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Apple releases camera samples from the new iPad

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When Apple announced the new iPad, they made quite a fuss about the new iSight camera on the back. This 5 megapixel shooter uses the new 5 element-lens system that they first used on the iPhone 4S camera, along with an f/2.4 aperture, backside illuminated sensor, hybrid infrared filter and face detection that can detect up to 10 faces simultaneously. You don’t run into tablets with such camera specs that much often. On top of that the new iPad can also record 1080p videos with Apple’s excellent digital image stabilization.

But of course, a camera is only as good as the pictures it takes, so to prove that the new iPad camera takes great videos and images, Apple has uploaded some samples on their site. Read more »

New Apple iPad: expectations vs reality

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The rumor marathon leading to the announcement of the new iPad was one of the most intensive we have ever witnessed, so naturally we expected to see plenty at the Apple event tonight.

Now we’ll try and go through the rumors that came up most frequently on the web and see if the new Apple iPad actually matches the expectations or fails to deliver. Read more »

Tablet wars reloaded: Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

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Apple just unveiled its latest slate and one of questions you are probably asking yourselves is, “How does it compare to its market rivals?”. That’s why we decided to create a table, comparing the iPad 3 to what are currently two of the hottest slates out there – the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now lets see if those brave Android tablet warriors will be able to take the smug smile off of the iPad 3′s Retina display. Read more »

Apple rolls out video commercials and walkthrough for the new iPad

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As the tradition goes, Apple released a bunch of videos right after it announced its latest iPad.

We got a product walkthrough of the new iPad as well as a bunch of commercials highlighting its key features. Read more »

Apple brought the MacBook naming mess to the iPad, will the iPhone follow?

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One key bit of information, delivered at today’s iPad event, is that Apple is adopting its Mac naming scheme for the iPad series. So instead of introducing the iPad 3, or the iPad HD, or whatever other name they come up with, the Cupertino guys just called it iPad. Yeap, just like the first Apple slate.

So now we have the iPad succeeding the iPad 2, which in turn came to replace the iPad. This means that the iPad 2 is hotter than the iPad, but not as hot as the iPad. Confusing right? Read more »

Official Foursquare app hits Bada

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If Foursquare is your social network of choice and you happen to have a Bada handset we have some great news for you. The official app has just landed at the Samsung Apps repository and is available as a free download to anyone interested.

Previously, Bada users had to resort to the Foursquare mobile version, but now they got their own apps to deliver the functionality of the popular network. The app is compatible with all versions of the Samsung proprietary OS, so you should be invited to the party no matter what Bada smartphone you have. Read more »

Toshiba lets you peak at its 13.3-inch Tegra 3 powered tablet concept

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At CES earlier in the year, Toshiba showcased three of their slates destined to hit the market later in the year. Among them was a 13.3-inch Android-running tablet concept, which was shrouded in mystery.

Well, it is still as mysterious as before, but now Pocket Lint have got some face to face time with the 13.3-inch slate concept and the headlines look great. Read more »

FTW service will sync yours game progress across all devices and platforms

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This probably sounds familiar to most of you. You are in the mood for some Angry Birds or Where’s My Water action on your smartphone, and later, you hit them up on a tablet or a laptop only to find out that the progress you’ve made earlier hasn’t synced up with your other devices. I know that feeling.

Fret no more, because there’s a service in the works called FTW, which will take care of all your game syncing across every modern gaming platform there is. Read more »

Alleged photo of next iPad shows iPad HD name, home button on board

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Apple’s event will start in a few short hours and the iPad 3, rumors are flying high. The name “iPad HD” is mentioned quite often as the actual name of the next-gen product and there are even some leaked shots of the box to support that.

A retina display with quadruple the resolution is perhaps the most popular (and most probable) rumor, but the alleged photo of the new screen was declared as fake soon after it hit the web. Here’s the Retina display image that was sent out: Read more »

Next SimCity game gets two more trailers, promises of availability in 2013

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SimCity, the game that started a whole new genre, is getting a new version in 2013. The news was confirmed by the developers from EA and Maxis and we even got a couple of trailers to go with it.

The next SimCity title is going to be powered by Maxis’ proprietary GlassBox Engine and should offer an unmatched level of fine detail. There will also be deeper social integration with neighboring cities will directly affect one another. Read more »

Opera Mini 6.5 lands on BlackBerry smartphones

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Opera Software just announced the availability of its Opera Mini 6.5 mobile browser on yet another platform. The native version of the popular data-saving browser just hit the BlackBerry App World and, if you happen to have a BlackBerry OS smartphone, you can have it right away.

You need to be running version 4.2.1 or later of the BlackBerry OS, no matter your carrier or country. This means that Opera Mini will be available on every half decent BlackBerry device, but the PlayBook tablet. Read more »

Office 15 goes Metro UI, brings many improvements

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We’ve already had a peek at the Metro-styled Office 15 running on ARM, but since Microsoft is testing the Technical Preview of their highly popular office productivity suite, we can have a closer look at the desktop version of the apps.

Word, Excel and the rest have gotten touch friendly and with many new features to simplify editing and reading documents. Read more »

Firefox for Nokia N9 gets Flash support

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Just as promised, Nokia delivered Flash support for its N9 MeeGo flagship. Since Adobe officially abandoned the development of its mobile Flashplayer, it was down to the smartphone’s manufacturer to deliver it.

Well, the MeeGo-compatible Flashplayer is now available as a free download from the Ovi store and you can try it right away. There is a catch though – you will need to be using the recently released Firefox browser as it is the only one to support the plugin. Read more »

U.S. Judge orders Google and Motorola to give Apple their Android Development secrets

by 189 comments

As strange as it might seem, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner has ordered Google and Motorola to hand over development details of the Android operating system to Apple.

Not only that, but Motorola Mobility must also provide Apple information regarding its pending acquisition by Google. Read more »

Nokia N9 PR1.2 new features detailed

by 30 comments

The new update to MeeGo on the N9 has been available since last week, and now we have some details on what exactly has been added.

The most notable is the introduction of the Google Talk Video Call app, which is the first app to take advantage of the N9′s front-facing camera for video. Read more »