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Gameloft outs the trailer of its upcoming 9mm mobile video game, GTA style violence for your pockets [VIDEO]

by 35 comments

Gameloft has seriously decided to take the mobile gaming experience to another level, folks. With the announcement of the trailer of its latest mobile game called “9mm”, the gaming powerhouse is bound to bring a Grand Theft Auto styled shooter right into your pockets.

The game offers an immersive story line and rarely seen, high quality graphics. Read more »

Take Janus is the world’s second 1.5GHz dual-core droid phone

by 11 comments

After following the smartphone announcements lately, I kind of wish I lived in Korea. Barely two weeks after Pantech unveiled the world’s first Android smartphone with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, KT Tech released Take Janus (yup, this is its name) with similar specs, and only for the Korean market again.

As you can see from the picture, the specs of the device are nothing short of fascinating. Read more »

Verizon announces an LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, pre-orders begin next week

by 4 comments

What a coincidence! In the same day when Samsung announced the US availability of their hottest new tablet – the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Verizon Wireless told the world that it will offer an LTE incarnation of it.

The operator is still mum on the exact release date of the dual-core, Android Honeycomb device. Read more »

Apple’s iWork finally comes to iPhone & iPod Touch

by 36 comments

Apple’s own productivity suite has been available for the iPad since its launch. Now, the company has finally made the app available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The iWork for iPhone and iPad will consist of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Read more »

The next generation of Snapdragon processors will be sampled next month

by 17 comments

Some really exciting events are taking place in the world of mobile CPUs in the past day or so. Just as NVIDIA showcased a demo of their latest work in progress – the quad core mobile beast named project Kal El, Qualcomm “leaked” a slide which shows their upcoming Snapdragon processors, along with a hint for a possible sample of them next month.

The new Snapdragons will use a brand new Krait CPU architecture which Read more »

The Heist puzzle game takes the Apple App Store by storm [VIDEO]

by 13 comments

Angry Birds, beware! There is a new kid on the block! The Heist puzzle game by tap tap tap team has taken the top selling spot in the Apple App Store with some really impressive numbers.

Read more »

Samsung helps you take better pictures of your kids with a clever update to its 2View cameras [VIDEO]

by 487 comments

Samsung’s 2View line of dual screen digital cameras has been quite popular since its launch in 2009. Now, to strengthen up its position even further, the company has developed a clever way to attract a very powerful group of consumers – those with children.

As some of you might know, taking pictures of children is not the easiest task in the world since they tend to move a lot and not look at the camera. Read more »

Kingmax showcases the world’s largest capacity microSD card

by 44 comments

Memory cards are one of the most ubiquitous and essential accessories of today’s mobile devices. And in a mobile world where HD content is quickly becoming the standard, one’s mobile device just can’t have enough memory. The latest creation from Kingmax should (at least temporarily) be able to satisfy the most memory hungry mobile users. At 64GB of available storage, it is the largest capacity microSD card to date.

The new card is from class 6 and features the 9 Stacked Die technology. It is compliant Read more »

John’s Phone reminds us what phones were created for

by 41 comments

No, this is not a joke! I humbly present to you the phone with the shortest spec sheet in well over a decade. In a time, when smartphones boast dual-core processors and HD cameras, John’s Phone has ONLY one function – it can make phone calls.

Now on with those specs. The phone has quad-band GSM support so it will work just about anywhere in the world, except for Korea and Japan. It has only one ringtone complete with a vibration function. A small screen on top of the device displays the inbound and outbound numbers in a call. It also shows a rather unique battery indicator. The manufacturers claim talk time of up to 6 hours and a three week standby for the device which is powered by a 1200 mAh battery. Read more »

Samsung Infuse 4G and Angry Birds star in a music video

by 6 comments

For all the fans of Samsung and Angry Birds, here is a video which I stumbled upon in YouTube featuring the upcoming, AT&T bound Samsung Infuse 4G and the theme song from the popular mobile game which got me particularly excited.

As we already told you, the Samsung Infuse 4G comes with Angry Birds preloaded and features a hidden level Read more »

Alexander Amosu turns BlackBerry Bold 9780 into an investment

by 628 comments

Last time we mentioned the British jeweler Alexander Amosu was around Valentine’s day when Amosu Couture released an iPhone 4 covered with pink Swarovski crystals. Now, the object of the jeweler’s talented work is no other, but the rather conservative BlackBerry Bold 9780.

This time, the BlackBerry does not change color. Instead, it gets covered with 1400 diamonds with an approximate weight of 15 carats. Read more »

Watch the Samsung Infuse 4G do its big-screen tricks [VIDEO]

by 613 comments

Since its launch barely a week ago, Samsung Infuse 4G has become the company’s flagship (for the time being) in the United States. It has the biggest screen on the market – a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus, which is a beauty to look at.

The Samsung Infuse 4G is definitely one of the strongest offerings from the US branch of Samsung at the moment. Read more »

Plants vs. Zombies game will hit Android soon, fans rejoice

by 1,131 comments

We all know that, currently, the Apple Appstore has far more exciting mobile game offerings than its Android rival. Things however, are gradually beginning to change as another blockbuster iPhone game is about to become available for Android as well. This time, it is the 2010 Game of the Year award winner Plants vs. Zombies.

According to a tweet from PopCap (the developers of Plants vs. Zombies), Read more »

Watch Android apps run on the BlackBerry PlayBook [VIDEO]

by 876 comments

There is more interesting news coming from the BlackBerry World Conference, guys. After the announcement of two new smartphones, RIM also gave the public a taste of the highly anticipated Android app support for its first ever tablet – the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Here is a video of Android applications in action on the PlayBook Read more »

HTC Flyer up for pre-order in BestBuy

by 499 comments

It appears that BestBuy is the the place to shop for tablets this Spring, guys. In lieu of their announcement of an upcoming dual-core Toshiba tablet, the electronics retailer has put the HTC Flyer up for pre-order – the company’s first Android tablet.

While this is not the only the place where the gadget is available for sale (it popped up in Germany and the UK weeks before), this time it is the price which makes the event so exciting Read more »