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Intel reveals CPU plans, promises rosy future for netbooks, Atom-based Honeycomb tablets and Ultrabooks

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With Computex going at full speed, it is only logical that Intel will make a few announcements, hinting of what it has in store for us. The world’s largest CPU manufacturer demoed Honeycomb tablets that run on its silicone, revealed the chips that will power the next-gen netbooks and promised a whole new class of devices, intriguingly called Ultrabooks.

Those Ultrabooks will be mainstream thin and light mobile computers that ambitiously target a market share of 40% by the end of 2012. Intel says Ultrabooks will achieve a thickness of under 0.8” and prices below $1000 thanks to their new 22nm Ivy Bridge chipsets. Read more »

Even though China-made TransPhone was there first, it still seems like a Padphone knock-off

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It seems that CMIT has beaten Asus to the phone in a tablet dock punch because on 28 May, two days before the Asus Padphone went official (and only five days after the initial teaser).

There’s not much info on the so-called TransPhone but it supposedly runs Android on a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU. Read more »

Samsung starts the mass production of 30nm 32GB RAM modules

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You know the deal with RAM, there’s never enough of it. And for those wanting even more RAM, Samsung starts mass producing 32GB RAM modules based on 30nm process.

Earlier in the year the company started manufacturing 30nm-based 4GB DDR3 RAM modules, which are the foundation for the new massive 32GB RAM units. Read more »

The next generation of Snapdragon processors will be sampled next month

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Some really exciting events are taking place in the world of mobile CPUs in the past day or so. Just as NVIDIA showcased a demo of their latest work in progress – the quad core mobile beast named project Kal El, Qualcomm “leaked” a slide which shows their upcoming Snapdragon processors, along with a hint for a possible sample of them next month.

The new Snapdragons will use a brand new Krait CPU architecture which Read more »

Nokia demoes C7′s NFC prowess with an exclusive Angry Birds Magic game

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Nokia is showcasing the NFC capabilities of its C7 Symbian device using an NFC version of the widely popular Angry Birds game, dubbed Magic. This all goes down at the MeeGo conference in San Francisco. The purpose of the game is to find someone with a C7 smartphone and using the NFC chip inside to unlock levels, after you’re done with the previous ones.

You get 5 levels of Angry Birds after which you will need to unlock the next five by pairing two C7 units together. It’s a clever idea, I have to admit. Read more »

HTC Play could be a new online store for games by HTC

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HTC filed a request at the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect the term HTC Play as a trademark. Reportedly this is the name of a future HTC-exclusive app market for games (I’m guessing Android ones), to which every HTC phone will have access.

Now I’m not sure if another app store is what we most need at the moment, as there are, what, 10 of them already? You have the Amazon store you have the Opera store, a couple of obscure ones like SlideMe and, of course, the Android Market . I just don’t see the point. Android started off as a unified OS with its own ecosystem, spanning through manufacturer to manufacturer. Now there are Xperia PLAY-exclusive games, exclusive application stores and this all makes the choice of which droid to grab all the harder for the end user. Read more »

Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses make personal 3D gaming and movie watching more affordable

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Computex 2011 saw the unveiling of Nvidia’s latest 3D glasses for their 3D Vision range. The complete package gives you the ability to play games and watch BluRay movies in full 1080p HD 3D.

Nvidia Vision wired glasses

3D Vision is probably the most well known consumer based 3D system available and the setup is fairly straight forward too. Read more »

TomTom in the making of its own Street View service, be afraid Google, be very afraid

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TomTom is a respected GPS tycoon, which makes receivers and also provides the map data and know-how. Now it looks like it’s thinking of branching out into the street viewing business, which is Google and Microsoft exclusive territory so far. We guess those two wouldn’t exactly appreciate that.

This comes after a very intriguing picture was uploaded to, showing a TomTom van with a 360-degree cam mounted on top of it. What else could be used for except making an all-round street view service? Read more »

NVIDIA launches GTX 560M mobile GPU, gives you a chance to win an ASUS G74sx 3D-ready notebook

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NVIDIA has launched their first gaming notebook GPU in their 500M series, the new GeForce GTX 560M. It supports DirectX 11 and is said to deliver a “no-compromise gaming experience at full 1080p resolution”.

The 560M will have support for a variety of NVIDIA’s technology, starting with Optimus, which allows it to switch itself off when not required, to save battery. It also supports Read more »

Samsung promises 4G-packing Galaxy Tab for this year, Galaxy S III for early 2012

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It appears that we haven’t seen the best of the Samsung Galaxy Tab family just yet. Just a few weeks before those super slim Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 hit the shelves, the president of the company’s mobile division, J.K. Shin, went on record saying that they will be releasing at least one more slate this year.

The Galaxy Tab 4G, if we had to take a wild guess for the name, will be released before 2011 has ended, extending the company tablet portfolio to four devices. Read more »

All popular old-school console emulators pulled from the Android Market

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Nesdoid, SNesoid, Gensoid, GameBoid, GBCoid, Gearoid, Ataroid and N64oid are now missing from the Android Market. Two of them were pulled recently due to a complaint from Sega, but now all the emulators are gone and their developer’s account – suspended.

Sounds familiar? Yes! Read more »

Android 3.1 update for Asus Transformer leaks: improved performance, some new features

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The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is scheduled to receive Android 3.1 update in the first half of June. Sure enough, the update leaked out and it seems to be the final version. Some improvements were made along with some bug fixes for the dock.

You could wait until the update is out officially (just a couple of weeks if there are no delays) but you could update now if you’re willing to risk it. Read more »

DROID BIONIC found to be running Gingerbread, TI OMAP SoC instead of Tegra 2

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Although Motorola announced the DROID BIONIC in April, the handset hasn’t launched yet because Motorola wanted to make certain changes to the device. However, an image uploaded on Swedish mobile benchmarking site NenaMark suggests that the changes are quite dramatic.

Initially, the DROID BIONIC was reported to run on an Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset. But the image below tells us that it is now running on Read more »

Want to use Google Wallet but don’t have an NFC enabled handset? Here, have a sticker instead…

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Google have just announced their new Google Wallet and Google Offers services, this then dropped them straight into a lawsuit with PayPal, but that’s not going to stop them from rolling out their new service.

Google Wallet NFC on Nexus S

Google Wallet hopes to make use of the NFC infrastructure as a mobile based payment system. Read more »

Mike Tyson: Main Event for iOS, now with Mr Chow from The Hangover Part II [VIDEO]

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The Hangover was a sleeper hit in cinemas back in 2009 and the hotly anticipated sequel, The Hangover Part II, has just hits theaters worldwide. To tie in with the film’s release, boxing game Mike Tyson: Main Event for iOS got a Hangover themed update all its own.

Screen grab of Mr Chow in the May update for Mike Tyson: Main Event

Developers RockLive, have included a bunch of cool new content themed around the movie, the main draw being that now you can box with the likes of a Hangover II themed Mike and the infamous Mr. Chow guest stars as well. Read more »