has to be the most detailed leak yet. The guys over at received the juicy info from a tipster who passed along photos and impressions that confirm a lot of the specs we’ve heard so far…

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HP drops hints at a WebOS-powered tablet coming in early 2011

by 260 comments

HP bought Palm and then nothing. Well, unless you count rumors of canceled tablets and leaving the smartphone market as something. But here’s something official – a WebOS powered gadget by HP is coming after all…

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Rumored Samsung Galaxy U cuts screen size down to 3.7 inches, will stay in South Korea for now

by 28 comments

Another day, another Galaxy phone from Samsung. This one is called the Samsung Galaxy U and it should be announced next week in South Korea. Would you be surprised if I told you it runs Android, has a 1GHz processor, an AMOLED screen and a 5MP camera with 720p video capture? Of course, you wouldn’t…

Update: It’s official and the specs check out. It will be available on LG U+ (formerly LG Telecom), though there’s nothing on the price/availability front.

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HTC Desire HD spotted on Amazon UK, could be what’s coming on 15 September

by 12 comments

Blink and you’ll miss it – Amazon UK had HTC Ace/Desire HD listed for sale (actually it was “temporarily out of stock”). It was a slip up, which they quickly corrected, but it does confirm the name and gives us a price point too…

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4-inch Galaxy player spotted in the wild, is this copycat policy necessary?

by 50 comments

The latest Samsung Galaxy Player, going under the model YP-MB2, is the Android version of Apple’s iPod. It has all the juice of the excellent smartphone Galaxy S, just cut the phone part out.

Samsung Galaxy Player
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HTC will announce something on September 15 in London, is it the Desire Z or Desire HD?

by 753 comments

HTC are prepping a surprise for September 15 in London. It’s probably an announcement for new phone(s), but which one(s) is it?

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Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 edition and X-Wing GPS app redefine awesome

by 37 comments

Finally! Here comes something to make up for the presence of Jar Jar Binks in the first three episodes of Star Wars. We’ve got the first shot of the R2-D2 limited edition of the Motorola Droid 2 and an incredibly cool app to go with it.

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