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NVIDIA showcases the power of Tegra 3 with several games

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With all those Tegra 3 smartphones and tablets out there, people will need quality games to push those 4-PLUS-1 CPU cores and the 12-core GeForce GPU to their limits. NVIDIA has that covered as they’re debuting several new game titles at the MWC that claim to provide a console-level gaming experience.

The games will eventually be available through Tegra Zone, but for now you can check out the highlights for these four games. Read more »

Playing with and on the Sony PlayStation Vita

by 11 comments

We snatched some quality time with the recently released 5″ PlayStation Vita here at the MWC and boy, do we have lots of pictures to show you.

The Vita’s multi-touch display is an OLED unit, has a 960 x 544 resolution and there’s a capacitive multi-touch pad on the back. Read more »

Samsung outs the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2, we go hands-on

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In the heat of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2. As the name suggests, this is the replacement for the original Galaxy S WiFi, rocking a 4.2-inch display.

Samsung are aiming high with this one, trying to bring a serious alternative to Apple’s iPod Touch. And here’s what they’re throwing against it. Read more »

It’s official, Apple will be announcing the iPad 3 on March 7

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After all the rumors, leaks, and speculations, Apple has finally revealed the date of the iPad 3 announcement. The magical date is March 7th and here’s how the invitation to the press looks like.

The big event will be held in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10AM PST, March 7, which happens to be Wednesday. Read more »

Windows Phone Marketplace expands, details about WP Tango emerge

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Microsoft has been working hard in recent time to expand its Windows Phone reach. Evidence of this are the announcements of the entry level Nokia Lumia 610 and now the fact that the company is expanding its Marketplace to 23 more countries.

And here are the countries the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is now available: Read more »

Has the iPad 3 already begun shipping to the US?

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It looks like Foxconn’s manufacturing plants have already finished the initial rounds of iPad 3s expected to grace the world in the coming months and word has it, Apple’s next tablet is already en route to the States.

iPad 3 rumored to now be shipping to the US

Some information found on a shipping document appear to contain instructions for delivery of the first batch of iPad 3s, with the first day of delivery listed as March 9th. Read more »

Rovio and Samsung announce partnership on Angry Birds Space with a new teaser trailer

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Samsung and Rovio announced today they will be partnering on the release of the new Angry Birds Space game. The highlight of the new game, as the name suggests, will be low gravity and, as you’ll see in the teaser video, there is a new species of birds.

Both companies claim the new Angry Birds game is going to be best enjoyed on a Galaxy Note, with the new graphics taking advantage of the huge 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. Now, time for the trailer.

Read more »

We go hands-on with an unannounced 7.7″ quad-core Toshiba tablet at MWC

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Despite trawling all the way through the Fujitsu/Toshiba booth for anything out of the ordinary, we came up short. That was of course until we caught wind of this innocuous little tablet lurking somewhere in the halls at MWC.

Toshiba's Quad Core tablet

Toshiba had a number of phones and tablets on display at their main stand, but we found this unnamed device sitting amongst a host of similarly powered Tegra 3 devices at the Nvidia booth. Read more »

We give the Samsung’s Series 9 ultrabooks the hands-on treatment

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The ultrabook market has seen a strong influx of Windows devices of late but every model just looks like a copy of the other. The 13″ display, i-something processor and thin frame are all there on every single non-Air ultrabook out there.

Samsung is aiming to change that with its Series 9 ultrabooks. A 15″ ultrabook, now that’s innovation, and things don’t stop there. We have the hands-on photos coming after the break. Read more »

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 officially shipping in devices this April-May

by 20 comments

According to Corning, its second generation of ultra tough screen glass, dubbed simply Gorilla Glass 2, will start to appear on devices in April or May the latest.

The first shipments have been sent out to the company’s partners, they added. We saw the Gorilla Glass 2 in action back at CES 2011 and we are looking forward to seeing it on actual retail devices. Read more »

Sony announces nine new Cyber-shot cameras

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Having launched three new cameras just a month ago and prophesying the doom of point-and-shoot cameras while at it, Sony is back with nine more digital cameras. Five of these are of the compact zoom variety, two belong to the super slim T-series and the last two fall in the W-series.

The model numbers for these cameras are HX200V, HX30V, HX20V, HX10V, H90, TX66, TX20, WX150 and W690. Following are the specifications of all these cameras. Read more »

AT&T HTC One X LTE hands-on

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With MWC well under way in Barcelona, HTC were kind to also host an event in New York City, where we got to spend time with the LTE sporting One X, bound to hit AT&T Wireless across the Atlantic. As you probably know by now, the smartphone looks identical to the HTC One X, but sports a different CPU and chipset, which bring its LTE mojo to life.

The HTC One X for AT&T packs Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon S4 chipset. It features two Krait CPU cores, clocked at 1.5GHz, along with Adreno 225 GPU. Read more »

Google brings the Android pins back to MWC

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Last year, Google released a very special limited edition Android pins at the Mobile World Congress and this year they are bringing them back.

Refreshed and ready to be collected, there are 90 of them representing the different Android users. They are extremely fun and well made and rest assured we’ll try and hunt them down for some close hands-on. Read more »

ZTE shoots four Android tablets into the MWC orbit, meet the V9S, V96, PF 100 and T98

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ZTE didn’t come all the way from China to Barcelona to just announce smartphones. No, the Chinese are stepping up the slate market as well with their four latest Android tablets.

Image courtesy of IntoMobile

The line-up of new ZTE tablets consists of the PF 100, T98, V96 and V9S. The first two sport quad-core Tegra 3 processors and the other two make do with dual-core chips. Let’s start with the first duo. Read more »

The amazing science behind the Nokia 808′s mammoth 41MP camera sensor explained

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In terms of mobile imaging, the Nokia 808 is a revolutionary device. Not only is it capable of taking images of up to 38MP, but it can also make use of a technology called oversampling, which means that out of 7 adjacent pixels of information it captures, it outputs to memory a single resulting pixel, which hopefully, is picture perfect.

There are three outright advantages to this oversampling thing: amazing image quality, lossless zoom, and superior low light performance. Read more »