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Acer Aspire One D255 netbook is powered by a dual-core Atom N550

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The first netbooks with Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 CPU are beginning to appear. The Acer Aspire One D255 is powered by just such a processor. It’s not the first netbook with a dual-core processor (the Asus 1215N has it beat here), but it’s the first with a dual-core Atom intented for netbooks (the 1215N uses a nettop CPU)…

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LG prepares an Android tablet, due by the end of the year

by 462 comments

As part of the Optimus unveiling today, LG mentioned they are preparing a high-end Android tablet that should hit the shelves before the end of this year.

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Asus 1215N features dual-core Atom, ION and Optumus, strikes fear into the hearts of other netbooks

by 18 comments

Asus announced the 1215N netbook – though calling it a netbook seems derogatory. Asus have crammed as much new technology as they could possible fit into the 12” frame of the 1215N – a high-res screen, a dual-core Atom, NVIDIA ION, Optimus, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, Wireless N plus even more…

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Samsung N230 netbook boasts 14 hour battery life, smartbooks beware

by 225 comments

One of the advantages of ARM-based netbooks, or “smartbooks”, is supposedly the battery life. The Samsung N230, which runs an old-fashioned x86 chip begs to disagree – it offers 7 hours battery life with the small battery and up to 13.8 hours with the big one…

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Dell Streak goes SIM free for 449 GBP (550 euro)

by 11 comments

If you have decided that using a five-inch device as a mobile phone is something you can live with, but hate the whole long-term carrier commitment thing, I have some good news for you. Well, starting now you can get your shiny new Dell Streak SIM free and use it with whichever operator you see fit. It will set you back exactly 449 pounds, which is about 550 euro or 680 US dollars.

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Around 3 million iPads in 80 days – Apple manages the third million in just three weeks

by 615 comments

One, two, three… million iPads sold already. iPad sales reached the two million mark in the end of May and now, barely over 20 days later, another million iPads have found their way to their happy owners. By the looks of it, sales are picking up the pace…

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Atom D525 and D425 available, Intel gets further into wireless with Wireless Displays

by 23 comments

Intel just announced the D525 and D425 Atom processors for nettops. Intel is primarily known for their processors but they do other stuff as well. In related news, Intel’s Wireless Display technology is now available on over 25 new systems. …

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Another video of the touch-touting MeeGo OS v1.1 surfaces, reconfirms blazing speed and buttery smoothness

by 29 comments

Another demo video of the touch-supporting MeeGo 1.1 OS just appeared. It doesn’t show too many new things about the platform but is of much higher quality than the ones made available during Computex last month.

While the first (non-touch) release of MeeGo has failed to set the netbook world alight, the 1.1 version of the OS jointly developed by Nokia and Intel is expected to become the next big thing in the tablets realm. Read more »

Tegra-powered Toshiba AC100 smartbook runs Android 2.1, boasts 8 hours of battery life

by 13 comments

Toshiba introduces a new smartbook today – the Toshiba AC100. The Tegra-powered device looks deceivingly like a 10.1” netbook but it’s actually a “smartbook” – it uses the ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra 250 platform and runs Android 2.1. Not using a power-hungry x86 CPU obviously has its advantages – like the 8 hours battery life and up to 7 days of stand-by time, for instance…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab renamed to Galaxy Tape, Super AMOLED and 1.2GHz CPU inside

by 84 comments

The Vietnamese guys from Tinhte have just shed some light on the Samsung 7-inch Galaxy tablet.

The first thing to note is its changed name – it seems Galaxy Tab will be dropped in favor of Galaxy Tape.

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Microsoft to pull the plug on Windows XP for netbooks on 22 October, this time for real

by 25 comments

Microsoft wants to remind you and all of manufacturers that Windows XP sales will end on 22 October this year. After this date all netbooks must be sold with Windows 7 – probably Starter edition.

Netbooks are the very reason for Windows XP second lease of life, but its end is finally near. Read more »

AT&T messes up big time, exposes the email adresses of 114 000 iPad 3G owners, big shots in the list

by 847 comments

A security breach in the AT&T system allowed a group of hackers to obtain the email addresses of 114 067 iPad owners, along with their ICC-IDs (the unique number that identifies the SIM cards when they connect to a network).

And, as if the huge number wasn’t bad enough on its own, there’s a quite a lot of VIP customers in the list. Top executives at the New York Times, Dow Jones, Condé Nast, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corporation, HBO and Hearst, along with government members and NASA employees are among the victims. Read more »

Alienware M11x gets Core i7 bump and NVidia Optimus system

by 629 comments

The small but powerful 11-inch Alienware M11x gets Core i7 processor upgrade and NVidia Optimus system for switching between integrated and discrete graphic chips.

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7-inch Android 2.1-powered Huawei S7 has 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU under the hood, poses for a video

by 483 comments

Unless this is your first visit to a tech-dedicated website for the past year or so, you know that tablets are all the rage now. And while Huawei is hardly a big name outside the telecom solutions business, their offering in the tablet realm certainly looks interesting.

Dubbed Huawei S7, this Android 2.1-running tablet packs a 7” touchscreen and relies on a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU to do the math. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android tablet that’s going after the iPad, big time

by 58 comments

There were some rumors about Samsung preparing a tablet, but nothing certain until this moment. South African Samsung Blog however just posted a picture on Twitter showing Galaxy S next to that elusive tablet, which is obviously called Galaxy Tab.

The confirmed specs are the 7-inch 16:9 capacitive display, microSD card slot, front-facing video-call camera, 3G with HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm audio jack. And it’s obviously capable of GSM telephony. Read more »