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Next Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo launched by Mozilla

by 293 comments

Mozilla released another beta version of their Firefox 4 browser for Android and Maemo devices has been released. It is still in beta (read: not completely bug-free) but it is another step closer to the real thing.

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Tablet-ready Android Honeycomb coming in March 2011

by 5 comments

The first tablets based on the rumored Android 3.0 a.k.a. Honeycomb are expected to see daylight for the first time at the CES 2011. However, rumor is the first Honeycomb-powered devices won’t hit the market until March next year.

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More photos of the HTC DROID Incredible HD pop up, and so do a few new HTC EVO Shift 4G images

by 12 comments

Images of the rumored HTC DROID Incredible HD a.k.a. Mecha first surfaced back in August 2010 and now, 4 months later, we get to meet the upcoming device once again thanks to a whole series of “leaked” photos. And you can also say “Hi” to another still unannounced HTC-made, the HTC EVO Shift 4G.

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1.5 million Windows Phone 7 phones sold to date

by 188 comments

Microsoft has finally released the official sales figures for the Windows Phone 7 smartphones. At 1.5 million units to date those aren’t as impressive as the iPhone’s, but sure sounds encouraging.

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Free Gmail voice calls to US and Canada extended

by 119 comments

The web-based VoIP client in Gmail was launched several months ago with free calls to the US and Canada until the end of 2010. Well, it’s either the Christmas mood or something else, I don’t know, but Google decided to extend those free calls through the whole 2011.

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The Nexus S has no Gorilla Glass protection, mind your keys

by 594 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S has a Gorilla Glass, the Galaxy Tab has a Gorilla Glass. But, hey, the Samsung-made Google Nexus S has no Gorilla Glass.

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The full touch Nokia C5-03 arrives at our office, we unbox it

by 21 comments

Yet another Symbian^1-running smartphone is paying us a short visit: the recently unveiled Nokia C5-03, which has just made it to the market. Let’s not make the little fella wait for us and start the unboxing. Oh, and we’ve got a short UI video demo for you too.

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iPad and Android were the hottest tech topics in Twitter for 2010

by 950 comments

Twitter is where rumors are born and distributed lightning fast. The social network just published their 2010 top tweet subjects and the top tech topics of the year turned out to be the Apple iPad and Google’s Android OS.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition unveiled at the Millionaire Fair, priced at 749 euro

by 8 comments

After CrystalRoc, it’s Samsung’s turn to release a limited edition of its Galaxy Tab. Well, meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition which has been introduced at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This time you won’t find any Swarovski crystals on the Galaxy Tab shell or elsewhere.

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The Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two discontinued yet again

by 9 comments

Alive, dead, alive, dead… Isn’t the Microsoft KINs agony lasting too long? Well, it’s soon coming to an end: the Mircosoft KIN devices are going to die yet again. In a couple of months.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook shows up in yet another hands-on video

by 220 comments

The BlackBerry PlayBook walk-through video from the other day sure was extensive but it wasn’t as impressive as expected due to its low quality. Need something truly impressive? Here it comes: another PlayBook hands-on vid but this time of great quality.

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Korea-bound dual-core LG P990 Star twin brother leaked, looks different, still no Gingerbread on board

by 9 comments

The dual-core LG P990 Star showed up a little while ago and now we get to meet its Korean twin brother which is called LG Star too and should soon start selling over at the SK Telecom stores across South Korea.

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The Google Nexus S to swap the SuperAMOLED screen for a Super Clear LCD in the Russian market

by 18 comments

Finally, the Nexus S has been officially unveiled. And according to Google it will feature a 4″ Super AMOLED display. However, it seems Google has different plans for some regions. The Nexus S devices sold in Russia (and possibly in some other regions, too) will have Super Clear LCD screens instead.

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Here is how you port the Nokia C6 firmware to the Nokia 5230

by 22 comments

Software porting is pretty common in the world of WinMo and Android while Symbain users have much to catch up. Luckily, there have already been a handful of Symbian smartphones enabled to run other handset’s firmware, including the Nokia 523x family, which has just been treated to the latest Nokia C6 firmware.

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The Motorola XT800+ is the luxurious, faster and Froyo-running XT800 GLAM twin brother

by 17 comments

Motorola does well two things: making customers angry by not releasing software updates for its handsets on time or at all and designing mobile phones. Indeed, the recently unveiled Motorola XT800+ is among the best looking Android phones launched this year. Oh, and it is smart, too.

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