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Fans post Windows logo on upcoming Apple Store, your move Mac fans

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Microsoft and Apple fans are known to take jabs at each other at every opportunity they find. It’s mostly good, clean fun although sometimes it can get ugly, as can be seen from the comments section on technology websites, including ours.

Today we came across an event that falls under the “Good, clean fun” category, where the Windows logo was found plastered on an upcoming Apple Store. Read more »

HTC Flyer and ChaCha receive first OTA firmware updates in the UK

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The HTC Flyer tablet and ChaCha Facebook-loving phone have started receiving their first updates in the UK. That was quite quick, considering both have been on sale there for under a month.

Both updates are available Over-The-Air and offer some under the hood improvements to both. Read more »

iFaith allows you to dump your iPhone SHSH blobs, no matter what Apple is signing, jailbreakers rejoice

by 8 comments

Good news for iOS jailbreakers. Developer iH8sn0w has released the iFaith tool, which allows you dump SHSH blobs of your current current firmware on your iOS device even if Apple closed its signing.

In case you are not a regular jailbreaker and are wondering what SHSH blobs are, here’s the deal. Apple allows you to install only the latest available version of iOS on your device. If you need to use an older version, such as for jailbreaking or unlocking, you can only install those by emulating Apple’s authentication servers on your computer (easier than it sound).

In order to emulate them though, you need those bits of code that are unique to every iPhone. They are called SHSH blobs and they are like authentication tokens that validate the process of installing the respective version of iOS. Read more »

PlayStation Network back online, offers free games and content as part of Welcome Back Program

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Oh, PlayStation Network, we all missed you so much. We’re so glad you are back with us again. What’s that? You have some gifts for us to make up for the time you were away? Awww, you shouldn’t have!

In a grand gesture of gratitude and appreciation of patience towards PlayStation owners who suffered the PSN outage, Sony is offering some cool gifts as part of their Welcome Back Program.

Before we tell you what you get as part of it, we must tell you that it is only available for those who joined before April 20, 2011. So no, you can’t just create an account now and claim them.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the interesting part. Read more »

iOS 5 for iPad requires Hogwarts diploma, but you can drink your milkshake remotely on it [VIDEO]

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Every time Steve Jobs is presenting an Apple product, he uses the word “magic” a lot. Well, it seems that they really mean it with the upcoming iOS 5 update, which should be announced tomorrow at the WWDC.

Simon Pierro, who may or may not be a wizard of some sort, is demonstrating a beta version of iOS 5 running on his iPad 2. Let’s watch… Read more »

Sony’s S2 Android Honeycomb tablet shows its dual-screen to FCC, comes with AT&T flavor

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As the last major Android phone manufacturer to jump on the tablet wagon, Sony has some pretty high expectations to meet. Roughly a month ago, when the electronics giant unveiled its first duo of Android Honeycomb tablets, all its fans rejoiced. The Sony S1 and S2 appear to have all it takes to play a major role on the tablet market later this year. And now that the S2 has visited the FCC, we might even have a launch date nearing.

Sony S2 has an interesting dual screen design. Read more »

Xbox 360 still selling like hotcakes, Kinect keeps sales moving

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It looks like Microsoft will have a lot to shout about at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 7. The biggest gaming event of the year plays host to the latest and greatest announcements from the largest hardware and software developers in the business and all eyes will without a doubt be on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to deliver some juicy gaming news.

Xbox 360 smiley face
Microsoft will have a lot to smile about with regards to the Xbox 360 at E3 2011

There’s a lot of speculation behind what Nintendo are bringing to the table with project Café and how Sony will approach the PlayStation Network hacking debacle, however what Microsoft plan on kicking off with is no secret. Read more »

Nokia Play To app hits Beta Labs, allows wireless media streaming to DLNA enabled devices [VIDEO]

by 243 comments

With HDMI output on its way to becoming a fixture on premium smartphones, Nokia has taken mobile media sharing to the next step with the release of its own Play To app for its latest and greatest Symbian smartphones.

The free app allows the owners of Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 or Nokia X7 Read more »

Gameloft outs the trailer of its upcoming 9mm mobile video game, GTA style violence for your pockets [VIDEO]

by 35 comments

Gameloft has seriously decided to take the mobile gaming experience to another level, folks. With the announcement of the trailer of its latest mobile game called “9mm”, the gaming powerhouse is bound to bring a Grand Theft Auto styled shooter right into your pockets.

The game offers an immersive story line and rarely seen, high quality graphics. Read more »

Sony Ericsson W8 hits the office, we do an unboxing, get your earplugs ready

by 29 comments

What if I was to say that we have in our mitts a device that is to end forever the reign of affordable mp3 players? Well, I could be wrong but the W8 seems to pack a lot of bang for a device of its miniscule stature and it doesn’t seem afraid to use it.

Sony Ericsson decided to relight an old flame in the face of the Xperia X8 by giving it a Walkman branding and sending it off into the unknown pockets of young, enthusiastic teens with affiliations for loud music. It has a 3” capacitive display of HVGA (320 x 480) resolution, 3.2 MP camera and the pocket-friendliness of its small body. And this just might be the only Walkman phone that has no orange coating whatsoever on its body. Read more »

Take Janus is the world’s second 1.5GHz dual-core droid phone

by 11 comments

After following the smartphone announcements lately, I kind of wish I lived in Korea. Barely two weeks after Pantech unveiled the world’s first Android smartphone with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, KT Tech released Take Janus (yup, this is its name) with similar specs, and only for the Korean market again.

As you can see from the picture, the specs of the device are nothing short of fascinating. Read more »

Next-gen Tomb Raider gets its debut trailer, a new Lara Croft is born [VIDEO]

by 33 comments

As most of the gamers already know, the next Tomb Raider won’t be a sequel, but a reboot of the series. It’s once again developed by the Crystal Dynamics (Legacy of Kain series, TR: Legend/Anniversary/Underworld/Guardian of Light) and published by Square Enix.

We get to see a new young and inexperienced Lara, looking for her first adventure. Instead, a trouble finds her and she must fight for survival. No more talk, watch: Read more »

Samsung S9500 could be the Wave III, might pack in some killer hardware

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Samsung did not taste the kind of success they may have expected with their bada OS smartphones. Even though both the Wave and Wave II were excellent devices, the lack of applications for the platform hurt their sales greatly. But Samsung isn’t keen on giving up and it seems they may have another high-end bada device in the pipeline.

According to a tweet by SamFirmware, the GT-S9500 would be the next Samsung Wave, or the Wave III as the site’s admin calls it. It will most probably be running bada 2.01 OS that we saw a few days back. Read more »

Samsung to launch a metallic Galaxy Tab 10.1 for those seeking more style, goes on sale 17 June

by 518 comments

First it was the ordinary version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the white back cover. Then at Google’s I/O 2011 conference, Samsung gave away almost 5000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Special Edition to the attendees, which had a specially illustrated back cover with Android robots.

In both cases too white for your taste? Lacking the business feel and class you seek? Samsung will be offering a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a stylish metallic back cover suitable for, well, anyone not liking the white one. Read more »

The NGP will play PLAY games but not run PLAY apps

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Don’t worry we haven’t lost the plot, we know the NGP was never an Android device to begin with. However, there were rumors that a little cross-pollination was occurring.

NGP with a NoDroid screen

That is to say, with the NGP’s downloadable content infrastructure, there were those wondering whether it could take advantage of the same apps in use by the Xperia PLAY. Read more »