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We won’t see a Moorestown tablet like this one at least another six months

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Tablets are a hot commodity these days and it seems almost every company has a prototype on display at this year’s Computex. Unfortunately, there are only few tablets available on the market despite the huge demand. It’s like all hardware companies either totally missed this wave of touchscreen tablet love or manufacturers simply lack the optimized OS needed for creating a compelling tablet computer.

Whatever may be the case, the Intel’s Moorestown platform currently seems as one of the most promising upcoming tablet solutions. The Quanta Redvale tablet shown off by Intel at Computex is a living proof.
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Pixel Qi transflective LCD trounces the iPad unit in broad daylight

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Apple have long been the company to beat when you want to create the ultimate display on a mobile computer and for a very good reason. Their viewing angles, contrast and legibility when exposed to direct sunlight were always great. Yet after Samsung impressively outdid the iPhone LCD unit with its Super AMOLED screens, it now came time for the iPad unit to take its share of beating by the Pixel Qi transflective display.

The Pixel Qi transflective unit remains perfectly visible when exposed to sunlight, while the iPad turns into a mirror that is all but impossible to use. Check out the video and see for yourselves. Read more »

Intel announces Oak Trail and dual-core Pine Trail Atoms, shows off a 14mm thin netbook

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The Intel Atom CPU is ubiquitous in the netbook world, but Intel is working on new designs that will improve on current netbooks and move into tablet and handheld territory. There’s that and a new upcoming architecture called Sandy Bridge, which would become the new high-end CPU from Intel…

There are two new Atom architectures that Intel is working at. The first one is dual-core Pine Trail processors (current Pine Trail Atoms are single core), which will deliver more than just improved performance (could it be the N500?). Read more »

Two million iPads sold in 60 days, to be available in even more markets

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Apple is selling truckloads of the iPad – no surprise there. The 1 million units sold mark was hit in 28 days. But there’s no sign of sales slowing down as they just hit the 2 million mark…

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A couple of ASUS Eee Pads announced, pack CULV Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows 7 and some serious battery life

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If you are in the hunt for a tablet running a full-fledged OS, then by all means spare a minute to check this out. ASUS, the company that sparked the netbook revolution several years ago, announced the 12-inch Windows 7-running Eee Pad EP121 and the 10-inch EP101TC that sport Windows Embedded Compact 7.

The Eee Pad EP121 (pictured above) is certainly the more interesting half of the duo with its CULV Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 10 hours of battery life. Read more »

iPad deliveries in the UK arrive a day early, stores start selling them tommorow

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The iPad has cometh. To the UK anyway but it’s a day early. All the more reason for people on Twitter to brag about it, it seems…

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The future of gaming is now: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M unveiled, meet world’s fastest notebook GPU

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Gamers can now start dreaming of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M which was announced today and happens to be the fastest notebook GPU known to mankind. The GeForce GTX 480M GPU combines some of the most advanced technologies, which make it not only fast but also capable of delivering life-like gaming graphics.

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Panasonic Toughbook 19 is a powerful 10-inch convertible tablet you can drop from six feet

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Today Panasonic announced the latest addition to their Toughbook family of rugged portable computers. The 10.4-inch convertible tablet Panasonic Toughbook 19 packs some serious processing power with 1.2 GHz Intel I5 -540UM CPU (with Turbo boost up to 2GHz) and 2GB of DDR3 RAM and comes with either a 160GB HDD or a 128GB SSD.

What’s key here however is the MIL-STD-810G certification, confirming the Toughbook 19 ability to withstand a six-foot drop and the IP65 rating, indicating complete dust and water jets resistance. Read more »

Strapping the iPad – it only takes a dab of ingenuity and some Velcro

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It seems good old Velcro had quite a bit more uses than I thought. Including fastening your iPad to the wall, ceiling, or window, not to mention your car’s dashboard and your motorbike’s tank. But even if you don’t care the about the iPad, that’s an impressively filmed video in its own right, so it’s really enjoyable to watch.

iPad and Velcro

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Intel readies Atom N550 dual-core CPU for netbooks with no screen size restrictions

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Is Intel feeling the heat of AMD getting into the netbook CPU business, or maybe it is those ARM-powered smartbooks? Whatever it is, they plan to launch a dual-core Atom – the N550 – in the second half of this year that can be put in netbooks with screens larger than 10.2-inches…

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The international iPad App store goes online as Apple starts accepting cash payments again

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The iPad is still not sold outside the US officially but there are plenty of units that made it to Europe (including the one we used for our own review). The big problem was, that those were unable to access the App Store and you had to rely on iTunes for applications downloads. As of today however this issue is solved as the international App stores started rolling out.

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MacBook gets more powerful hardware, longer battery life, MacBook sales up, iPod – down

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Analyses show that MacBook sales are unaffected by the iPad – good news for the just released Apple MacBook refresh, which brings Core 2 Duo and GeForce goodness with a longer 10 hour battery life.

The iPod sales however are another matter… Read more »

Dell Streak (a.k.a. Mini 5) goes to O2 in June, AT&T launch scheduled for later this summer

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What a nice surprise! The 5-inch MID Dell Streak (or maybe you know it as the Dell Mini 5) will apparently hit the shelves in Europe first. The Streak will be launched by O2 across the Old Continent next month. The US fans will have to wait a little longer to get it since it will arrive at AT&T stores later this summer.

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RIM releasing an 8.9” BlackBerry tablet before the end of the year?

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Tablets are all the rage this year and the Canadian smartphone manufacturer RIM wants join the fun too. Rumor has it that an 8.9-inch tablet is already in the works and should become available before the turn of the year.

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New ULV i3 and i5 Intel CPUs for ultra-thin laptops on the way

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Intel is about to release new low-powered i3 and i5 processors to replace the Atom family within the ultrathin laptops.

The new chips are designed specifically for usage in ultra-thin and portable laptops – the niche between the standard laptops and the netbooks. They use 32-nanometer manufacturing process and pack just one core but are capable of handling two threads.

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