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The Apple iPad as a gaming device part 3: Angry Birds

by 8 comments

I’ve been playing Angry Birds for iPhone for quite a while now. I really thought it couldn’t possibly get any better until the iPad arrived in our office and I got a taste of the iPad optimized version.

Since then I tried several other of my favorite iPhone games in their dedicated large-screen versions and honestly, now I hate playing games on my iPhone. The big vivid capacitive screen of the iPad is the perfect tool for having fun with lots of the touch-based games initially introduced on the iPhone platform.

Angry Birds had been one of the first “blockbuster” games that have their HD versions for iPad. The gaming interface is the same as on the iPhone, but the experience is quite different. The larger graphics are much nicer, plus aiming and bombing pigs is that much easier. Read more »

The Apple iPad as a gaming device part 2: Plants vs. Zombies

by 7 comments

We chose a popular tower defense game for our second demo video of the Apple iPad gaming powers. Developed and published by PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies can give fans of the genre quite a lot of hours of fun.

The point of the game is to repel the invading army of zombies from eating your brains by planting a variety of plants. It has been available for a while for PC and Mac so there’s a chance that you are already familiar with it. Read more »

The Apple iPad as a gaming device part 1: Pinball

by 5 comments

We promised you to get into more detail about the gaming capabilities of the Apple iPad Internet tablet and now we are delivering. We will show you a few videos, demonstrating some of the games available in the App Store to give you a better idea of what playing on the iPad is like.

The first title we are going to introduce is the iPad version of the all too popular Pinball. We have a feeling that all fans of the classic arcade game will appreciate this title as its graphics and performance are simply great. Read more »

Intel unveil new Atom-based platform for smartphones and tablets, does 1080p videos and all

by 14 comments

Intel have just announced the second generation of their Atom-based platform (a.k.a. Moorestown). The new Z6XX series is expected to bring PC-like experience and 1080p video support to smartphones and tablets. On top of that, the new Atoms are said to be extremely efficient and not at all power-hungry.

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iPad browser speed test shows that Mobile Safari is faster than desktop Safari, Chrome

by 13 comments

We’re still tinkering with the iPad – after we tested the JavaScript performance of the Mobile Safari browser, we decided to run some page loading tests. And Mobile Safari redeemed itself by beating the desktop Safari browser and Chrome to the finish line…

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Samsung readying a 7-inch Super AMOLED S-pad tablet with Android

by 467 comments

With the iPad launch officially restarting the tablet wars, it’s only a matter of time until all large manufacturers join the battle. Samsung are said to already be working on their own slate, which should hit the shelves in August. Rumor has it that it will be called Samsung S-pad and will run on the Android OS.

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Apple iPads are flying off the shelves, 1 000 000 sold in 28 days, iBooks off to a slow start

by 280 comments

Love it or hate it, the Apple iPad is on track to becoming the next great market success by the Cupertino-based company. It took the controversial tablet only 28 days to reach the 1 million sales mark and gives Apple the chance to pat themselves on the back.

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Apple iPad JavaScript benchmark results are in, the A4 CPU fails to impress

by 31 comments

With the Apple iPad coming with a upsized iPhone OS, as opposed to a full-fledged desktop OS, it’s pretty hard to find an objective benchmark to see if its great performance is down to powerful hardware or superb software optimization. The closest we can get to a proper benchmark is by installing the Safari browser on an Atom-based netbook and running some JavaScript tests with it.

We compared the Apple iPad’s 1 GHz ARM A4 CPU to the 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor that is found inside the Lenovo S10e netbook and the 1.2 GHz VIA C7-M ULV CPU of the Gigabyte M704. Read more »

Apple’s iPad 3G is actually factory unlocked, but gets jailbroken and learns how to send text messages in a flash

by 2 comments

There is a bunch of news concerning the recently released iPad 3G. Apparently, the thing is factory unlocked and would accept with any SIM card cut down to the size of a micro SIM card. On top of that, like the non-3G iPad, the 3G capable one is also jailbrakeable and you can also make it send text messages if you want.

Plus you get a second juicy feature on board – the GPS receiver, which lacks on the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

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Our Apple iPad review, Part 2: Multimedia, iBooks, gaming, wrap-up

by 1,083 comments

In the first part of our iPad review we went through a physical inspection of the Apple’s tablet and did some general remarks on how the UI has evolved as compared to the iPhone OS.

Today it’s time to get more specific and see how the iPad fares in multimedia presentation, web browsing, e-book reading, and of course, gaming. Read more »

Our Apple iPad review, Part 1: Hardware overview and our general take on software

by 310 comments

Apple have always been trend setters – a lot of their products’ names become synonymous with the class of gadget they are a part of. Many people would say ‘iPod’ when they really mean an MP3 player.

Apple iPad

The iPad has all the potential to become equally synonymous to tablets and finally break them out of their niche market status. The iPad is a midway device – between a smartphone and a laptop (between an iPhone and a MacBook if Steve Jobs has his way).

We’ve been playing around with an Apple iPad 16GB for a few days now and we’re ready to share our impressions in this review…

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Both Microsoft and HP are canceling their tablets?

by 175 comments

Word on the street is that Microsoft gave up on their rumored Courier tablet. But as it turns out, this isn’t the only company that is going to change its plans of upcoming tablet computers. Rumor has it that we won’t see the highly anticipated Windows-7-based HP Slate either. Sigh!

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Steve Jobs on the 6 grudges Apple holds against Flash

by 1,156 comments

“Flash is the number one reason Macs crash.”, Jobs says, “We don’t want to reduce the reliability and security of our iPhones, iPods and iPads by adding Flash.” You bet they don’t.

Apple like to have things under control – especially user experience. But there’s more to that and Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, thought the issue is important enough to deserve a full press release that explains 6 reasonable sounding points in favor of their decision.

It’s an interesting read – and definitely one that’s been written by a true essay master, so I bet you guys would love to have a look at it in detail. BTW, it’s really strange of him publishing this semi-official/semi-personal statement on Flash, while still avoiding the more topical issue of the lost iPhone prototype and the events that followed. Anyway, check out the stuff yourselves.
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Apple Developers Conference keynote all set for 7 June in San Francisco, hello iPhone 4G!

by 784 comments

Apple announced their next Worldwide Developers Conference will take place between 7 and 11 June. Tickets are already on sale and you can book your place for 1600 US dollars.

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How to fry an egg: buy an Apple MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i7 inside…

by 48 comments

Intel Core i7 CPUs are fast. But they might also turn your computer into a stove due to the generated heat. Apparently the Core-i7-equipped MacBook Pros (like the rest of the unibody MacBooks), which rely only on their metal casings to keep them from overheating (they’re like giant heatsinks), allow the temperature of the CPU reach a 100 degrees Celsius.

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