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Coming in loud and clear: Sprint introduce HD Voice call quality improvements, finally

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The evolution of the phone and subsequently the smartphone has been wild and uncertain, remember features like push-to-talk, me neither. Such functionality never really sat right in the grand scheme of mobile telephony and with the Swiss army knife approach that app-capable phones now employ, calling is only a single piece of the overall experience.

HD Voice on Sprint with the HTC Evo 4G LTE

That being said, despite all the improvements to data speeds for mobile web browsing, better camera functionality and improved email support, call enhancements haven’t really seen the same levels of care and attention, something that is now slowly changing, finally. Read more »

Tegra 4 coming in 2013 with LTE support

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A leaked roadmap for the Tegra 4 has spilled some beans on Nvidia’s next generation mobile SoC. Assuming this image is authentic, we won’t have a Tegra 4 device with us before the first quarter of 2013, meaning Nvidia is not quite keeping up with its promise of delivering a new Tegra processor every year.

The first model to come out will be for flagship devices and will use the ARM Cortex A15 processor in the 4-PLUS-1 configuration and clocked at 1.8GHz. The next flagship processor will be out in Q3 and will take things up a notch by increasing the clock speed to 2.0GHz. Read more »

Smoked by Windows Phone challenge extended till April 12

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Microsoft’s controversial Smoked by Windows Phone challenge has now been extended till April 12. If you want to pit your smartphone against a Windows Phone, all you need to do is hop down to the nearest Microsoft store and if you win, you will get a $1,000 special edition Hunger Games laptop and a $1,000 gift card.

The Smoked by Windows Phone challenge recently came under fire after a Microsoft store denied a blogger his prize even after he won the competition fair and square. Eventually Microsoft stepped in and righted the wrong, giving the guy his laptop as well as a free Windows Phone, but the damage was done and a few things about the competition came to light, such as the way the Windows phones used in the test are already set to gain an advantage in that particular test and by profiling the competing handset and then avoiding tests in which the Windows Phone might end up on the losing side. Read more »

HTC might stop bundling Beats headsets with their phones

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HTC bought a controlling share in Beats Electronics a while back and started bundling premium Beats headsets with some of their phones and incorporating audio know-how into the phones themselves. Now HTC might be rethinking the practice and there might not be any more Beats headsets to be found in HTC retail boxes.

An HTC product exec, Martin Fichter, talked to CNET and said that headphones aren’t a deciding factor when choosing a phone. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 appears on Office Depot shortly, priced at $399

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 should have been out by now, but Samsung recently decided to push back the launch to the end of this month. Pricing for the 10.1″ Ice Cream Sandwich tablet was never announced, but Office Depot may have let the cat out of the bag.

It has since been pulled down, but Office Depot put a $399 price tag on the 8GB model, which is a pretty low price for a new 10″ tablet. Read more »

Google recruits its users to improve indoor location accuracy

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Internal mapping has been in the mind of Google for some time, with the initial introduction of interior navigation making its first real appearance with Google Maps 6.0.

screens and the logo for the new location centric app

At the time you could use it to traverse places like airports, shopping centers and even your local IKEA, but navigating indoor spaces overall has remained relatively limited, something Google are attempting to rectify. Read more »

Instagram for Android gets updated, brings tablets to the photo sharing frenzy

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You probably remember that at its launch a few days back, Instagram for Android did not support tablets – a fact which left quite a few wannabe users frustrated. Well, folks, it took the photo sharing app’s developers only 3 days to fix that wrong.

The tablet support is not the only change which the update has brought to Instagram for Android. Read more »

Max Payne Mobile will hit iOS on April 12, Android two weeks later

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In case you are a fan of Rockstar’s original Max Payne from a decade ago, who’s itching to get some old school action in his/her pocket, we have some good news for you. Max Payne Mobile – the port of the original blockbuster will land on iOS devices on April 12. Android running hardware will follow suit two weeks later – on April 26.

The videogame developers promise the “full classic Max Payne PC experience” on your handheld device. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 stops by, we let you taste its Ice Cream Sandwich

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is the Ice Cream Sandwich refresh of the original Tab 10.1. But it’s more than that really. Despite the specs sheet seems the same it turned out the new Tab 2 10.1 is based on TI OMAP chipset instead on the Tegra 2.

The design has a few new touches as well – a bit different framing and the huge stereo speaker grilles on both sides of the screen. Read more »

HTC One V comes by for a visit, poses for a quick hands-on video

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First it was the Hero. Then came the Legend. And now the chin is back yet again with the One V. Yes, the epic naming convention is dropped, but in its place comes spectacular build quality and Ice Cream Sandwich with the latest Sense 4.0 user interface.

The One V comes in as HTC’s high-class entry level smartphone for those eager to give Android a try. And with its beautiful brushed black aluminum unibody and reasonable specs, the little chinned fellow has enough charms to win anybody’s heart.

Read more »

Dropbox introduces ‘drag and drop’ functionality for web uploads

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Now that you’ve invited some more friends to Dropbox and received the extra space you so wanted, it’s time to get cracking with uploading some more stuff.

And to make it easier for you to do so, the Dropbox team have enabled the ‘drag & drop’ upload functionality in their web interface, allowing you to stuff your Dropbox in a jiffy.
Read more »

HTC Rezound getting ICS today, Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX get minor update (ICS to come later)

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A leaked screenshot of an internal Best Buy memo caused a stir at first, promising Android Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the HTC Rezound and the Motorola DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX.

The update for the Rezound should hit today, if there aren’t any problems and misunderstandings. The ICS update for the Motorolas isn’t happening though, not now anyway. Read more »

Dolphin Browser 4.0 for iOS brings Dolphin Sonar and gesture support

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MOBOTAP has updated its Dolphin Browser for iOS to version 4.0. The main feature in this new update is Dolphin Sonar, which lets you do things like searching the web, sharing links on social networking sites, adding bookmarks, etc. using just your voice.

Other additions include the URL keyboard, ability to quickly switch between four different search engines, night mode, ability save images directly to your phone’s photo library, additional font size options and general stability and performance improvements. Read more »

ASUS offering external dongle for Transformer Prime owners suffering from GPS issues

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Since its launch in December 2011, the ASUS Transformer Prime has been hailed as the best Android tablet on the market and you could even see it in its sales figures which, the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet notwithstanding, were the best in its class. However, other than popularity and success the tablet has also had to deal with rather crippling GPS connectivity issues.

As we discussed before, the problem arises due to the all-metal shell used for the back of the Transformer Prime. Metal is known to block radio signals, which is why you will see devices like the iPad with a full metal back having a plastic patch on top for the radio antennas. ASUS tried to fix the problem with a few software tweaks but it seems neither of them have worked really well. So now we finally have a hardware solution to (hopefully) take care of it once and for all. Read more »

We check out Sony’s ‘Night of Imagination’ featuring top UK artist Labrinth

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For those who don’t know, singer/rapper/producer Labrinth (real name Timothy McKenzie) took to the stage last night in central London to promote the launch of his new album, Electronic Earth.

The event in question was actually a little soiree set up by Sony Mobile, not only acting as the launch platform for the artist’s new album, but also for the company to reinforce the new Sony Xperia name. Read more »