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HP drops hints at a WebOS-powered tablet coming in early 2011

HP bought Palm and then nothing. Well, unless you count rumors of canceled tablets and leaving the smartphone market as something. But here’s something official – a WebOS powered gadget by HP is coming after all…

At first we had the HP Slate to look for – it was powered by Windows 7, ran Flash and everything. Then rumors started flying that the project was scrapped, that WebOS will replace Windows 7 in the would-be tablet department and so on.

Well, in an earnings call HP confirmed that there’s a WebOS-based product will arrive in early 2011 as a response to the question if tablets are hurting netbook sales. OK, “product” could mean something else, but what? It’s not like they can make a smartphone that can replace netbooks (the Dell Streak is a 5” tablet/phone but it can hardly take the place of a 10” netbook, can it?).



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