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HP seeds webOS 3.0.5 update to developers, concentrates mostly on fixing bugs for now

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Although the future of the platform is still up in the air it seems HP intends to take care of webOS and its users for time being. According to, HP has seeded the webOS 3.0.5 update to members of the Early Access Program, just two months after the 3.0.4 update was released to users.

Like the previous updates, 3.0.5 concentrates mostly on fixing bugs in the OS. Read more »

Reading rainbow: iBooks updated to 1.5, we like what we read

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iBooks for iOS just got a major update in time for the holiday season. Version 1.5 brings a welcome new feature set to the eReader app, including new view modes, new fonts and notable improvements on existing features too.

trying to show the new features on iBooks in pictorial form can get confusing

We gave the update a quick test drive with the help of Charles Dickens’ – A Christmas Carol (it is nearly Christmas after all) and the features most certainly do wonders for iBooks. Read more »

Samsung I8350 Omnia W walks in our office, we take it for a spin [VIDEO]

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The Samsung Omnia W is our guest these days and we thought we’d bring you a video of our encounter with it.

It’s been a long time since the Omnia 7 walked in an introduced Super AMOLED to Windows Phone – a year actually. The Omnia W brings some big improvements over its predecessor and some not quite as big. Read more »

Avast unveils Mobile Security app for Android with theft, virus and privacy protection

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The popular developer of anti-virus applications for Windows Avast has just released its first mobile app. Dubbed avast! Mobile Security, it aims to keep your beloved smartphone safe and protected from all possible threats.

The Avast mobile software is still in beta, but it’s already publicly available so you can take it for a spin right now. It lets you protect your personal data with automatic virus scans and infected-URL alerts. Read more »

Nokia Maps 3D gets navigation, POIs and share through an update

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Nokia just released a major update to their Nokia Maps 3D web app, adding several new features. The mapping software, which offers arguably the best photorealistic 3D view mode (albeit in a limited number of cities) now got local attractions, restaurants, and shops and navigation support.

You can search for addresses, businesses and various other points of interests and you can now plan a route with walk or drive directions. And it all works in 3D Read more »

Windows Phone has a ton of emoticons built-in, here’s the cheat sheet (caution: aliens, bats and ninjas ahead)

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Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Windows Phone’s messaging – there are a lot more emoticons available than the two pages the keyboard offers. There are so many that it’s hard to think of a use for some of them, let alone remember them.

Anyway, if a friend of yours just bought a Windows Phone handset, you can surprise them with one of what is practically a zoo of emoticons. The full list is available after the jump. Read more »

ADW Launcher Ex updated, gets some ICS visuals and features

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One of the most popular 3rd party launchers for Android devices got an update today, which brought a host of new features and some nice visual tune-ups. ADW Launcher Ex comes with most of the eye-candy that you normally associate with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The update should allow the Launcher Ex to play nice with the host Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones and tablets, which are bound to come at the start of 2012. You get a new Dockbar, the option to create folders by dragging an app onto another on your homescreen and some new transition effects. Read more »

Cheer yourself while typing boring emails with this Christmas Android keyboard skin [VIDEO]

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With Christmas fast approaching, the cheerful holiday spirit is all around us, even in places you don’t even expect to find it. One of those places is… your Android keyboard.

Thanks to the developer team at A.I.type, the Android keyboard can now be dressed for Christmas. But it doesn’t stop there because if you can type fast enough, it plays music, too. Read more »

Chinese court denies Apple lawsuit, forbids it to use the iPad name in China

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Apple has just suffered a setback in China as the Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzhen rejected its lawsuit regarding the iPad naming rights. Apple was suing the local Proview Technology for infringing its iPad trademark, but the outcome wasn’t in its favor.

According to the court order, Apple cannot use the iPad name in China, which might turn out to be quite a big deal as the company is aiming for a rapid expansion in the Chinese market. To make matters worse, Proview Technology, which registered the iPad trademark in 2000, is now suing the Cupertino-based electronics giant, seeking 10 billion Chinese yuan ($1.5 billion) in compensation. Read more »

GTA III hitting Android and iOS on December 15, to cost $4.99

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Rejoice, mobile gamers! Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition will be hitting Android and iOS smartphones and tablets next week. We got actual screenshots from the game, a list of compatible devices and even an exact pricing.

The title many of you have been looking forward to is going to cost $4.99 on both platforms and judging by those screenshots it will probably be worth it. Read more »

Firmware 4.00 for PlayStation 3 doesn’t close exploit, jailbreaking still an option

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Sony recently released firmware 4.00 for its PlayStation 3 console, but some users have been hesitant to apply it as it was still uncertain if it patches the exploit used for the jailbreak. Well, now we know that’s not the case, thanks to a tweet by one of the popular hackers that work on the platform.

“FYI, tested yesterday and the jailbreak still works on 4.0 :) so it’s safe to upgrade (for those on 3.73)” tweeted KaKaRoTo yesterday. Read more »

Presenting the Android Phone Name Generator, for times when your Android phone’s name just doesn’t have enough words in it

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Wondering where names like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro or the all-time favorite, Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch come from? Well, here’s your answer.

Presenting the Android Phone Name Generator. It presents you with fantastically outlandish names for your Android device all at the touch of button, so you don’t have to come up with one yourself. Whether it is the Motorola Mesmerize Vibrant G2 Plus, Samsung Rezound Vivid One Prime 3D or the LG Fascinate Black Pro Prime 3D, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Read more »

Windows Store opens in February to developers, will be your only source for Metro-style apps

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Microsoft has divulged some juicy details regarding the upcoming Windows Store for Windows 8. Like any application store, this will be a unified location to download apps on your Windows 8 device and will be your only source for downloading Metro-style apps.

First of all, the Store will open its doors to developers starting February, 2012. Developers can create an account by paying $49 and after that proceed to develop apps for the platform. Read more »

Chinese hackers bring a fully functioning port of Siri to the iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

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A group of Chinese hackers who go by the name ‘CD-Team’ have created a working iteration of the iPhone 4S‘s well known voice assistant, Siri. Since the inclusion of Siri on the iPhone 4S, hackers have been trying to modify, hack or in some way manipulate the underlying coding so that the unique service can run on other iOS-endowed devices, but as of yet, we haven’t seen a successful release.

Siri on the iPhone 4, hey Apple, you mad bro?

This latest solution only currently works on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G with a jailbroken version of either iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1, so if you were hoping for some Siri action from your iPhone 3GS or your iPad 2, you’re going to find yourself waiting a very long time. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 goes on pre-order, seems pretty pricey

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Ever since we first laid our eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, we’ve been mesmerized by its gorgeous SuperAMOLED Plus screen and have since been holding our breath to find out how much it’ll cost.

Well, now that several online stores have started taking pre-orders for it we know the answer to that question. A 3G-packing Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with 16GB of storage will set you back about $670. Ouch! Read more »