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Apple iPad, we finally got it! What do you want to know?

by 69 comments

The iPad is definitely not as hot as it used to be in the beginning of the month, but hey, getting one in good ol’ Europe was a hard enough task let alone sneaking it under the siege of an erupting volcano with a name only a mother could say right.

Anyway, now that we have it, you can bet we’ll be reviewing the iPhone’s big brother here in our blog. But only after we’re done playing with this new toy.

So far one thing’s for sure – it’s fast. The Apple’s iPad is Read more »

Apple iPad 3G coming to you by May 7th

by 283 comments

The Wi-Fi-only version of the Apple iPad tablet has sold remarkably well, but there are still plenty of users waiting for its 3G-enabled version before making the jump. According to the Apple online store’s recent update this wait will be over by May 7th.

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The iPad – Will it blend?

by 1,791 comments

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves for a while now received its answer. Check it out on video after the jump.

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The international Apple iPad premiere delayed for the end of May, sigh

by 435 comments

It seems the USA fellas grabbed all the manufactured iPads and the rest of the world must wait until the end of May to get their hands on some officially imported units.

I don’t know if Apple didn’t really hope for such hype or just did their calculations wrong. Either reasons, the iPad is out of stock almost everywhere in the USA and willing customers are eagerly waiting for the next shipment.

Unfortunately, the previously promised international iPad launch that was scheduled for late April is now delayed until the end of May. The new launch date and pricing will be unveiled on 10 May.

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The iPad Spirit-ed away from jail, rooted in a day

by 184 comments

The iPhone Dev-Team guys are getting so quick at jailbreaking that if they keep it up, I wonder if there will even be a point to locking down the device in the first place.

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iPad is now selling – and it’s got touchable Gmail, remote wipe and external display mode

by 41 comments

Google rolled out iPad optimized versions of their services with tablet-oriented interface. In other news a new application allows you to use your iPad-ish or iPhone-ish device as an additional multi-touch monitor to your iMac/MacBook.

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Apple releases guided video tours for the iPad, lots of them

by 520 comments

If you want to check out the Apple iPad in action before spending the thick end of 500 US dollars on it, please head to the company website right away. Apple has uploaded a host of guided video tours of their latest device that demonstrate most aspects of its interface in detail.

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120 000 iPads pre-ordered in just one day, plus a diamond version already in the works

by 38 comments

51 000 Apple iPads have been pre-ordered only two hours after the thing went on pre-order. And a day later the number of pre-orders reached estimated 120 000. Do you need another proof that Apple is the ultimate money making machine?

In the meantime a diamond iPad popped up. But that is something we’ll talk about a bit later. Now, let’s first see how the iPad pre-orders are doing. Read more »

Apple iPad up goes on preorder, let’s see how it does

by 1,021 comments

You might have noticed earlier today that the Apple Store website was down again. And as it usually happens after it went back up again a new product was available for order.

Now my editor doesn’t allow me to open the discussion of why Apple alone in the world needs to take down their whole company website to announce the availability of a new product so I’ll just give you the good news.

The Apple iPad is now available on pre-order and if you really, really want to be among the first ones to have it, you might wanna order it right now. Read more »

Hott MD500 4.8″ Android Tablet aims for the “iPad-killer” thing

by 14 comments

So the Apple iPad isn’t even out yet and here goes the first device trying to kill it. Or at least that’s what the guys from Hott have said about their 4.8″ tablet dubbed MD500. Running Android (with a few home-brewed customizations) it packs an ARM9 CPU. Check it out in action in the video after the break.

Hott MD500Hott MD500Hott MD500Hott MD500

Coming with a much thinner bezel and at the incredibly sweet price of 92 US dollars (to distributors anyway) it does seem worthy of some attention but I doubt things will be as sweet in the end as they sound now.

Anyway with the lukewarm reception the iPad is getting so far it’s even unclear yet if it will be the device to beat, so we will have to wait and see how this battle develops.


Is there a dual-core Intel Atom for netbooks in the works?

by 606 comments

Now here’s some interesting news from the netbook world – Intel may be readying a dual-core Atom processor. Maybe the notion of netbooks as generally underpowered computers will be overturned soon…

This rumored new processor is the mobile version of the Intel Atom D510, which is used in nettops, and it will be called the Atom N500. There aren’t any other details available about the N500, but for comparison, the D510 is clocked at 1.66GHz and packs 1MB of L2 cache. Read more »

Adobe show how HP Slate does Flash, heap pressure on the iPad

by 199 comments

Adobe published a thorough video of HP Slate demonstrating its Flash capabilities. It turns out watching full-length TV shows, playing games and browsing Flash-heavy websites are no problem for the HP tablet.

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Apple iPad commercial debuts during the Academy Awards, same as the Oscars – shiny but unimpressive

by 313 comments

Last night the iPad’s commercial debuted during an Academy Awards ceremony break. As the 82th Oscars, the Apple’s next golden goose failed to impress. By the way, Steve Jobs says “Hi!”

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New details revealed on Microsoft Courier tablet, don’t sign up for an iPad just yet

by 12 comments

Remember the awesome Microsoft tablet concept that leaked last September? Granted, there’s nothing official yet, but meanwhile some new details leaked online through a “reliable source”.

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The iPad is hitting the USA on 3 April, preorders start in a week

by 328 comments

The iPad is coming. On April 3. And that’s as official as it gets. And if you want to be among the first owners of Apple’s latest creation, you can pre-order one starting on March 12.

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