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HTC Flyer on pre-order in the UK for 600 pounds, to arrive in mid-April

HTC’s first tablet, the HTC Flyer, is preparing to land in the UK. The Brits at Clove were very happy to announce the start of the Flyer pre-order and they even have a quick pros and cons for the device.

They’ll be posting one-to-one comparisons with other tablets over the next few weeks, biding their time until the HTC Flyer stock arrives…

By Clove’s estimates this will happen in mid-April. They’re still waiting for official pricing and will amend the pre-order prices before shipping. Right now, the Flyer is priced at £600 (including VAT), which works out to €690. That’s a bit pricier than the €669 that Amazon Germany is asking for it.

The HTC Flyer is one of the smallest tablets we saw at the MWC with its 7” screen and it runs Android 2.4, which apparently is still Gingerbread (sorry ice cream lovers) but it will support apps designed for dual-core Honeycomb tablets and also bring in some of the new UI elements.

Oh, and then there’s the resurrection of the stylus – Scribe as HTC call it. It’s easier to show on video than to explain, so here it is.

Here’s Clove’s pre-order page for the HTC Flyer.


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