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10.1-inch Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series can’t decide if it’s a tablet or a netbook

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Samsung unveiled the Sliding PC 7 Series – a 10.1” Windows 7 tablet/slider. It can be used comfortably as a tablet, but in fact the whole thing is one big slider. It’s an interesting take on the netbook form factor and it’s powered by Intel’s latest Atom platform (Oak Trail) aimed specifically at mobile computers and tablets.

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Core i5-powered Samsung 9 Series 13.3-inch laptop puts MacBook Air to shame

by 25 comments

Samsung announced the 9 Series ultra-thin laptop, which is gunning for the likes of the Dell Adamo and the MacBook Air. Thin, light and powerful, it’s certainly seductive but it comes at a price…

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T-Mobile joins the 4G party with an LG-made tablet, named the G-Slate

by 2 comments

T-Mobile US has teamed up with LG to introduce yet another 4G tablet. The device is called G-Slate and runs an “optimized” version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

T-Mobile introduces the G-Slate

Not much info is available yet, not even photos of the thing. Probably this will change, as today LG are going to be hosting another event at CES. Read more »

Motorola XOOM runs Honeycomb on dual-core Tegra 2, boasts about Bluetooth keyboard accessory

by 15 comments

Motorola Mobility has pulled yet another ace from its sleeve – the Motorola XOOM 10.1” tablet has a dual-core Tegra 2 at its heart and Android 3.0 Honeycomb in its mind. Like the Atrix phone, the Motorola XOOM is all about accessorizing – like, say, a wireless keyboard, or maybe a dock or two…

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Acer ICONIA Tab A500 10.1″ tablet goes official, packs dual-core Tegra 2 and FullHD-capable HDMI port

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The 10” Acer ICONIA Tab A500 tablet is flexing its Tegra 2 infused muscles at the CES 2011 booths. The Android-running tabled sports LTE connectivity courtesy of Verizon for high speed Internet access on the go…

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Tablet-oriented Android 3.0 Honeycomb presented on video, looks awesome

by 8 comments

We already knew Android 3.0 Honeycomb is designed specifically with tablets in mind, but until today I’ve never seen a detailed demo from up-close.

At this year’s CES, Google has published a short video demo of the upcoming Honeycomb tablet version and it’s awesome. Here is the video:

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Vizio plans to conquer your living room and pockets with their own Via Plus Phone, Tablet and HDTVs

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Vizio, a company known mainly in the US for the affordable HDTVs they make, announced earlier today at CES 2011 they are going to release a whole “ecosystem” called Via Plus. As part of it Vizio are going to release the Vizio Via Phone, the Vizio Via Tablet and special Vizio HDTVs.

The Vizio Via Phone, Tablet and HDTV chilling

The idea behind the “Via Plus Ecosystem” is to allow seamless and unified control between the Vizio tablet, phone and TV. Read more »

Exciting new family of tablets revealed at CES 2011 by ASUS

by 772 comments

The tablet war starts to heat up as ASUS announced last night not one, not two, but four new tablets, which run either Windows 7 Home Premium or Android Honeycomb with a custom user interface. The devices in question are the ASUS Eee Pad Slider, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO and the ASUS Eee Slate EP121.

New tablets launched by ASUS

Right off the bat the devices support full HD video playback, full Adobe Flash support and decent connectivity options.
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AMD Fusion-powered HP Pavilion dm1 makes its way to the market, Fusion and Radeon 6000M chips ready to enter mass production

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The 11.6-inch HP Pavilion dm1 is one of the first netbooks to use the AMD Fusion technology. Thanks to AMD’s powerful and yet tiny and energy-efficient APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) the dm1 is capable as much as a standard notebook.

The dm1 supports up to 8GB RAM and 320GB HDD, while its processor runs at 1.6GHz. It can handle 1080p video content and DirectX 11 graphics, but it’s also quite sparing on the battery.

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Tablet-ready Opera browser coming up, Galaxy Tab gets a taste

by 228 comments

Right now we have Opera Mini, that’s mostly meant for devices with small screens and low processing power and Opera Mobile for the more capable smartphones. And pretty soon we’d be enjoying a new version of the popular mobile browser, designed with tablets in mind.

With the slates popularity skyrocketing, it’s no wonder Opera wants to be a part of that market too. Тhe good thing is they are doing so with a completely new app rather than just upsizing one of their old ones. Read more »

Samsung finishes the development of the world’s first DDR4 DRAM

by 455 comments

Although DDR4 DRAM is not expected to be in anyone’s computer system until the beginning of 2012, Samsung is already done developing it. The new DDR4 modules will not only be faster than their DDR3 predecessor, but they are going to run using less power as well.

Samsung DDR4 DRAM module

In order to accomplish the lower power consumption of the modules, Samsung is using the 30nm-class process technology.

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LG and Toshiba confirm tablet announcements for CES

by 643 comments

It’s going to be hot on the tablet front at this year’s CES as another two major players confirmed they will be officially introducing Android slates at the show. Toshiba has just showcased the 10-inch Tegra 2-powered follow up to the Folio 100, while LG might be bringing not one but two Honeycomb devices.

The Koreans went on record, confirming their 8.9” tablet, which should run Android 3.0, but rumor has it that they might also give us a glimpse of another unit with a larger 10-inch screen. Read more »

Intel starts 2011 with a bang: 29 new Sandy Bridge CPUs are here

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Intel used the first workday of 2011 to announce a fresh lineup of Core processors. The second generation of i3, i5 and i7 chips uses the Sandy Bridge architecture and so far includes no less than 29 CPUs.

All the new Intel processors are based on 32nm manufacturing process and boast improved performance plus better power efficiency. And it’s not just the reduced-size instructions that lead to it – according to Intel it’s also due to the L3 cache, which is now shared between all cores. Read more »

Windows 7 and Mac OS X step on the Ch-48 Chrome netbook

by 12 comments

It is possible to install a different OS on the Chrome netbook after all. Of course, it’s not something easy and you will need to do some hard work, but in the end you can enjoy some Windows 7 or Mac OS X love on your Cr-48.

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The Motorola Honeycomb tablet will go by Droid Xoom

by 403 comments

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months you probably know that Motorola will be the manufacturer of the first Honeycomb-running tablet, that will see its official announcement next week at CES. What none of us knew so far was the name of the device, but now we’ve got that covered too.

The 10-inch Android slate will be called Motorola Droid Xoom, according to Droid-Life sources, close to the American company. Read more »