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PSP2 may pack an OLED touchscreen and 3G, to be announced in three days

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I think that all PSP gamers will agree that it’s time we get a next generation portable console. The original PSP is more than 5 years old now and it seems its life-cycle will come to an end this year.

A PSP2 concept

The latest rumor reveals the PSP2 will pack an OLED touchscreen and 3G capabilities in addition to the Wi-Fi support. There will be no phone service though.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 teaser video and specs leak, too good to be true though

by 283 comments

I’ve stumbled upon some juicy info about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but still can’t decide whether it’s real or not. There is some kind of unveiling video and quite a specs sheet including a 3D SuperAMOLED screen, Tegra 2 platform, 1080p video recording, etc.

Here is the Galaxy Tab 2 teaser video: Read more »

New iOS 4.3 beta reveals iPad 2 camera apps and proximity sensor

by 22 comments

The new iOS 4.3 beta 2 for iPad revealed a new homescreen preview image showing camera, FaceTime and Photo Booth icons. This can mean only one thing – the next-gen iPad is bound to have two cameras much like rumors have been suggesting so far.

This image was taken from the preview in the iPad wallpaper settings. You can clearly see the Camera icon (hence it’s should have a primary camera) and also the FaceTime and PhotoBooth icons (hence it should have a front-facing secondary camera). From this point on, I’d guess it highly unlikely that Apple announces a camera-less iPad 2.

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The multi-touch gestures seem to be coming to the iPhone 4 after all

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A few iPhone 4 leaked screenshots show that Apple is testing the previously mentioned iPad multi-touch gestures on the latest generation iPhone as well. This is not necessary a proof they will be implemented in the final iOS 4.3 version, but it certainly give us hope.

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Apple iPad 2 rumors roundup: a high-res Retina display, a new A5 chip, a camera and a built-in SD slot

by 341 comments

The Apple iPad spent almost two years in Rumorland, prior to its announcement, but once the floodgates have been opened there’s no time to wait. The Apple iPad 2 (or whatever they decide to call it) is all but certain to come in a few weeks’ time and rumors about its specifications are as intense as ever.

First we have this leaked image from the iBooks 1.2 source files suggesting that the iPad2 will indeed pack an ultra high-res display (Retina if you will). Read more »

INQ working on an Android based phone with Facebook integration, the INQ Cloud Touch

by 5 comments

It’s been over a year and a half since we heard that INQ was working on an Android phone, but now, finally, Bluetooth certifications for INQ Cloud Touch droid heavy with Facebook integration bring some validity to that age old rumor…

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Samsung to unveil a successor of the Galaxy S at MWC 2011?

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The MWC 2011 in Barcelona is only a couple of months away and quite expectedly all kind of rumors have started popping up. The latest one claims Samsung will announce the next generation Galaxy phone on the MWC 2011.

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Dell Streak 7 ad script leaks early, shows all the newsworthy features

by 6 comments

Someone got their hands on the script for a Dell Streak 7 commercial. The planned ad is one long list of features of the Dell’s yet unannouned 7-inch tablet and stars the Android mascot…

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More photos of the HTC DROID Incredible HD pop up, and so do a few new HTC EVO Shift 4G images

by 12 comments

Images of the rumored HTC DROID Incredible HD a.k.a. Mecha first surfaced back in August 2010 and now, 4 months later, we get to meet the upcoming device once again thanks to a whole series of “leaked” photos. And you can also say “Hi” to another still unannounced HTC-made, the HTC EVO Shift 4G.

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Sony Ericsson teases with questions about its first gaming phone, we wonder if the PlayStation phone is finally coming

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Sony Ericsson posted a not so mysterious picture on its Facebook page asking about a phone’s model. It’s not hard to recognize the company’s first gaming phone – the F305. What got us interested though is that this could be a telltale sign the company is finally getting ready to unveil the rumored PlayStation phone?

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Korea-bound dual-core LG P990 Star twin brother leaked, looks different, still no Gingerbread on board

by 9 comments

The dual-core LG P990 Star showed up a little while ago and now we get to meet its Korean twin brother which is called LG Star too and should soon start selling over at the SK Telecom stores across South Korea.

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Copy/paste, multi-tasking and more coming soon to Windows Phone 7 devices

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Rumor is a Windows Phone 7 update is planed for January 2011. It is said to be MASSIVE and should bring along tons of improvements including support for copy/paste, multi-tasking and more.

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A Nokia N87 prototype breaks loose, this might be its only chance to taste freedom

by 44 comments

The phone you’re looking at right now – Nokia N87 – is considered to be the successor of the N86 cameraphone and there is a good chance that it’s the last of its kind.

A 12 megapixel camera, xenon flash, 28mm Carl Zeiss camera lens and the old-school Symbian S60 3rd edition ticking inside the classic-looking body – you have to admit those things just don’t seem like a good fit nowadays.

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Lenovo S800 with transparent color screen shows up at a Chinese fashion show

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Transparent displays are a cool idea that didn’t catch on. The Lenovo S800 packs a major improvement over the previous phone with a transparent screen – namely, colors.

Lenovo S800 phone with a transparent color screen

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it showed up at a Chinese fashion show and was handled only by the models, the reporters weren’t allowed to play with it… Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook pricing revealed, starts at 400 dollars

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We just got pricing information on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and it’s excellent news indeed. Apparently RIM are going to deliver on their promise to release the slate with a sub-500 dollars price tag and then some.

According to the source the PlayBook will come in three different versions according to the amount of internal memory – 8GB, 16GB and 32GB (and not 16/32/64 GB as previously rumored). Read more »