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Latest Xperia software update brings Swype-style gesture input to the Xperia line-up [VIDEO]

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It looks like the devs at Sony Ericsson have been working on a little over-the-air update for all 2011 Xperia phones, which includes a new input method.

The new addition in question is called “Gesture input” and is actually T9 Trace in disguise. Read more »

Nokia N8 in bronze color surfaces quietly

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Nokia N8 has become available in bronze color, but Nokia somehow missed to announce it. A few months back, the Finns were eager to introduce a choice of novel colors for the N8, and there were even some polls on the matter.

Now we get the N8 in bronze (which is quite brownish, if you ask me). Unfortunately, it is not sure whether the bronze version will hit the stores near you. Read more »

Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon Wireless hands-on [REVIEW]

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The original Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is almost two years old and, yet, its incarnations keep coming. Today, we have the latest one to visit our office – the slide-out QWERTY equipped, LTE enabled Samsung Stratosphere, exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the US.

The Samsung Stratosphere is powered by the familiar Read more »

ASUS Transformer Prime hits FCC, exposes the quad-core CPU of Tegra 3

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Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated tablets of the season is the ASUS Transformer Prime. With its expected market release just around the corner (November 9), we already know almost everything there is know about the beast.

Now though, the FCC came to give us some more details of the Transformer Prime, virtually completing the puzzle. We got its official model name (TF201) and, even better still, we got photos of the internals of the slate, revealing what Nvidia’s Kal-El System-on-a-chip looks like. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD in the works, 720p screen and 1080p video recording on board

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We got an interesting tip from one of our readers, about the upcoming Sony Ericsson flagship. The handset, which he refers to as Sony Ericsson Arc HD (though the final name will probably be different) is said to come with a 720p screen (that’s 1280 x 720 pixels) and support FullHD video recording.

A pretty cool feature of the Sony Ericsson (or just Sony, if the deal goes through before the announcement) Xperia Arc HD will be the option to capture full-res still shots while recording video. That would allow you to capture the most interesting moments of your videos in full resolution without interrupting the videos themselves. Read more »

The Android Market finally getting PayPal Checkout?

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It appears that the Android Market is going to grow another checkout option. The PayPal support that we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now is finally going to land in Android’s official app repository.

The evidence for this was found in the source code of the latest Android Market app, which repeatedly mentions PayPal. And if the code is already there we guess Google will be putting it to use quite soon. Read more »

Google releases official Gmail app for iOS, pulls it quickly due to notifications bug

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After a long time of waiting, iOS users who also happen to be fans of Gmail got an official app from Google. This meant that they no longer had to use the less than stellar built-in Mail app anymore for Gmail.

The app came with a number of features but the most important one of them was push notifications. Unfortunately, Google screwed the pooch on this key feature, which resulted in them pulling the app from the App Store within hours of the app going live. Read more »

RIM introduces BBM Music service, beta version now available for download

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Apple has their iTunes, Microsoft has Zune, Google has Music Beta. What does RIM have? Well, so far the answer was ‘nothing’. But RIM has now launched their BBM Music service to the masses and the beta version can be downloaded right now.

In case you don’t know about it, this is how it works. As a new user, you get a limited time premium subscription. After that you can choose to continue using the service as a premium user by paying $4.99 per month ($4.99 CDN, $5.99 AUD) or you can choose to go with the free subscription service. The difference between the two is that with the former you can stream entire tracks whereas with the latter you can only listen to 30 second song previews. Read more »

Apple releases GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch, makes it a universal app

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After making its way to the iPad from the Mac, GaregaBand is now coming to an even smaller screens, those of the iPhone and iPod touch. GarageBand for the iPhone and iPod touch is basically the same app found on the iPad so you get the same set of features but on a smaller screen.

The app is now universal, which means if you already have an iPad version you can download it on your iPhone or iPod touch for free. Or you can download it for the first time for $4.99. The app is available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the third and fourth generation iPod touch, running iOS 4.3 or later. Read more »

GTA V trailer goes live, right on time [VIDEO]

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Just as promised, today Rockstar released the first trailer for its hotly anticipated GTA V (that’s five) game. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the gameplay of the upcoming action title, but gives us a rough idea of the kind of graphics we’ll be getting.

The story in GTA V will take place in the fictional city of Los Santos in California (Vinehood is in the neighbourhood too). Ok, it’s not the real Los Angeles, but I doubt this will steer too many people away from the game – real city or not, this one is still high on the wish list for millions of gamers around the globe. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note rooted already, you can try this at home [VIDEO]

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That certainly didn’t take long. The Samsung Galaxy Note only went on sale on Friday, but we already have a working root solution for it. There are some nice text and video tutorials as well, so if you aren’t too committed to your warranty you might even try it yourself.

A fully charged Samsung Galaxy Note, a microUSB cable and a Windows-running PC with a working data connection (to download the necessary files) is all that’s needed to gain full control over your Galaxy Note. Read more »

Opera Mini 6.5 now available on iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian, Opera Mobile 11.5 hits Symbian, too

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Opera Software has just announced that it’s expanding the availability of the latest versions of its two mobile browsers. Opera Mini 6.5 is now officially available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry and Symbian as well as Java-enabled phones.

Symbian users are also getting the latest, 11.5, version of the Opera Mini bigger brother, Opera Mobile. As you probably know, the two new Opera browsers are also available on Android, so now they have cover the five most popular platforms worldwid. Read more »

Angry Birds scores 500 million downloads, the game is played for 300 million minutes each day now

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The wildly popular Angry Birds mobile game has already achieved half a billion downloads across all the platforms, where it is available. The developers from Rovio boasted about their success and shared some pretty impressive numbers about their addicting title.

As it turns out Angry Birds fans around the world have so far played a total of 200,000 years of Angry Birds, with 300 million minutes of playing time daily. Moreover, more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played, with 400 billion birds launched into action, and over 44 billion Stars collected in the process.

It’s really an astonishing achievement and even more so if you think about how little time it took. And with the availability of the three Angry Birds games continuing to grow (most recently they made it to S40 and the newly announced Nokia Asha quartet) you shouldn’t expect to see a slowdown anytime soon.

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Sky Go on its way to Android, should arrive in the coming months

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Sky Go will finally be landing on Android, a company spokesperson confirmed. The online television service was only available for PC, Xbox and iOS so far, but the world’s most popular platform is about to join the list.

The company didn’t commit to a specific date, but it mentioned that the Android version “will be launching in the coming months,”. Previously, Read more »

Nokia N9 gets disassembled on video, it hurts to watch

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The Nokia N9 internals are not exactly a secret as the service manual of the MeeGo flagship leaked a few months ago, but now we have something better for you. Some Russian dude dissected the smartphone on video and if you have a strong stomach you may check it out after the break.

As you could imagine disassembling the non-painted unibody isn’t an easy task and if your N9 is to require any repairs you’d be better off taking it to a Nokia repair center. Still, if you insist on fixing it yourself or you are just one of those guys who like messing with their gadgets all the time, you’d certain find this video useful. Read more »