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Samsung will not be releasing any tablets with AMOLED screens this year

by 697 comments

Bummer! A senior executive at Samsung confirmed that the company will not release AMOLED equipped tablet devices this year.

This is definitely surprising and unpleasant news all at the same time. After all, the AMOLED screen technology is one feature which gives Samsung a considerable edge over the competition in the mobile device market. Read more »

Microsoft releases iOS to WP7 porting tool, welcomes iOS app devs

by 202 comments

It appears that Microsoft is getting more and more serious about its Windows Phone 7 platform, guys. The software giant’s mobile OS has been subject to a lot of criticism due to its lack of available applications. Now, it looks like things are about to change as the company released an iOS to WP7 mapping tool for app developers.

According to Microsoft, the mapping tool’s main purpose is to help “developers find their way around when they discover the Windows Phone platform,”. Read more »

Amazon launches 69c MP3 store, stabbing the Apple’s iTunes store in the back

by 1,048 comments

First, it was the Appstore for Android. Now, Amazon is trying to steal some business from another industry heavyweight with the launch of its 69 cents MP3 store for “bestselling new songs.”

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Samsung Droid Charge gets delayed indefinitely by Verizon

by 207 comments

It was only announced a few days ago with today as a launch date. In a rather strange fashion however, rumor has it that Verizon Wireless decided at the last moment that the Samsung Droid Charge will be delayed for an unspecified period of time.

The reason given for the delay is “unexpected delays.” There is no new date set for the launch of the device. Read more »

Another HTC Sensation 1080p video sample emerges

by 264 comments

There is little doubt that the HTC Sensation is among the phones to have this year. The camera of the device is one of the features where the company has made a significant leap forward – its 8MP main snapper is capable of shooting videos in full HD resolution. And since that is still a rarity in mobile phones, it is no wonder that we are taking so much interest in it.

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Casio G’zOne Commando is the rugged Android phone you’ve been dreaming of

by 47 comments

Verizon Wireless has been keeping busy these days. The company announced the sales launch of yet another Android phone today – the tough Casio G’zOne Commando.

As you can notice from the picture, the phone is not your plain vanilla Android device – it is designed to meet military spec MIL-STD-810G toughness standards. Read more »

Motorola Droid X2 press shots leak

by 210 comments

True, there have been blurry shots of this one before. Now, the upcoming Motorola Droid X2 appears even closer to an official release with this next leak including official press shots.

The device, logically, sports Verizon Wireless logo on its back along with the familiar Droid graphic on the screen. Read more »

Acer Iconia Tab A500 hits the shelves at BestBuy today

by 6 comments

It is already on sale in the UK. Now, the Acer Iconia Tab is available in the US as well, and its price is more than appealing in harmony with Acer’s philosophy of offering solid products at attractive prices.

The aluminum clad tablet will cost $449.99 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only version. At this point in time, it is among the most affordable Android Honeycomb tablets out there. Read more »

Samsung continues its marketing invasion for Galaxy S2 with a new ad

by 31 comments

I already love the Samsung Galaxy S2. It is definitely looking like the Android phone to have when it launches. And Samsung is making serious efforts to make it known to everyone with the release of yet another ad for its flagship.

This time, the phone feature in focus is its slim waistline. At only 8.49 mm the phone is currently without analog in its class. Check out the commercial below:
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Samsung DROID Charge to hit the shelves at Verizon Wireless

by 909 comments

Verizon Wireless expanded their 4G LTE portfolio with the announcement of Samsung Droid Charge.

The Droid Charge will be running on Android 2.2 Froyo (Gingerbread will be available as an upgrade in the near future) Read more »

FEATURED: The BlackBerry Playbook review

by 598 comments

There is little doubt that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the most anticipated product to come from RIM in a long time. After all, the initial announcement was almost seven months ago – which is a hefty amount of time in the rapidly changing mobile technology world.

BlackBerry Playbook

Back in September, 2010, the freshly announced PlayBook appeared to have all the muscle necessary to carve its spot in the market for tablets. It was the first tablet offering with a dual-core processor. The latter, coupled with 1 GB of RAM seemed like a certain recipe for success. It was hardly a surprise when the PlayBook trounced the original iPad in a browser comparison – the RIM product simply had better hardware. Read more »

ASUS Xtion PRO Kinect like motion sensor for PC hits the shelves in Japan

by 7 comments

To all of you PC gamers out there, there might be some motion inspired games coming your way in the near future. Unitycorp announced that it will start shipping its ASUS Kinect like motion sensor for PCs in Japan.

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Acer Iconia Tab A500 available in UK (unboxing video)

by 657 comments

We told you about this one a few days ago, guys – now we have some more facts in stock for you. The Nvidia Tegra powered Acer Iconia Tab A500 is available in the United Kingdom for £449.99 from Dixons.

I am not going to focus on the impressive specs of the device today Read more »

iPad 2 goes 3D without glasses

by 33 comments

So far, it’s only a tech demo, guys, but it sure looks promising. The guys over at EHCI Research Group have found a rather clever way to track the movement of the user’s head with the front facing camera and, along with some software magic, have managed to create an impressive real-time 3D experience on Apple’s own iPad.

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Huawei shows an amazing concept for a phone, called Leaf

by 1,387 comments

I was under the impression that Huawei was focusing its mobile efforts mainly on Android phones until I ran into this creation of theirs, called Leaf.

In an era, where feature phones are on their way out of the major markets, the Chinese telecommunications giant commissioned the Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune to design a simple and attractive device, whose main goal is to bring mobile telephony back to basics. Read more »