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Angry Birds available for WebOS, may become a movie franchise

Hollywood has been trying to do video game based movies for a while without much success. But what if they take a game that’s extremely popular on mobile platforms and turn it into a series of shorts?

The creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, are looking to do just that and they have already been approached by several studios. Oh and by the way, Angry Birds has added WebOS to the list of supported platforms…

The Rovio team has been considering various ways to expand the Angry Birds franchise into films. They are looking at cartoons made for TV or maybe even a full-blown movie. Rovio’s CEO, Mikael Hed, says he prefers claymation a la Aardman Animation (the guys behind Wallace and Gromit and others).

It may take three years to develop a feature film, so if they go this way it will be a while before we see Angry Birds: The Movie. But if they go for shorts like the game trailer they posted on YouTube things can go faster.

Angry Birds has been a smash hit on the iPhone and now it will try to conquer the WebOS world. It’s currently available in the Palm App Catalog but you’ll need WebOS 1.4.5 to run it, which is currently available for Sprint devices only.

I really enjoyed Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, so an Angry Birds movie by Aardman sounds great. As for the WebOS port I’m not so sure – wouldn’t Android have been a better choice (it was supposed to come out this summer)?

Source: Variety, PreCentral


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