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Nikon announces SB-910 Speedlight flagship flash, to charge $549.99 for it

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Yesterday, Nikon announced the newest addition to its lineup of dedicated flash units for digital cameras. The SB-910 Speedlight comes to succeed its former flagship, the SB-900, bringing a new simplified UI (similar to that of the SB-700), improved thermal cut-off (where the flash will charge slower, rather than turn off altogether, when a certain temperature is reached) and AF assist for multi-point AF.

The SB-910 also recharges quicker than its predecessor (3s on alkaline batteries and 2.5s on NiMH batteries). Read more »

Wreck the Halls is the new Christmas update for Angry Birds Seasons [VIDEO]

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It’s the first day of December and naturally this means that Christmas is getting closer and closer. An ideal opportunity for Rovio to release the Christmas update to Angry Birds Seasons.

Carrying the name “Wreck the Halls” this Angry Birds Seasons update brings even more cheer and good times than before with new, 25 pig-bashing levels garnished with gingerbread cookies, bells, candy and Christmas glittering lights. Read more »

Have fun with these hidden Ice Cream Sandwich features [VIDEO]

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Without a doubt there’s more than meets the eye in the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is due to hit a handful of smartphones in the coming months.

Except the code optimizations and plethora of new features, below the creamy surface of Android 4.0 Google developers have had some fun. What’s more, they want you to have fun, too! Read more »

Vodafone UK fixes for the Samsung Galaxy S II GPS issues

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The story of the Samsung Galaxy S II for Vodafone UK and their GPS issues came to a happy ending as the carrier quickly found the cause and issued a fix. The customized firmware that was distributed with the Galaxy S II on Vodafone had some bugs that caused the GPS inside the smartphone to hunt forever before it acquires a lock (if it manages to do so at all).

Vodafone acknowledged the issue last week and yesterday released a fix that should get rid of the problem. Read more »

LG droids can get 50GB free cloud storage from too if they’re from the US

by 8 comments is getting pretty aggressive – after the recent Sony Ericsson deal, now LG are getting 50GB of free cloud storage too. Owners of Android-running LGs who install Box on their phones between November 30 2011 and March 31 2012 will get the extra storage for free (50GB up from the usual free 5GB).

It’s not a limited time offer either, like the HTC/Dropbox offer. You get to keep your 50 gigs for as long as you have the account. There’s still some fine print though. Read more »

Infinity Blade 2 hits the App Store, puts that A5 chip to good use [VIDEO]

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Infinity Blade is hardly known for its immersive gameplay or engaging storyline, but it has always been the game with arguably the best graphics in the mobile world. Well, now we have its successor in the App Store and things are looking better than ever.

After all, what’s that use of having the beast of a chipset that is the Apple A5 under the hood if you are not going to make it sweat. Read more »

Nokia releases new video for the Lumia 710, welcomes you to the ‘The Amazing Everyday’, whatever that means

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The Nokia 710 is close to launch and so Nokia has released a new video for the device. The video is actually quite similar to that of the Lumia 800 and part of their ‘The Amazing Everyday’ campaign.

The video is very basic and instead of doing anything fancy chooses to talk about some of the salient features of the device, such as the interchangeable back covers, the integrated social networking services, Nokia Maps with the Nokia Drive feature for turn-by-turn voice navigation and the 5 megapixel camera. All of this is matched by snazzy music in the background. Read more »

3DMark coming to Android, will give you another figure to compare

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As if we didn’t have enough benchmarks on Android to begin with, here comes another one. Futuremark, makers of the popular 3DMark benchmark for PCs, have announced that they will be making a version for Android.

According to the press release, it seems 3DMark for Android will be targeted mostly towards the Android tablets and will help gauge their gaming performance. Read more »

The Samsung Focus S completed our battery trial, see the results [TEST]

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As the current Windows Phone flagship for Samsung, we were more than curious to put the battery of the Focus S through its paces. The fact that the device has quite a lot in common with the I9100 Galaxy S II made us twice as curious.

The Samsung Focus S is powered by Read more »

Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 800 and taking a short walk down Nokia’s new path [VIDEO]

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The Nokia N9 is rolling out the welcome mat for its half cousin that just arrived in our office – the Nokia Lumia 800. The two can almost be siblings, but that lasts only until you turn the screen on. The 800 is Nokia’s first foray into the land of Windows Phone and we’re excited to take it for a test drive.

Let’s open up the box and see if the differences start from the packaging or if it’s just the phone housed inside the box that’s different. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug official fix rolling out now

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Samsung software engineers finally managed to fix the volume control bug that was plaguing the company’s Galaxy Nexus Android flagship. The Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone tended to readjust its volume on its own when it was connected to a 2G network operating at 900 MHz frequency.

Now we can all turn our backs to this issue as the fix is rolling out over the air. Samsung has also resumed the shipping of the Galaxy Nexus and the new batches that arrive at retailers are reportedly running the fixed firmware. Read more »

Olive is the first full length feature film shot completely on a N8

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The rapid progress that cameraphone have been making over the past few years is no secret for anyone, but shooting a whole movie on one? Yes, please! – said phone directors Hooman Khalili and Patrick Gilles and proceeded to shoot their full length feature film Olive on a Nokia N8.

We are talking a full cinema-ready movie here that should be hitting theaters in the US soon. And all it took for the N8 to turn into a piece of cinematic gear was a 35 mm lens adapter, which was modified to fit the smart phone in order to achieve the needed shallow depth of field. Read more »

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian ban reversed, Apple targets the German Galaxy Tab 10.1N

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Apple may not be successful at banning the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it surely made Samsung’s job really hard. While the Australian court has just lifted the ban for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple has filed a motion for banning the new modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany.

The news coming from Australia is good, but there is a catch – the ban will be lifted this Friday, eventually. This means Apple could appeal the court’s decision and maintain the tablet’s ban for a while. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets torn to pieces, its secrets exposed

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As the tradition with flagship smartphones goes, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was taken apart by the crafty guys over at iFixit. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich pioneer internals were mercilessly exposed and are now available for your viewing pleasure.

The first finding that the teardown brought is that the NFC antenna is inside the battery, rather than the back cover. It’s located underneath the paper that contains the battery specs, along with all the usual warnings, so if you are to replace the Galaxy Nexus battery, make sure that the replacement has an antenna too. Read more »

MOTOACTV coming to UK on December 1, will set you back by 250 quid

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The MOTOACTV, the illegitimate child of the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch and the iPod nano, will soon be hitting British shelves this December. Motorola has announced that the MOTOACTV will be available in Sweatshop stores across the UK starting December 1 and it will be priced at £249.99 ($390).

In case you don’t know what the MOTOACTV is, it is a glorified wrist watch running Android. It works like a personal trainer during your workouts, keeping track of all your sessions, how much you ran, how many calories you burned, etc. using the built-in GPS and accelerometer. Read more »