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iPhone 4S photos pop up on Apple’s site, should be released on October 14th

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It’s time to shed any remaining doubt about the iPhone 4S (not that there was much left). Images from Apple’s own website show the black and white 4S model (the file name clearly says “4s”), that is practically indistinguishable from the iPhone 4.

However, have a closer look at the icon just above the “Phone” app. It’s the Newsstand app, which is a part of iOS5 – the OS that the 4S will launch with. Read more »

Leaked T-Mobile US roadmap points to busy October and hectic November

by 10 comments

With the holiday season fast approaching every carrier is trying to get their lineup in the best shape possible. When the big spending starts, it’s best that you have the hottest devices for people to splash their cash on right?

We just got hold of a leaked T-Mobile US roadmap and the we can confirm that the carrier has a couple of buys months ahead of it. There will be two hot new droids on the T-Mobile shelves as soon as this month with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 keeping them company. Read more »

Nokia sweet-talking devs into creating apps for WP7, partner with Microsoft to really reel them in

by 21 comments

Nokia bet the house on the Microsoft deal, so they’re trying to make sure all goes well once their first Windows Phone 7 handset launches. They are reportedly talking to app developers, trying to lure them in and expand the app catalogue of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Microsoft is also trying to grow the developer base for WP7 through promotions of their own, so devs can cash in on the incentives from both companies. Read more »

Linux-based Meltemi could be replacing S40 for Nokia’s low-end phones

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Nokia has just parted ways with its MeeGo platform, but the Finns are, reportedly, about to add another Linux-based platform with a windy name to its portfolio. Its name will be Meltemi and, unlike MeeGo, it will be designed with entry-level handsets in mind.

Although the company declined to comment on the matter, WSJ is confident that the company will be shifting the efforts of its software developers to lower-end products. Nokia is obviously looking to replace the S40 featurephone interface with a proper OS. Read more »

HTC Runnymede/Bass shown off in quick video, still not official

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The HTC Runnymede peeks out of the rumor mill again, this time on video. It’s been spotted before, but seeing an actual running device means that it’s either very close to completion or already completed – and an official announcement can’t be too far off.

The Runnymede, or perhaps Bass, puts a 4.7″ WVGA S-LCD screen and Beats Audio in the same package as a 1.5GHz single-core CPU, among other specs. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.5 update leaks – yours to try, if you dare

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We already knew that Samsung are about to release an Android 2.3.5 update for the original Galaxy S, so the fact that its successor is getting the same treatment is not exactly shocking news. What you might be more excited to know is that one of the Samsung-made Android 2.3.5-based ROMs has escaped the security at their R&D centers and is, available to everyone that would like to give it a try right now.

We are not quite sure if it’s worth voiding your warranty, though, as Android 2.3.5 isn’t such a major update. We don’t have an official changelog for it, but from what we’ve seen so far, the improvements brought by it are focused in the Gmail app. Read more »

Multiple iPhones are coming our way this October, according to Al Gore

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I never thought that one of the most accomplished people in our times will be joining the tipster community but a fact is a fact, folks. Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States, Nobel Prize laureate, and… a member of Apple’s board of directors, mind you, did indeed give us a hint about what’s coming from the Cupertino based behemoth next month.

Here is the quote from Mr. Gore, Read more »

HTC has yet another event scheduled – what will they show on October 6th?

by 17 comments

Those HTC guys just keep the party train rolling – they have an event starting right about now (probably to announce the HTC Rhymes for Verizon) and they already have another event scheduled.

It will be held just two weeks from now, on October 6th, but HTC is playing coy and says it’s a “press conference and party”, but mention nothing of any devices they might announce. Read more »

Samsung planning on making Bada OS open source next year?

by 61 comments

According to some insider information, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is en route to open-source its home-baked Bada OS next year, making it possible for developers and even other manufacturers to tinker with it.

The move, should it turn out true, will aim to bring some more manufacturers to the Bada ecosystem and turn it into a viable alternative to Android for mid-range and high-end phones. That would give Samsung some independence from Google and Android and is supposed to be brought on, in part, by the Google-Motorola deal. Read more »

Two iPhones coming this Fall, JP Morgan says

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I know you are tired of all these rumors preceding the next iPhone release. Yet today some new information came up and it’s just too juicy and coming from too reputable source to be ignored.

According to a proprietary JP Morgan research, Apple will release not one but two smartphones this Fall, showing a China-oriented iPhone 4+ alongside the iPhone 5. Also, the next generation iPhone 5 with might not use the A5 chipset that’s powering the iPad 2, but the newly developed A6 SoC. A Read more »

Blurry photo reveals a mysterious super-slim Motorola slate, perhaps a 7″ Xoom?

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A blurry shot of an unannounced Motorola slate just surfaced. The super-slim tablet appears to be sporting a screen much smaller than that of the Xoom .

It’s most probably measuring 7 or 8 inches in diagonal (unless the phone sitting next to it is some 5″ monster). The upcomming Motorola slate is running Android Honeycomb (but that’s hardly a surprise now) as you can see the Honeycomb camera app running if you look really carefully. Read more »

Supposed iPhone 5 screen protector shows a wider home button and wider area

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A mystery screen protector has just popped up on the web, supposedly tailored for the next generation iPhone. It’s noticeably wider than the current-gen iPhone 4 and has a prolonged, wider hole for the home button.

Now let me just call fake on this for a couple of reasons. As much as we are eager to see the new iPhone finally official, we shouldn’t rush to believe every internet rumor out there. Read more »

Sprint Wireless will offer iPhone 5 with all you can eat data, according to rumors

by 51 comments

Sprint Wireless has been trying to slowly reverse its fortunes for a couple of years now. According to the latest rumors, the wireless operator might get even closer to being a serious contender in the highly profitable U.S. market this Fall.

According to Read more »

A quad-core Windows 8-running tablet from Samsung coming next week?

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As far as news from the electronics business go, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this. If the latest bit of online rumor is true (and given that it comes from Korea Economic Daily that’s quite probable) we are just a week away from seeing the first Windows 8-running tablet. And the first tablet with a quad-core CPU. And the first Windows device with an ARM processor. And the best bit is, those aren’t three different devices.

According to the industry source that went all chatty in front of the Korean newspaper, Samsung will manufacture the slate that will be given to developers at the upcoming Microsoft BUILD event next week. It will be running the software giant’s newest OS and will rely on NVIDIA’s Kal-El chipset. Read more »

The Amazon Kindle Android tablet is real, will cost $250

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We’ve got some good Kindle news and some bad Kindle news for you. The good news is that the Amazon’s Android-based Kindle tablet is real and one reporter even got to play with it.

What’s even better the 7″ Amazon Kindle tablet will launch with a really cool-sounding $250 price tag. It will be, reportedly, very similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook in terms of form factor and it will a pack a full-color LCD (no eInk here). Then there’s also this rumor that a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime (worth $79 on its own) will be included in the price. Read more »