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The Heist puzzle game takes the Apple App Store by storm [VIDEO]

Angry Birds, beware! There is a new kid on the block! The Heist puzzle game by tap tap tap team has taken the top selling spot in the Apple App Store with some really impressive numbers.

On only its second day of availability, the video game managed to get the impressive 89,798 downloads (that’s more than one every second).Now add the roughly 25,000 downloads on its first day, and you get a neat gross of well over $100,000 so far.

The reviews of the game are all positive so I can safely assume that the download numbers will grow. The first place on the download chart will also help the app gain popularity since it grabs people’s curiosity.

Check out the gameplay video below to see what the hype is all about and tell us if you like it in the comments section below.



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