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Acer Iconia tablets at the MWC 2011: A for Android, W for Windows 7

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Tablets are on fire today with 3 new entries by Acer. While the A100 and A500 pretty much fit the standard tablet profile, the W500 leads the pack with intuitive design and top-end features.

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The Motorola Xoom tablet comes to Europe in 3G and Wi-Fi versions

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Great news, the Motorola XOOM tablet will make it for an European release after all. This was announced today at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Previously, the XOOM was to be expected just in the US, but now we know, it’ll be available in the Old Continent as well starting from Q2 of 2011. You’ll have a choice of models Read more »

Quad-core Snapdragon madness from Qualcomm to come in 2012, ticks at 2.5Ghz

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No one would seriously think that Qualcomm would be weeping in the corner after NVIDIA and Texas Instruments unveiled their quad-core CPUs to come our way in 2012. No sir, Qualcomm wants to play along and today announced a new series of quad-core mobile processors, planned for release in 2012.

What we know so far is that NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip is planned to run at 1.5Ghz and Texas Instruments will top that with each core ticking at 2.0Ghz. But hold tight, because the quad-core Snapdragon is supposed to run at the breathtaking 2.5Ghz! Read more »

ViewSonic unveils dual-sim V350 phone and dual-boot ViewPad 10Pro

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Just two days before the Mobile World Conference, ViewSonic unveils two new devices that will be showcased at the event in Barcelona, Spain. The first one is an Android 2.2 running dual-sim phone, the V350. The second is a tablet with a dual-boot functionality that allows Windows 7 Professional and Android to work at the same time, at the user’s choice.

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LG Optimus Pad kicks the butt of another tablet in a Transformers-inspired commercial

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LG has issued a new action-packet ad inspired by the Transformers movie, where the LG Optimus Pad is represented by Optimus Prime fighting some Mega…tablet… tron.

Even though the clip is not Hollywood material, the latest advertisement for the Optimus Pad from LG is sure worth a thousand words (and laughs). Just watch the epic battle between good and evil, and I’ll see you after the break. Read more »

Samsung Orion dual-core mobile CPU now called Exynos, production starts next month

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Samsung just unveiled the official name of their much anticipated dual-core processor line-up. It turns out that what was once known as Orion will be the first processor in the Exynos line, a successor to Samsung’s own Cortex A8 Hummingbird SoC that powers the current Galaxy S.

The new CPU, called Exynos 4210, will be based on two Cortex A9 cores, each clocked at 1 GHz.
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Apple iPad 2 enters production, could it use a Super PLS LCD by Samsung?

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According to a Wall Street Journal report, the second generation of the Apple iPad has now entered production. This means that the iPad 2 will be ready to ship the end of February. Last year we had to wait till April to get it.

WSJ also suggests that the fancy ultra high-resolution screen we’ve been having dreams about won’t make it to the new Apple iPad 2. Instead, the current screen with resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels will be used. Read more »

9.7-inch HP TouchPad goes official, flexes 1.2GHz dual-core muscle, runs WebOS

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Well, hello webOS tablet – the HP TouchPad (that’s right, no Palm branding here) just went official. The new Touchpad, which was previously rumored as HP Topaz, is ready to impress with some excellent collaboration with its phone siblings – just tap a Pre 3 on the tablet and your call is transferred from the phone to your TouchPad over Bluetooth.

With a dual-core processor and webOS’s card-based multitasking, the HP TouchPad will eat those older tablets for breakfast… Read more »

Here is a 3D tablet screen on video – watch this LG Optimus Pad hands-on

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T-Mobile US introduced the LG G-Slate tablet over a month ago, but we got the first details and pictures just recently. Today we have an even better thing for you – a hands-on video.

The Tegra2-based G-Slate will be called Optimus Pad outside the States, but the specs stay the same.

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Love is in the air as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope get their special Valentine’s Day editions

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I thought we’d have to wait for Valentine’s Day to come in order to get the special update filled with love for Angry Birds. Luckily, I was wrong and here it is, now available in the app market near you.

The new Valentine’s Day edition is part of an update for Angry Birds Seasons and consists of 15 brand new pig-bashing levels. For iOS users it’ll cost Read more »

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is now official, no smartphone support on the horizon [UPDATED]

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Google just went through their dedicated Andoird event, officially announcing and showcasing Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Android is definitely branching in two directions and Honeycomb won’t be available for smartphones.

Another new thing that came off the press conference was this little cutie – the blue Android bee.
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T-Mobile shows the LG G-Slate 3D tablet and the Galaxy S 4G to the world

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T-Mobile US just introduced officially the Android Honeycomb-ready G-Slate tablet by LG along with full specs and details on their Galaxy S 4G. The focus is without a doubt on the G-slate tablet, which offers a 3D display with 3D stereoscopic video recording, all powered by NVIDIA Tegra2 and the latest Android.

T-Mobile G-Slate and Samsung Galaxy S 4G

The G-Slate is one of the first tablets to pioneer the newest Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which is the first version of Android designed with tablets in mind. The LG tablet has been in the rumor mill for quite some time, but this time it’s the real deal. Read more »

T-Mobile USA to offer the Dell Streak 7 for just $200 on 2 February

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The successor to the tablet-phone Dell Streak 5, the Dell Streak number 7 is set to launch for T-Mobile USA in a couple of days confirming the rumored price of under $300. This HSPA device can be yours for just 199.99 US dollars on a 2year contract with T-Mobile USA or 450 bucks if you want to save yourself the monthly fees and get it no strings attached. Just as a comparison, the Galaxy Tab’s contract-free price is still around $600.

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Google gives the world a taste of Honeycomb on 2 February

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February 2nd is the date we’ve been waiting for. Google is holding a special Android event in its Californian headquarters about the next Android installment – the Honeycomb, the Android ecosystem and some hands-on demos.

Google showed off the Honeycomb on numerous occasions, but it’s never done an official presentation, only teasers. It seems the time has finally come.

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HP and Palm to announce something big, something small and even more on 9 February

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Ever since HP bought Palm I have been itching to find out how the webOS would evolve and in what devices would it be featured next. We just got hold of a Palm UK newsletter confirming that the press event on 9 February is about the latest and greatest HP-slash-Palm devices and even more.

Earlier this month HP teased its upcoming press event is going to be about the WebOS. But there was no word of Palm. It’s almost sure now that on 9 February they are going to announce a tablet, a smartphone along with that update of the webOS.
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