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New firmware update for Nokia N900, more apps coming soon

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There is a new firmware update for the Maemo 5 running Nokia N900. It’s 16MB only, so don’t expect major changes or loads of new software. The only thing to note at this stage are a lot of new regions supported.

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Dell Precision M6500 gets USB 3.0, Core i5 and new Core i7 processors

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The Dell Precision M6500 work station is certainly a pretty powerful laptop with its Intel Core i7-920XM Extreme Edition CPU but the thing with technology is that you need to constantly evolve to keep up with the rest.

Dell Precision M6500

So I am not entirely surprised that Dell decided to upgrade it with USB 3.0 and a few new CPU options. Starting the end of this month Read more »

New six-core Intel Core i7 970 3.2GHz and two new Intel Atom CPUs coming in Q3

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Intel is preparing a few new CPUs at the two extremes of their range – two new Atom CPUs and an Intel Core i7 with six cores. They have two things in common though – all three processors use DDR3 RAM and they are coming in Q3 of 2010.

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Apple iPad UI adds new multi-touch gestures, new UI elements

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When the iPhone first appeared, it revolutionized touch interfaces. The new Apple iPad has a lot more real estate for touch gestures and it includes a few new ones that make good use of the larger screen and there are additions to the UI itself as well…

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Adobe has a go at Apple about missing Flash support on the iPad

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That is the problem of having each of your products generate so much hype – when it doesn’t live up to the expectations, it leaves quite a lot more people disappointed and frustrated. The Apple iPad is certainly a cool gadget in isolation but it is still struggling to find its place under the sun. And here comes Adobe to rain on its parade once again.

According to Adrian Ludwig from Adobe, the iPad won’t be able to access over 70 percent of the games and over 75 percent of the videos available online due to its missing Flash support. Read more »

Apple A4 CPU: developed by ARM, assembled by Apple

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It is unclear yet if the new home-brewed Apple CPU will bring the revolutionary performance they promise, but rumors that it isn’t as much of an Apple home-brewed technology as it is made to be already started flooding the web.

At the end it might turn the Apple A4 is nothing else but a system-on-a-chip with embedded ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor.
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iBooks for Apple iPad will be US only at launch, Kindle for iPhone app says meh

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If you haven’t been overwhelmed by Apple iPad news yet, I have another one for you. After all the long lists of features that the iPad has (and also lists of features that it doesn’t have), you might have missed it, but Apple is getting into the ebook game with iBooks app and an iBookstore. But unless you live in the U S of A, don’t count on using it, at least not at first. And that’s not its biggest problem either…

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Apple iPad overview: The good, the bad and the ugly

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You might be aware that Apple just announced a certain little (or not so little depending how you look at it) gadget called the Apple iPad. One only needs a quick glance to realize that it looks like a vastly oversized iPod Touch but what are its main strengths and its greatest disadvantages? Here is the way I see it:

Apple iPad
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Apple iPad goes on video, behaves nicely

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So after we have all the specs covered it now comes the time to see the Apple iPad in action. A a few videos are quite in order here, demonstrating the interface and performance of Apple’s new gadget. Not that the iPhone OS 3.2 is that much of a mystery, but the home-backed Apple 1GHz CPU is raising quite a few questions.

Apple iPad
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Apple’s tablet is finally official: meet the Apple iPad

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It’s finally here folks! After no less than a few years of speculations the Apple’s tablet was finally unveiled. Here comes the Apple iPad to fill the gap between smartphones and laptops. Equipped with a large touchscreen and what seems to be a pretty snappy CPU it runs what seems to be a sized-up version of the iPhone UI.

Apple iPad
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The new MSI Wind U135 and U130 netbooks go down the Pine Trail, don’t cost much

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Two new netbooks are joining the ranks of the MSI Wind series – the MSI Wind U130 and Wind U135. The two netbooks pack Intel’s latest Atom platform, Windows 7 Starter, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and optional WiMAX connectivity.

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Toshiba wants to kill the desktop PC with two new laptops, one of which has Intel Core i7 CPU and 18.4″ screen (for extra portability I guess)

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Helping to seal the fate of desktop computers Toshiba announced two new laptops that feature Intel’s entire Core i range – from the “lowly” Intel Core i3 through the i5 to the i7. Meet the Toshiba Tecra A11 and the Toshiba Qosmio X500.

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TransferJet transfers photos at 802.11n speeds, works at 3cm range

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The TransferJet technology was introduced by Sony two years ago, but it’s finally picking up speed. It’s a wire-free data transfer technology, kind of like Bluetooth but going at the speed of 802.11n Wi-Fi – 530Mbps. However it only works over a distance of 3cm range.

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Apple’s rumored iSlate tablet stars in yet another video

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7 days to go until January 27 when Apple’s heavily rumored tablet will see daylight for the first time (or so I hope, at least). Or maybe it already did: while digging in the web I found a pretty intriguing video of a device which is said to be the iSlate. I don’t know how I let this one slip by but it looks pretty interesting to see.

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Alienware announced the first 11-inch powerful gaming laptop

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The Alienware has just announced the most portable gaming laptop ever. The 11-inch Alienware M11X will pack a powerful Intel Core2Duo processor (unknown at this stage), DDR3 RAM, and a NVIDIA 335M graphic processor with 1GB DDR3 video memory.

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