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Want a piece of history? Buy this Sony Ericsson Julie Windows Phone!

by 22 comments

A Sony Ericsson codenamed Julie Windows Phone device is now for sale on eBay. If you want a piece of the mobile history, this is a great specimen for sure.

We already met this QWERTY WP7 device twice – back in January this year and then again, in March 2011. Read more »

LG Rumor Reflex featurephone with QWERTY keyboard for Sprint and Boost Mobile unveiled

by 2 comments

We were almost convinced that the featurephone messenger class of devices is now gone for good, but here comes LG to prove us wrong. The company just announced its Rumor Reflex side-slider for Sprint and Boost Mobile, carrying the modest price tag of $79.99 off contract.

The LG Rumor Reflex is built around a 3″ WQVGA LCD and packs GPS connectivity, a 2 megapixel camera and a microSD card slot for expanding the (unknown) internal memory. It will go on sale in two days in the titanium grey color you see in the picture above. Read more »

Google updates Search app for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

by 16 comments

The default Bing search on Windows Phone has always been awful (at least in my experience) but there was some respite in the form of the Google Search app. However, compared to the Search app on Android, the Windows Phone app was noticeably bare bones.

Now, however, Google has updated the Search app for Windows Phone 7.5 devices, which brings some much needed features. Read more »

Samsung Rugby Smart finished our battery test, here go the results

by 18 comments

As a proper rugged device, the battery life of the AT&T exclusive Samsung Rugby Smart is among its most important features. After all, finding a charging spot when outdoors is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, right?

The smartphone features a 1650mAh battery, which is the same as the unit found in the Samsung Galaxy S II. In the case of the Rugby Smart however, the spec sheet is significantly more modest, so we did expect a commendable performance. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 with a 2560 x 1600 pixel screen coming tomorrow?

by 120 comments

There’s a particularly juicy rumor for you – we might see the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 slate tomorrow. The tablet, which is said to feature an 11.6″ LCD with the insanely sounding resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels might be unveiled at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas.

The rumor is based on an unnamed source close to the matter, who confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 will be announced at an even in Texas. The Korean company mentioned earlier that it will be making a “special announcement” at the event tomorrow and the rest is simply a matter of connecting the dots. Read more »

Rovio showcases Angry Birds Space gameplay, looks hot

by 15 comments

March 22 approaches quickly and Rovio are warming up for their biggest game launch since the original Angry Birds.

The company knows its fans are hungry for new Angry Birds action and they are giving us just what we want – a new gameplay teaser of the new Angry Birds Space. Read more »

Apple changes and/or ditches Google Maps in iPhoto?

by 24 comments

During the just iPad announcement yesterday we saw iPhoto migrate from a OS X-only to an iOS-capable app.

And while that on its own doesn’t deserve too much attention, the iPhoto maps integration is curious in that it no longer features Google’s Maps. Read more »

iOS 5.1 jailbreak already available, only non-A5 iDevices supported for now

by 6 comments

We’ve got some good news for those of your packing an iDevice with a non-A5 chipset. The iPhone Dev Team has updated redsn0w tool to support the newly released iOS 5.1, so you can update your iPhone 4, iPad (original one), iPhone 3GS without losing the full access to your system fails.

Sadly, that’s a tethered jailbreak, so you will need a computer every time you restart your iOS 5.1 iDevice, but we guess that’s just the price you have to pay for enjoying the latest and greatest from the Cupertino software developers right away. Read more »

New Chrome for Android beta update

by 6 comments

There is a new update for Chrome for Android Beta, the mobile version of the popular Chrome browser from Google. (No, they haven’t added Flash support)

Keep in mind that this is still a beta, so some issues may still be expected. Read more »

The competition reacts to the new iPad, Nvidia and Samsung aren’t happy

by 119 comments

Usually, new Apple product announcements generate lots of commotion and make a stir in the tech community. The new iPad unveiling is another case in point, but this time Samsung and Nvidia have something to say for themselves in response to Apple’s claims on the iPad event yesterday.

Samsung has felt the need to make a short comparison table, not close to our in-depth one, and put their Galaxy Note 10.1 and the new iPad face to face and see how they differ on some key (according to Samsung) points. Nvidia on the other hand, feel that the comparison between their Tegra 3 chip and the Apple’s A5X won’t win any awards for authenticity. Read more »

Apple releases camera samples from the new iPad

by 79 comments

When Apple announced the new iPad, they made quite a fuss about the new iSight camera on the back. This 5 megapixel shooter uses the new 5 element-lens system that they first used on the iPhone 4S camera, along with an f/2.4 aperture, backside illuminated sensor, hybrid infrared filter and face detection that can detect up to 10 faces simultaneously. You don’t run into tablets with such camera specs that much often. On top of that the new iPad can also record 1080p videos with Apple’s excellent digital image stabilization.

But of course, a camera is only as good as the pictures it takes, so to prove that the new iPad camera takes great videos and images, Apple has uploaded some samples on their site. Read more »

New Apple iPad: expectations vs reality

by 113 comments

The rumor marathon leading to the announcement of the new iPad was one of the most intensive we have ever witnessed, so naturally we expected to see plenty at the Apple event tonight.

Now we’ll try and go through the rumors that came up most frequently on the web and see if the new Apple iPad actually matches the expectations or fails to deliver. Read more »

Tablet wars reloaded: Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

by 229 comments

Apple just unveiled its latest slate and one of questions you are probably asking yourselves is, “How does it compare to its market rivals?”. That’s why we decided to create a table, comparing the iPad 3 to what are currently two of the hottest slates out there – the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now lets see if those brave Android tablet warriors will be able to take the smug smile off of the iPad 3′s Retina display. Read more »

Apple rolls out video commercials and walkthrough for the new iPad

by 26 comments

As the tradition goes, Apple released a bunch of videos right after it announced its latest iPad.

We got a product walkthrough of the new iPad as well as a bunch of commercials highlighting its key features. Read more »

Apple brought the MacBook naming mess to the iPad, will the iPhone follow?

by 49 comments

One key bit of information, delivered at today’s iPad event, is that Apple is adopting its Mac naming scheme for the iPad series. So instead of introducing the iPad 3, or the iPad HD, or whatever other name they come up with, the Cupertino guys just called it iPad. Yeap, just like the first Apple slate.

So now we have the iPad succeeding the iPad 2, which in turn came to replace the iPad. This means that the iPad 2 is hotter than the iPad, but not as hot as the iPad. Confusing right? Read more »