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Dell Streak 7 ad script leaks early, shows all the newsworthy features

by 6 comments

Someone got their hands on the script for a Dell Streak 7 commercial. The planned ad is one long list of features of the Dell’s yet unannouned 7-inch tablet and stars the Android mascot…

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Tablet-ready Android Honeycomb coming in March 2011

by 5 comments

The first tablets based on the rumored Android 3.0 a.k.a. Honeycomb are expected to see daylight for the first time at the CES 2011. However, rumor is the first Honeycomb-powered devices won’t hit the market until March next year.

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Motorola teases with its Android tablet on video, set to reveal more at CES 2011?

by 396 comments

Now here’s an interesting video in which Motorola is teasing us with its upcoming Android-based tablet. The device is going to run the next iteration of Android, codenamed Honeycomb.

Motorola Honeycomb tablet

The thing is we’ve already seen an unannounced Motorola tablet in a pretty close encounter and we’ve also seen it waltzing on stage, so we don’t think Motorola has a enough left to surprise us, but who knows. Read more »

US Cellular offers Samsung Galaxy Tab for $200 with 5GB data plan

by 7 comments

It’s that time of the year, when the good deals just keep coming. US Cellular offers the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab for just $200 on two-year contract. The price includes a $100 mail-in rebate.

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Google sends a bunch of Nexus S in the space, they all live to tell us about

by 582 comments

Seven Styrofoam beer coolers stuffed with Google’s latest Nexus S and a wide-angle sport camera were lifted up at the amazing altitude of 32 000 meters attached to some huge weather balloons. All of the coolers returned successfully to Earth and were picked by the Google team, so don’t expect a Nexus S landing on your balcony any time soon.

The purpose of this was to test all the device sensors and its performance under different environments such as the freezing near-vacuum conditions on the edge of space. And also, I guess, create a nice viral ad for the Nexus S. Read more »

Motorola 10-inch Honeycomb tablet leaks again, confirms a front-facing camera and Verizon allegiance

by 7 comments

At this rate there won’t be much left for Motorola to announce when they eventually get round to unveiling their new tablet. The latest batch of leaked photos confirms that the Android Honeycomb-running slate will pack a front-facing camera and will be headed to Verizon.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition unveiled at the Millionaire Fair, priced at 749 euro

by 8 comments

After CrystalRoc, it’s Samsung’s turn to release a limited edition of its Galaxy Tab. Well, meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition which has been introduced at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This time you won’t find any Swarovski crystals on the Galaxy Tab shell or elsewhere.

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All-touch notebook Acer ICONIA priced at 1500 euro, could be yours in a just over a month

by 9 comments

If you are hoping to maybe someday replace your conventional laptop with one packing not one, but two touchscreens you might want to limit your Christmas spending and save a few bucks instead. Acer has announced the launch date for their Acer Iconia hybrid in Spain and it’s set for the 28th of January.

Of course other countries might get it sooner but I don’t expect serious time frame differences. The price is set at the whopping €1500 euro, but you didn’t really expect a specs sheet like that to come on the cheap, did you? Read more »

Netbook Cr-48 specs revealed, Google kills 25 netbooks on video to show how good cloud computing is

by 19 comments

There are two ways to tear down a Cr-48 netbook – the right one and the rough one. One user has already disassembled the first Chrome device and the insides are pretty much the same as I suspected.

But Google took the tear down to a whole new level. It destroyed brutally 25 Cr-48 netbooks in some crazy ways and shot the entire thing on video. Watch!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab in the UK comes with an Entertainment Package worth £200

by 6 comments

Samsung has been trying to bolster Samsung Galaxy Tab sales by offering free goodies instead of lowering the price. The latest offer is for the UK and comes to the tune of £200 worth in the form of an “entertainment package”. It’s not as good as it sounds though…

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The BlackBerry PlayBook shows up in yet another hands-on video

by 220 comments

The BlackBerry PlayBook walk-through video from the other day sure was extensive but it wasn’t as impressive as expected due to its low quality. Need something truly impressive? Here it comes: another PlayBook hands-on vid but this time of great quality.

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Roundup: All you need to know about Chrome OS, its first laptop and future

by 550 comments

It was more than a year ago, since Google announced Chrome OS and presented its concept about the future of the netbooks. Following the Nexus S announcement on Monday, Google held another event yesterday – showcasing the latest in Chrome OS development.

Google is starting its Pilot program and its participants will receive the first Chrome-running netbook – Cr-48. It has no Fn keys, no Caps Lock, no optical drive and no spinning hard-drive either. But you get 12-inch netbook with Wi-Fi, 3G, an oversized touchpad and a webcam. The Chrome OS boots about 10 seconds on the Cr-48 and resumes from sleep state instantly.

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BlackBerry PlayBook shows its multi-tasking and Flash prowess on video

by 294 comments

Is it just me or is the BlackBerry PlayBook getting more desirable after each public appearance? This time RIM’s VP of Special Projects David Neale demonstrated that the tablet is perfectly capable of playing a FullHD video in the background, while browsing Flash-heavy websites and checking out images.

But that’s not even the most impressive part of the demonstration. What excited me the most was the fact that it was all done using just one of the two cores of the PlayBook CPU. Imagine the heights this thing can reach, when its full potential is unleashed. Read more »

Tablet-ready Android 3.0 Honeycomb spotted running on an unannounced Motorola tablet

by 16 comments

Yesterday Google unveiled the Nexus S and somehow the showcase of the unannounced Motorola tablet remained out of the spotlight. Well, the mysterious tablet is running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, so there is no chance it could get away from our attention.

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Lufthansa is launching W-Fi and GSM access on its intercontinental flights

by 190 comments

It seems those offline breaks you had to take during long flights are coming to an end, as Lufthansa is launching a Wi-Fi service on its intercontinental flights. The servie, aptly called FlyNet, will be available for free until the end of January 2011 and will expand on all the company’s intercontinental flights throughout 2011.

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