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Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing may be a bit steep, Vodafone already has it on preorder

Samsung Galaxy Tab has been officially announced just yesterday, but the price speculations are already all over the internet. Some retailers managed to put up some early (and a bit absurd) prices – 700 euro for the 16GB and 800 euro for the 32GB tablet.

Update: Vodafone DE is already taking pre-orders for Galaxy Tab – we got it straight from a Vodafone rep over at their booth at IFA 2010. The tablet costs 300 euro on 2-year contract and a 35 euro monthly tariff. What you get for that money is unlimited mobile internet, nothing else.

Samsung is already denying the rumored prices and says it hasn’t made any announcements on that matter yet. Still it seems its Swedish branch has suggested a retail price of 9000 SEK, which is … wait for it – 970 euro!

The UK retailer Expansys is offering the Galaxy Tab on 700 euro (16GB) and 800 euro (32GB). The device is supposed to ship on 11 October. The date seems plausible, as the first European country to get the Tab – Italy, will have it in-stores as soon as this month.

When Samsung Galaxy S launched, it went for 450 euro since day one. So my bet for the Galaxy Tab is 550-600 euro. The prices quoted above are unreasonable and more expensive than an iPad. Unfortunately Vodafone don’t have a commitment-free price so we can only guess now.

Let’s wait the official Samsung word and hope all these suggestions are terribly wrong.



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