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Sony Xperia ion for AT&T made its way in front of the camera, here’s the hands-on

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The AT&T exclusive Sony Xperia ion was the talk of CES six months ago. Developed specifically with the lucrative US market in mind, the handset one ups its sibling, the Sony Xperia S on a couple of major occasions – it packs a bigger screen and offers expandable memory. Boy, were we itching to get our hands on it when we saw it break cover.

Well, here it is folks. A cool six months later, sans the flagship aura, and with an affordable $99.99 price tag, the Sony Xperia ion made it to our office. Here’s what the handset has to offer. Read more »

Google Nexus 7 gets benchmarked, results are unsurprisingly good

by 60 comments

There has hardly been any doubt that the freshly announced Google Nexus 7 would be a solid performer on the benchmark arena. After all, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chipset with four CPU cores is a well known powerhouse by now. However, we couldn’t help but be curious about the way Google’s slate would stack up against the well-established, higher priced players on the tablet market.

As you probably know by now, the Google Nexus 7 CPU cores are clocked at 1.3GHz each – that’s a tad less than the typical 1.5GHz, which we’ve seen on other Tegra 3 devices. Read more »

Apple wins an injunction against Samsung, halts the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States

by 105 comments

The latest chapter of the patent feud between Samsung and Apple has come upon us, people. This one is actually more important than the usual, as it marks Apple’s greatest achievement against its Korean rival in the United States – a preliminary injunction, banning the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Yes, that’s the same Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which got banned in Germany last year, prompting Samsung to release a redesigned version of the slate. Read more »

The eco-friendly Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate for AT&T dropped by, here’s a hands-on

by 12 comments

The AT&T exclusive Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate i577 is not the first Android smartphone with eco credentials from the Korean giant. However, the LTE packing, inconspicuously looking handset offers last year’s top shelf spec sheet to go with its low price . All in all, enough to get us curious.

The Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate features a Qalcomm Snapdragon S3 chipset with two 1.2 GHz Scorpion cores, and a gig of RAM. Read more »

This Asus Transformer Pad Infinity promo video might make you want one

by 48 comments

With the retail availability of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 quickly approaching, a promo video of the slate has emerged. Narrated by the people, who were directly involved in its development of the slate, the video showcases some of the talents which the Transformer Pad Infinity has on tap.

As you probably know by now, the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 shapes up to be one of the best equipped Android tablets this far into 2012. Read more »

Apple quietly quits claiming that its Mac OS X is virus proof

by 90 comments

This might not be the stuff of major announcements and news releases, but it is likely a bigger deal than many of them. In the stealthiest of all fashions, Apple has quit bragging about the invincibility from computer viruses of the OS X operational system, which powers the giant’s computers.

    The change regards the marketing messages on Apple’s website, which highlight the qualities of the Mac operating system. Read more »

Microsoft Surface announced – the company’s own Windows 8 tablet

by 152 comments

Microsoft just announced its own tablet, named Surface, which blurs the line between tablets and ultrabooks. The 10.6″ slate features simplistic design and compact measures, while offering a full-blown Windows 8 experience.

Microsoft’s latest creation will be offered in two flavors. The entry level one will run Windows RT for ARM based chips, while the fully tricked out version will be running Windows 8 Pro. The screen size on both versions will be 10.6″, but the Windows 8 Pro units will offer full HD resolution. Read more »

Microsoft’s Kinectimals video game is now available for Android

by 37 comments

To be honest with you, I did expect a more epic title for the first game available for Android from Microsoft Studios. A fact is a fact though – the software giant’s own Kinectmals will be the title to mark this historical event.

The popular title enters the Android realm roughly six months after it became available for iOS. Read more »

Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” will hit Android and iOS this summer, trailer inside

by 21 comments

With the upcoming movie “The Dark Knight Rises” being one of the most anticipated flicks this summer, it is no surprise that a mobile video game will be a part of the whole frenzy. Gameloft’s creation, bearing the same title as the movie will hit iOS and Android devices around the time when the movie makes it to the theaters.

The storyline of the upcoming mobile game is yet to be known , and so is its pricing. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons gets an update, takes the action under water

by 11 comments

The Summer season has befallen most of the Northern hemisphere so, naturally, the folks at Rovio have prepared a fresh update to the popular Angry Birds Seasons. The latest one is even more notable than the usual as, along with the usual number of new levels, it brings new physics to the gameplay of the series.

The new levels in the update take place in the imaginary water kingdom of Piglantis. Read more »

Samsung introduces the TecTiles programmable tags for its NFC enabled Android lineup

by 35 comments

This should hardly catch anyone by surprise – after all quite a few Android devices from Samsung sport NFC connectivity. The TecTiles programmable tags however, take the practicality of the aforementioned function to a whole new level.

As you have probably guessed by now, the Samsung TecTiles are programmable tags, which set off a predefined function or setting of your Samsung smartphone. Read more »

Apple’s WWDC keynote is now available for your streaming pleasure

by 8 comments

Traditionally, the video from Apple’s WWDC keynote has been made available to stream directly from its own website – all two hours of it to pe precise. This means that everyone who wasn’t present at the event now has the opportunity to experience it, albeit a few hours later than it happened.

You will be able to hear all the Siri jokes, along with the crowd’s reaction to them. Read more »

Apple announces the next generation Macbook Pro with a Retina Display

by 83 comments

Apple just announced the next generation Macbook Pro. The notebook boasts a 15.4″ Retina Display and cutting edge hardware, tucked in a body, which is 1.8cm thin (0.71 inches) and weighs only 2kg (4.46 pounds).

Naturally, the Retina Display of the newcomer is the biggest attention grabber. The screen sports the mesmerizing resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, which adds up to a pixel density of 220ppi, and a total of 5,184,000 pixels. Read more »

RIM axes the 16GB BlackBerry Playbook, won’t abandon the tablet realm though

by 17 comments

This should hardly come as a surprise, given its rather poor sales record. RIM has decided to discontinue the 16GB version of the BlackBerry Playbook.

Should you decide to opt for a slate from the Canadian company, you will still have the choice of 32 and 64GB versions. Read more »

Angry Birds Space makes it past the 100 million downloads’ mark

by 8 comments

The good times at Rovio are on at full steam, people. Angry Birds Space – the latest incarnation of the wildly popular video game franchise has hit 100 million downloads.

While the abovementioned number is still quite far from the ten digit download count of the original, the sheer pace with which the milestone was reached is nothing short of impressive. Read more »