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Rumors of BlackPad price and launch date surface

by 575 comments

The BlackPad, is still just hearsay but the rumors keep coming. Reportedly, Quanta will be manufacturing the BlackBerry tablet and some of the specs have changed since we last heard about it (i.e. a bigger screen), there’s a release date and a price (all unofficial of course)…

So, the screen has grown to 9.7” from the 8.9” we originally heard, and that makes it exactly the same size as the iPad screen (no info on the resolution yet). It will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus some sort of tethering, as you can use 3G connection through a BlackBerry smartphone. Read more »

HTC Android phone for Verizon packs GSM support, 1.2GHz CPU?

by 156 comments

Well, maybe we won’t be getting dual-core CPU’s on smartphones any time soon, but we may pass the 1GHz barrier next year. New rumors talk about an HTC Android for Verizon with a 1.2GHz CPU and get this – support for CDMA and GSM…

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Benchmark results for HTC Glacier found, dual-core CPU and T-Mobile launch suspected

by 19 comments

An HTC Glacier appeared on a benchmarking site – and despite its name scored some pretty sweet results. We don’t know much about the Glacier though people are already spinning theories of dual-core CPUs and what not, though I don’t think this is the case…

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A video shows what could be Nokia’s MeeGo UI for phones

by 276 comments

We’ve seen the MeeGo UI caught on video several times, but a new videos shows off what could be Nokia’s take on the platform. It features smooth looking support for social networking, the MeeGo section of the Ovi Store and the music player…

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Chinese HTC Androids come with the Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo out of the box

by 16 comments

Up until now HTC devices have been sold across China under the Dopod brand (Dopod being a subsidiary of HTC). However, the Taiwanese company decided that its name, HTC, is already popular enough in China to start selling there HTC-branded devices. And the Android-based among them will feature Android’s latest Froyo right out of the box.

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Caught in the wild: Android-loving Modu phone that is smaller than the Sony Ericsson X10 mini

by 6 comments

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini might not enjoy its reign as the tiniest Android phone for very long. Remember Modu, the modular phone that took on various shapes and sizes thanks to a host of exchangeable jackets?

Well, it seems they’ve been working on an Android phone for the sequel and it looks absolutely tiny next to an iPhone and an HTC Magic… Read more »

Xbox 360 Slim Arcade with 4GB storage on the way?

by 254 comments

Today slipped some details on the yet unannounced Xbox 360 4GB Arcade System Bundle. As the name suggests the new Arcade will be packed with a game (a Kinect one may be?) and most probably will be from the new Slim generation.

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Verizon lets you cancel Droid Incredible pre-orders and swap it for a Droid X?

by 441 comments

Gadget manufacturers seem to be having plenty of trouble with device shortages these days. Verizon’s Droid Incredible from HTC seems to be the latest victim – apparently, if you’ve pre-order one, you can cancel that and opt for a Motorola Droid X. Or you can wait for an Incredible if you like…

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Motorola Droid X – a giant phone or a mini tablet?

by 322 comments

Motorola Droid X is one of those phones that just can’t stop popping up. After numerous pictures, hints and information, now we are able to gather almost a complete specs sheet.

Even more, the guys over at Engadget had the opportunity to play with Droid X and reportedly, it looks good. Yeah, it’s big, but definitely full of awesomeness.

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Microsoft Kinect is the new name of Project Natal, expected November 2010

by 25 comments

Microsoft finally revealed all the details on its Xbox 360 motion control system previously known as Project Natal and now rebranded as Kinect. Yeah, I know, the new name doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

I’m not into games, I just don’t have the time for them. But I would definitely give that Microsoft Kinect a try. Who wouldn’t?! Apparently, we’ll have to wait until November – this is when the thing is expected to arrive in stores nearby. Meantime you can take a look at some Kinect live images.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab renamed to Galaxy Tape, Super AMOLED and 1.2GHz CPU inside

by 84 comments

The Vietnamese guys from Tinhte have just shed some light on the Samsung 7-inch Galaxy tablet.

The first thing to note is its changed name – it seems Galaxy Tab will be dropped in favor of Galaxy Tape.

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Windows Phone 7 demonstrated on a Samsung prototype

by 15 comments

Microsoft demonstrated Windows Phone 7 interface and gaming abilities at the reMIX event in France. Their latest mobile OS was up and running on an unidentified Omnia HD-like Samsung headset and performed quite impressively.

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iPod touch with camera leaks on photos and video, the world ponders

by 14 comments

Those Vietnamese from Tinh Te are on fire with the Apple leaks recently. After posting photos of a next-gen iPhone last week, they now have a camera-equipped iPod Touch to show us.

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Seagate confirms 3TB hard disk drive will be available before the end of the year

by 14 comments

There have been rumors about Seagate releasing a 3TB drive this year but it just got officially confirmed. Barbara Craig, senior product manager at the company has gone on record saying that “we are announcing a 3TB drive later this year”.

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Swedish retailer puts Project Natal at $200, probably jumped the gun

by 432 comments

Earlier this is year, we heard that Project Natal would cost below 80 US dollars – skyrocketing its entertainment-to-price ratio to infinity. The Move controller for the Sony PlayStation, which supposedly has a similar price, but not much more coolness than the Wii controller.

However, Swedish retailers have put up Project Natal on their site for quite a bit more than those 80 bucks that everybody hoped for… Read more »