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iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak possible on iOS 5.0.1, won’t be in 5.1

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The ChronicDevTeam courtesy of member @DHowett, iOS developer, has a video showcasing an untethered jailbreak on an iPhone 4S, running on iOS 5.0.1.

This sort of a jailbreak solution has been available on A4-powered iDevices but, up until now, it had its ups and downs on the A5-powered iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Read more »

Sony announces Android-powered SmartWatch, pairs with your phone to show your tweets, texts and emails

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Smart watches that pair with your phone and let you view and access select functions of your phone seem to be the coolest thing in the world of mobile accessories at the moment. Motorola recently launched the Android-powered MOTOACTV that works as your music player and also logs your workout sessions.

Now Sony too has joined the fray with their smart watch called, well, SmartWatch. It has a 1.3-inch multi-touch OLED display that lets you access your phone functions such as calls, messages, music as well as social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Read more »

AMD showcases low cost alternative to Intel’s Thunderbolt, calls it Lightning Bolt

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After a slow start Intel’s Thunderbolt (also known as Light Peak) technology is starting to gain popularity among the OEMs, with Apple being the first and biggest proponent of the technology so far. Now it seems AMD wants a piece of this action as well, so they have come up with their own variant of the technology, called Lightning Bolt.

Yes, Lightning Bolt. Like the technology itself the name takes heavy inspiration from Intel’s Thunderbolt. But AMD is not aiming at simply merging various outputs into one port. Their main goal with Lightning Bolt is to reduce the cost of the whole set up. Read more »

Nokia launches new commercials for the Lumia 900 and Lumia 710, along with a ton of other new videos

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The Nokia Lumia 900 was officially announced at CES this year among those who attended the event but now it’s time for Nokia to reach out to a wider audience, which means making some new ads for the phone, which they have. Also being advertised is the Lumia 710 which has gone on sale in the US on T-Mobile’s network for $49.99.

The ads, especially for the Lumia 900, aren’t particularly new and are similar to the ones for the Lumia 800 but there will be a lot of people in North America who haven’t seen these and it makes little sense to create a completely different ad when the products themselves aren’t all that different. Read more »

A breakdown of Facebook’s expected $100 billion worth once it goes public [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Facebook is pretty popular, ‘pretty’ possibly being the understatement of the century, but did you know that in fact 1 in 10 people use Facebook and that combined, that makes 800 million users worldwide?

Facebook IPO Infogrpahic

With that much activity, Facebook Inc. have made themselves a pretty sizable audience for advertisers to address, but with talks of the company going public, just how much did you expect it was actually worth? Read more »

Angry Birds video teases Year of the Dragon update

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A new video teaser draws attention to the upcoming Angry Birds Seasons update. It has a Chinese new year theme and is touted for January 23.

The video doesn’t exactly show anything new but nonetheless confirms that we’re in for a new Seasons title. Check out the video after the break. Read more »

Google updates Search for Android 2.2, 2.3 and 3.x – adds suggestions and more

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With all the new gadgets at CES taking our attention, we missed a nice little update for Android that Google unveiled. Google Search received an update yesterday that brings some speed improvements and novelties to Android 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 3.x (Honeycomb).

The new features include search suggestions (where Google completes your search with logical results), a refreshed look, suggestions grouping by type and local-specific results for countries with Google domains. Read more »

ASUS will not release its $249 MeMo tablet in the UK

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Remember the surprising announcement of an $249 (£160) that ASUS and NVidia made at CES? Yeah, if you live in the UK, that’s not coming to you.

ASUS announced that it won’t be releasing its cheap 7″ quad-core Tegra 3-packing tablet for the UK market. We are surprised at the company’s decision as well, but here’s how the company explains it. Read more »

OnLive Desktop iPad app available for download

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The OnLive Desktop app is now available for download over at the App Store for free. The app is an iPad exclusive and gives you access to a copy of Windows 7 with Word, Excel and PowerPoint plus 2 GB of free cloud storage.

If you’re really into the whole using-iPad-as-a-desktop solution you could opt for the Pro version of OnLive Desktop. Read more »

Acer Iconia Tab A510 is like the A700 without the killer screen res, Tegra 3 and Android ICS still on board

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The Acer Iconia Tab A700 may have gotten most of the attention at CES, but the A510 was also there. It’s a 10.1″ tablet powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 and running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – so far, just like the A700. The big difference is that the screen has only 1280×800 resolution (rather than the 1920×1200 resolution of the A700).

Anyway, the Iconia Tab A510 features a 5MP main camera and 2MP video-call camera. It has lost the full-size USB port that the A500 had but keeps the microHDMI port. Read more »

Monster and Beats to go their separate ways, decide not to renew their contract

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Ever since Monster and Beats Audio decided to collaborate and get into the headphones business back in 2009 the two have met with incredible success. Most of this was due to some fantastic marketing, helped no doubt by big names like Lady Gaga, P.Diddy, Justin Bieber, LeBron James and the co-founder of Beats Audio, Dr. Dre, along with some excellent designs and an audio signature that was tuned to what most people like to hear instead of what they should be hearing.

Businessweek is now reporting that the two companies won’t be renewing their 5-year contract once it ends later this year. The reason for this is due to financial conflicts between the two companies, with Beats wanting a greater share of the revenue along with conflicts over who should get more credit for their success. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook gets ‘Cut the Rope HD’, will cost you $2.99

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Not sure if developers suddenly found out about the existence of the PlayBook or if the recent fire sale (and the resultant rise in user base) has finally made them take interest in the device but the troubled tablet has finally started getting some popular titles.

Following the trio of Angry Birds released last month, developer ZeptoLab has released their highly popular Cut the Rope HD for the PlayBook. Read more »

Toshiba’s FlashAir wireless LAN SD card cuts the cables to photo management [VIDEO]

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This innocuous little white SD card is the first to use the SD association’s Wireless LAN standard, making file and photo management quick and cable-free as a result.

Toshiba FlashAir 8GB

This is the Toshiba FlashAir WLAN SD card and it’s showcasing its talents at this year’s CES. The card actually broke cover last year at IFA 2011 too but it’s here now to drum up interest before its official launch next month. Read more »

Sony Tablet P and Tablet S hands-on

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Yes, yes, we know Sony’s Tablet P and Tablet S aren’t exactly hot or new in the tech world, but even a few months after their market release they are still quite interesting.

Sony put a lot of effort into differentiating its two tablets from the pack of Android slates out there and it’s done a really good job. The Tablet P for example, with it’s dual touchscreens, is as bold a slate as it gets and the magazine-like Tablet S is not the most common of sights either. Let’s dive in. Read more »

PlayStation Vita hands-on

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We finally got to spend some quality time with the Sony PlayStation Vita, the successor of the PlayStation Portable and what a successor it is. Sony said that the Vita is going to revolutionize the way people play games on the go and after our hands-on with the portable console we are starting to suspect they may be right.

If you’ve owned a PS3 or a PSP, you’ll immediately feel the PlayStation Vita quite familiar. But once you start to dig deeper you will realize that it brings a dramatic improvement to the whole gaming experience, thanks to its bright and crisp 5.5-inch OLED touchscreen, the classic PlayStation controls and the touchpad at the back. Read more »