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Samsung’s 720p SuperAMOLED screen is reportedly ready, coming to phones and tablets soon?

Rumor has it that Samsung has hit their target of 720p SuperAMOLED displays. The new displays should be unveiled soon and will come in different sizes – 5″, 6″, 7″ are mentioned by insiders.

Reportedly, Samsung had to resort to PenTile again to get the coveted 1280×720 resolution. I haven’t seen such a big PenTile screen yet – big screens are used from a bigger distance, which might be enough to conceal the lower subpixel count.

Anyway, the new screens use new materials and a new manufacturing process, which will lead to reduced cost of the displays. Right now SuperAMOLEDs cost 20% more than S-LCD, but new units will have prices closer to S-LCD.

After the AMOLED shortage, a lot of manufacturers (including Samsung itself) switched away from AMOLED. That and the reduced sales by Nokia have reportedly lead to the opposite problem at Samsung’s plants – overcapacity.

Curiously, the report mentions the Samsung I9220 with a 5.3″ screen – which isn’t what we’re hearing (4.65″ sounds more realistic, considering they already have a 4.5″ model).

Well, IFA will be starting soon (September 2nd) and there’s a good chance we’ll see at least one of these new fancy SuperAMOLED screens on display there (pun intended). Will it be on a 7″ Galaxy Tab tablet or on a 4.65″-5.3″ smartphone is hard to tell. There was also talk at one point of sub-compact netbooks with SuperAMOLED screens too so the possibilities are quite varied.



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