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iOS 5 could have Nuance integration, Google Voice style speech-to-text input

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It seems there is one more thing that was not demoed in the iOS 5 keynote at WWDC 2011, nor was included in the developer beta and that one more thing is Nuance integration in iOS 5.

What this means is that iOS 5 may have speech-to-text input built-in, just like Android 2.1 and above devices. Now iOS does have some voice input capability, introduced by iOS 4 but it can only be used for certain functions, such as making calls or playing a track and even that is powered by Nuance. However, it seems with iOS 5 Read more »

Next generation MacBook Air to go into production this month, will be armed with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt

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The current generation MacBook Air were quite successful when they were launched last year, thanks to their new design and lower price, as well as a smaller 11-inch model. But it seems Apple is now ready to take them to the next level.

According to Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo who talked with AppleInsider, Apple has placed an order for the production of 380,000 Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Airs this month. Out of these, roughly 55% will be the more popular 11-inch models while the rest will be the 13-inch models. Read more »

Certain Verizon iPad 2 being recalled, duplicate MEIDs are the culprit

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Few days back there were reports of certain iPad 2 that were shipped to users being recalled by Apple before they reached their owners. At that time Apple did not give any reason for this behaviour but now it seems we have the answer.

The reason for the recall is due to duplicate MEIDs on certain iPad 2 and this is restricted to the Verizon iPads. A MEID or Mobile Equipment Identifier is a unique number of every CDMA device. If more than one device is using the same number, then the device would fail to work with the network, which is also what happened to some of those who did receive their iPad 2. Read more »

Australian inventor develops Hoverbike, the words “crazy” and “I want one” come to our mind

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Is it a bike? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Hoverbike. Developed by Australian inventor Chris Malloy, the Hoverbike is like a combination of a helicopter and a motorcycle that uses two massive rotors and a BMW boxer engine to cheat gravity and move around. The engine is 1170cc and develops 80KW of power at 7500rpm. According to Malloy, the engine is powerful enough to lift the Hoverbike 10,000 ft. into the air and travel at a speed of 172mph!

All the controls on the bike are handlebar mounted, which is also what you hold on to for dear life when it is travelling at those aforementioned speeds. The Hoverbike is made out of reinforced carbon fiber and foam core and uses Tasmanian oak for the propellers. Read more »

Hail to the king, baby! Duke Nukem Forever is out, I have the Balls of Steel edition [VIDEO]

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Today the world is coming to an end. All Hell is freezing. Pigs can fly. Many of you will sell their soul to the devil to repay those bets they’ve made years ago. Yes, it’s been 14 long years, but it’s finally here.

Duke Nukem Forever is out. And I’ve secured the special Balls of Steel edition in all of its glory – and here comes the unboxing on video.

Read more »

LG Optimus 3D blesses our office with its stereoscopic presence, the preview is already in the works [VIDEO]

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Good news, fellas! LG Optimus 3D has just landed in our office and promises to stick around for a quick and dirty preview. The stereoscopic screen and the two cameras capable of capturing both stills and images in 3D are more than enough to make this one of the most interesting droids of the year.

But it doesn’t really end there – the LG Optimus 3D packs a powerful “dual core, dual channel, dual memory” TI OMAP 4430 chipset, which according to LG should outperform everything there is to outperform. So even if 3D isn’t your cup of tea this one should remain on your short list. Read more »

Impressive gameplay trailer for SHADOWGUN surfaces, Android and iOS to get it in September, can’t wait

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We told you about the Android-exclusive third-person shooter game SHADOWGUN last month, but then we could only admire the screenshots. Now, however, the developer Madfinger Games has released a three-minute trailer, which honestly will make you wonder how could this possibly be played on Android.

The answer to this is NVIDIA’s upcoming quad-core Tegra Kal-El chipset, which gets a lot of attention lately and for a reason. SHADOWGUN takes full advantage of the advanced graphic capabilities of the Kal-El chipset and as you can see from the trailer below runs more than well utilizing the four cores like it should. To the max. Read more »

The BlackBerry Playbook hitting a dozen international markets this month

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The 7-inch BlackBerry Playbook may be old news by now in the United States, but for the rest of the world it’s still an unexplored device for most tech enthusiasts.

BlackBerry Playbook

If you don’t live in the States and don’t have the patience to wait for the 10-inch version of the Playbook, then you should take a look if your country is amongst the new 16 to get the Playbook. Read more »

HP TouchPad to go officially on sale from July 1 in the US, priced at $500 and $600 for the 16GB and 32GB version respectively

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Amazon may not be selling the TouchPad till July 17, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get it before then. HP has released the official launch dates for the first WebOS tablet. The TouchPad will be launched first in the US on July 1 and will be priced at $499.99 and $599.99 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

Those in UK, Ireland, France and Germany will be getting the TouchPad a few days later while Canada will get it by mid-July. As for other countries, HP will be launching it in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain later this year. Read more »

Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic game trailer makes you wish it was a movie

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The E3 game expo is now over, sadly, but come on, it continue for month. However, now it’s time to replace the tears of sadness with tears of joy.

A cinematic trailer of the Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released and it looks spectacular. The game is planned to launch sometime this year and according to various analysts costs its developers at BioWare $80 million. Read more »

iOS 5 notifications demoed on video, a preview is on the way [VIDEO]

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The first iOS 5 beta launched soon after the official announcement at the Apple’s WWDC. As usual, it’s available for developers only and unless you are one or you managed to add your iGadget UDID into a developer’s account, then you can’t have it.

Fortunately, we got iOS 5 installed on two iPhone 4. Our preview is almost ready and should become available later today. And while we are crossing the t’s and dotting the lower case j’s we thought we might give you a little something in advance to keep you busy. Read more »

ZTE announces affordable Light Plus Android tablet, Snow Leopard wallpaper not part of standard equipment [VIDEO]

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After the Light and Light Pro, ZTE has another affordable Android tablet for the masses. This one is similar to the two before it but has improved hardware. It now runs on a Snapdragon MSM8225 chip with 1GHz CPU and Adreno 205 GPU, same as most Android phones these days, 1GB ROM, 512MB RAM, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 3.2 megapixel camera and microSD card support.

It still uses the same 7-inch, 800 x 480 resolution display (which roughly gives it the same pixel density as the iPad) and Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread instead of the tablet-optimized Honeycomb. Read more »

Google Music Beta rolling out in certain parts of Europe, other countries still wait in line

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When Google announced the Music Beta service at the I/O conference, it was only limited to those in the United States. However, it seems now it has started rolling out in other countries as well.

Reports are coming in from Europe from people who have successfully managed to install the Music Beta application on their Android devices. The application, along with Google Books, is being pushed to the device automatically. Read more »

Angry Birds come to life thanks to T-Mobile [VIDEO]

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There is no doubt that Angry Birds is possibly the greatest mobile video game yet. It is simple, yet addictive – I have personally wasted hours of my time in pursuit of the coveted three stars for each level. What is happening lately with Rovio’s creation though is even more impressive – it appears that the game has already become a part of today’s pop culture. The latest commercial from T-Mobile is a living proof of this fact – it brings the popular characters from the video game to life in the middle of Barcelona.

As you can see, the live setup is quite impressive. There is a booth with a smartphone in the middle Read more »

HTC Sensation death grip testing revisited. Are there different versions of the Sensation?

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HTC used the canned response “Every phone experiences a slight variation in signal strength when the antenna is covered in its entirety by a palm and/or fingers” when questioned about the death grip issues on the HTC Sensation.

While that’s true, it says nothing about the severity of the problem – it could be a small signal drop for completely covering the phone, or a large drop for barely holding it. HTC also said the problem was exaggerated in our video, so we decided to record a new one. Read more »