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Toshiba tablet packing Android Honeycomb coming soon to BestBuy

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We have already mentioned this one to you guys. Now it is official. Toshiba will begin selling their tablet at BestBuy in the immediate future.

Toshiba’s tablet has a 10.1-inch screen, will ship with Android’s latest incarnation – Honeycomb and will be powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core chipset. There’s a 5 megapixel cameras on the back and a 2 megapixel camera on the front of the device. And HDMI port will take care of video output to bigger screens, and there is also a regular size USB port for connecting peripherals. Check out more of the specs of the tablet below. We don’t know the amount of integrated storage yet. Read more »

This is how a Nokia with iOS would look like, courtesy of Ovi Store

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We stumbled into this photo from the Ovi Store and were nothing short of stunned to find a Symbian application demoed with iPhone screenshots on a Nokia device.

We are wondering if this is an honest mistake, or a purposeful act by a disgruntled group of workers from the Symbian division of the company. Just kidding, aight? Read more »

A quick spin on the Amazon Appstore for Android

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The Amazon Appstore for Android has certainly generated a lot of buzz both before and after its launch. Much of it has to do with the lawsuit from Apple regarding the use of the term “Appstore.”

Today however, I’m not going to pay any attention to the legal battles which surround Amazon’s latest venture. Instead, I’m going to simply look briefly into its functionality in comparison with the high and mighty Android Market. Read more »

Gresso Luxor World Time Gold offers ancient luxury and a high price tag

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Imagine that you live in a perfect world where the budget for your next phone purchase is $30,000. You are already tired of diamond and gold encrusted iPhones, Blackberrys, and whatnot, and feel the need to be somewhat different. Oh, and yes, I almost forgot – you also have a passion for fine watches.

Gresso Luxor Gold

The answer to all your heavy phone requirements comes from nowhere else but Russia in the face of Gresso Luxor World Time Gold.
Read more »

Forza Motorsport 4 gameplay video accidentally leaks on YouTube, looks cool

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Whether it is a leak, or simply a marketing gimmick, a fact is a fact – an internal gameplay video of the highly anticipated Forza Motorsport by Turn 10 Studios found its way on YouTube.

With a rather fascinating narrative for an “internal” video document, the short clip previews some of the major features of the upcoming Xbox 360 video game. Read more »

The sum of all iPhone 5 rumors is an infographic away

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We love infographics as much as we love rumors about upcoming devices. What we stumbled into today though, combines both of these features and concerns the most anticipated launch in the mobile phone industry for 2011 – the iPhone 5.

The infographic is designed by the guys over at Nowhereelse, who gave us last year’s infographic. As you’ll notice the new inforgraphic looks so much better. Read more »

A Samsung and Visa partnership will provide NFC payments during 2012 London Olympics

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The NFC movement is picking up steam, guys. Samsung and Visa, already two of the largest sponsors of the Olympic Games, will team up to provide NFC (Near Field Communications) payments during the 2012 London Olympics.

Read more »

HTC ThunderBolt gives iPhone 4 a run for its money

by 390 comments

To some it might be a surprise. Others might just call it logic. The fact, however, remains that the Thunderbolt – HTC’s latest powerhouse of a phone has been outselling the iPhone 4 in a significant number of Verizon Wireless latest locations according to data, compiled by a team of analysts at BTIG.

Read more »

Plasticine iPad makes for an amusing stop-motion video

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It appears the the iPad, along with its multiple entertaining qualities, can also serve as an inspiration for a session of arts and crafts.

We stumbled upon this wonderful stop-motion video of the work of a Ukrainian design artist from the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow). It’s an iPad made of plasticine. We can’t help but be amazed by the attention to detail and the execution. Enjoy!!! Read more »

People get rich by selling the iPad 2 on Ebay

by 482 comments

Ebay and some of its overly entrepreneurial sellers have managed to profit handsomely from the craze which followed the release of Apple’s iPad 2. The data which the popular auction site released this Thursday is clear. There are plenty of people (about 12,000 of them to be precise), who are willing to avoid the long lines and shipping times, which the mere immortals have to endure to obtain the precious device. This task has been accomplished by paying a premium in the range of 40 to 53% above the original price of the iPad 2.

The most sought after devices from the model line are the low-end 16GB Wi-Fi version, and the top of the line 64GB Wi-Fi/3G tablet. Read more »

RIM’s Playbook to ship without email support?

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RIM seems to be headed into more and more trouble with the upcoming launch of their first tablet – the Blackberry Playbook. According to a leaked internal document, the device will ship without native support for e-mail (contacts and PIM apps, too). Say what?

To get your email on the upcoming BlackBerry tablet, you will either need to use Blackberry Bridge, which links the tablet to a Blackberry phone, or would have to use the tablet’s web browser. A future software update should bring the much desired functionality to the users. Now that’s a bummer. Read more »