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Samsung P1000 Tab fondled in China, 1024×600 pixels resolution confirmed (sort of)

by 19 comments

The Samsung Tab Android tablet has appeared several times before, but this has to be the most detailed leak yet. The guys over at received the juicy info from a tipster who passed along photos and impressions that confirm a lot of the specs we’ve heard so far…

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HP drops hints at a WebOS-powered tablet coming in early 2011

by 260 comments

HP bought Palm and then nothing. Well, unless you count rumors of canceled tablets and leaving the smartphone market as something. But here’s something official – a WebOS powered gadget by HP is coming after all…

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Apple iPad camera connection kit review

by 874 comments

As a photographer, I was eager to see if my iPad could serve the double purpose of storing my photos and videos when I’m out in the field.

Typically Apple, the iPad camera connection kit was posted in their online store with only the bare minimum of information. I went ahead and bought one anyway and now that I’ve been using it for a week now, I’m ready to pass on everything you may need to know about this little bit of hardware (plus some things you may never need).

Apple iPad camera connection kit
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Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab firmware leaks, confirms 1GHz CPU, Froyo and Flash support

by 497 comments

There’s less than a month left to the official announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab(let), but that doesn’t make those leaks any less sweet. A firmware of the upcoming device just surfaced and revealed most of the stuff that’s under the hood, including the 1GHz Hummingbird CPU and the powerful PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

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Asus is working on 4 EEE tablets, with a variety of screen sizes and OSes

by 531 comments

Asus is readying a whole lot of tablets for launch at the end of this year and the beginning of the next. They’ll cover anything from 8 to 12 inches and run Windows 7, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Android and Linux…

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Dell Streak launches on AT&T this Friday, a day early for those who pre-ordered

by 13 comments

The big phone/small tablet Dell Streak finally has a launch date for AT&T. It’s been on pre-order since late July and if you’ve signed up for that you’d be able to snatch it a day early…

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Rumors of BlackPad price and launch date surface

by 575 comments

The BlackPad, is still just hearsay but the rumors keep coming. Reportedly, Quanta will be manufacturing the BlackBerry tablet and some of the specs have changed since we last heard about it (i.e. a bigger screen), there’s a release date and a price (all unofficial of course)…

So, the screen has grown to 9.7” from the 8.9” we originally heard, and that makes it exactly the same size as the iPad screen (no info on the resolution yet). It will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus some sort of tethering, as you can use 3G connection through a BlackBerry smartphone. Read more »

Sharp launches a sexy looking Android-powered MID in Japan, say Hi to LYNX SH-10B

by 26 comments

I’ve always had a crush on the Japanese mobile phones. One would say they’re huge and ugly but, man, are they well equipped! And when I say “Japanese mobile phones” I mean devices like the new Sharp LYNX SH-10B. OK, it’s not exactly a phone but it can act like one too. And certainly looks hot.

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iPad still lives, hits nine more countries on Friday

by 374 comments

There is no doubt all the fuss around iPhone 4 upstaged the iPad. Despite all the problems it is having with the new iPhone, Apple is still focused on the iPad invasion. This Friday Apple is launching the tablet in nine more countries around the world.

Sigh, people will do this again
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LG goes all in with 3D: announces a notebook, a monitor and a projector

by 190 comments

Today LG announced a trio of new 3D-enabled products and declared their commitment to the 3D technology. The company went official with a 15-inch 3D notebook, a 3D monitor and a 3D projector.

The LG R590 3D notebook is certainly the most interesting of the new announcements. It packs a 15.6-inch display, Intel Core i7 Processor with HM55 chipset and NVIDIA GeForce GT335M graphics card with 1GB of dedicated DDR3. Read more »

Microsoft promises loads of Windows 7 based tablets by the end of the year, Windows 7 SP1 beta available now

by 19 comments

Today on the Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the company’s plans of releasing multiple tablets running Windows 7 by the end of this year. He also spoke about Microsoft looking forward to the cloud computing and continuing working on the Azure OS.

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Unofficial info about the Asus 1215N release date and pricing surfaces

by 553 comments

The Asus 1215N netbook finally got a release date and some pricing details (though unofficially) – it’s coming in late August. But how much cash would the 1215N be, considering it has a 1.8GHz dual-core Atom CPU and an NVIDIA ION 2 (along with Optimus) beating in its chest?

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Acer Aspire One D255 netbook is powered by a dual-core Atom N550

by 5 comments

The first netbooks with Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 CPU are beginning to appear. The Acer Aspire One D255 is powered by just such a processor. It’s not the first netbook with a dual-core processor (the Asus 1215N has it beat here), but it’s the first with a dual-core Atom intented for netbooks (the 1215N uses a nettop CPU)…

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LG prepares an Android tablet, due by the end of the year

by 462 comments

As part of the Optimus unveiling today, LG mentioned they are preparing a high-end Android tablet that should hit the shelves before the end of this year.

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Asus 1215N features dual-core Atom, ION and Optumus, strikes fear into the hearts of other netbooks

by 18 comments

Asus announced the 1215N netbook – though calling it a netbook seems derogatory. Asus have crammed as much new technology as they could possible fit into the 12” frame of the 1215N – a high-res screen, a dual-core Atom, NVIDIA ION, Optimus, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, Wireless N plus even more…

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