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Upcoming Nvidia GTX 680 gets shown off in a leaked video

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The highly anticipated GeForce 600 ‘Kepler’ series GPU from Nvidia is on the brink of being launched with the flagship GTX 680 being the first out of the gate. With this new GPU, Nvidia plans on reclaiming the title of the world’s fastest single GPU graphics card, beating the recently launched AMD Radeon HD 7970.

But before the wraps come off, someone has already managed to snag the official video of the GTX 680 and uploaded it on YouTube. Read more »

Pantech Burst for AT&T battery test is over, here are the results

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The LTE rocking Pantech Burst for AT&T has a relatively small for its spec sheet, 1650mAh battery on board, which has a lot to deal with. We were therefore quite curious to find out how will it fare in our battery test.

As always, the first feature we examined was the device’s talk time. Read more »

Minecraft for XBLA to be announced soon

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News posted on the official Xbox Live Arcade games blog hints at an imminent announcement of an arcade version of Minecraft.

The upcoming edition will be called Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (I know, we were shocked, too) in order to distinguish it from the PC game. To celebrate the upcoming announcement, is giving away two custom Minecraft Xbox 360s, although when and under what conditions is still up in the air.

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Chrome managed to temporarily become the most used browser

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It has finally happened! Internet Explorer and all of its versions got kicked out of their cozy throne as the world’s most popular browser by the new kid on the browser block – Google Chrome.

Sadly, this happened only for a brief day. According to StatCounter’s data, Chrome’s victory only lasted 24 hours, on March 18 and IE has claimed its old position on the top spot since then.

Read more »

Virtua Tennis smashes its way onto the Xperia PLAY

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Virtua Tennis Challenge is now available exclusively for the Android-powered Xperia PLAY.

Some cool features include the ability to play multiplayer over Bluetooth with others, use different touch gestures to hit different shot types, as well as a career mode. Read more »

Consumer Report says new iPad reaches temps of 46.6 degrees Celsius

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The new iPad runs hotter than the iPad 2 – yesterday we saw the first exact numbers of just how much hotter and also Apple’s response. Today, it’s Consumer Report’s turn to weigh in on the issue and their measurements show a much more drastic difference in operating temperatures.

They put the new iPad on a smart cover, plugged it in, switched off 4G connectivity and left the Wi-Fi on. The temperature in the room where the test was conducted was 22°C (72°F). Infinity Blade II was left to run for 45 minutes and then the measurements were made. Read more »

Panasonic GF5 mirorless camera leaks, to offer better high-ISO performance

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We just got photos of an upcoming and yet unannounced member of the Panasonic EVIL camera family. The mirrorless Panasonic GF5 will succeed the GF3 and will reportedly offer much better high-ISO performance.

According to the source, the Panasonic GF5 sensor will be as good as the 18MP camera sensors inside the Canon 7D and 60D when you go wild with the ISO setting. That’s a pretty good achievement for a Micro Four Thirds camera, given the smaller size of its sensor, compared to APS-C. Read more »

Google updates Gmail and Maps web apps

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Google has updated both its online version of Mail as well as Maps. The new update to Gmail will now tell you exactly why an email was put inside your spam folder. You could see different messages, depending upon the type of mail and its contents. It could tell you about a malicious link or virus, or that the contents of a mail matches other spam messages or that you have previously marked messages from that particular sender as spam.

This should come in handy on occasions where Gmail wrongly puts a mail into the Spam filter but considering how rare that is you won’t be finding much use for this new feature. Nevertheless, it’s good to have it around. Read more »

Angry Birds Space releases tomorrow. Meet all the new birds first.

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Rovio’s space themed Angry Birds Space marks the first real departure from their usual bird flinging action. I mean it’s still bird flinging, but this time it’s in space, which means the gravitational force in action here is a little different from the one you experience on Earth.

After a ton of promotion, including by NASA, the game is finally set to launch tomorrow, on March 22 on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. But before you download and start playing the game, here are some short videos to familiarize yourself with the updated birds that you will be playing with in this new game. Read more »

Apple talks about the new iPad heating complaints

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A few hours ago we told you that some users are complaining that their new iPad is hotter than the iPad 2. The test shows it is indeed warmer than its predecessor when put on stress with just over 5°C.

Apple quickly issued a statement on the matter. Here it is: Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III to support wireless charging out of the box?

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More rumors on the upcoming Galaxy S III have hit the mill and the latest one suggest that the next Samsung flagship will be using wireless charging, rather than the conventional microUSB charging.

According to DDaily, the back of the device will integrate all the elements needed for wireless charging and you won’t even have to place the smartphone on a charging pad. Rumor has it that it will work even with the Galaxy S III located as far away as two meters from it. Read more »

Viber for Symbian confirmed, Maemo stays ignored in the corner

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Symbian Nokia OS fans, rejoice! Viber officially confirmed that its famous free calling app will be getting support for your platform soon.

The good news came, weirdly, from the Maemo community forum, but since they were delivered directly by Viber representatives they are as official as it gets. They confirmed that a Viber version compatible with the Nokia proprietary platform is under development, but sadly, Maemo users will have to wait a bit more. Read more »

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio updated with more levels

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Rovio just updated its Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio titles with new levels. Just two days before the launch of the brand new Angry Birds Space game, the company’s developers delivered a nice treat to the Angry Birds addicts around the world.

Angry Birds new UI • Angry Birds Rio new bonus levels

The original Angry Birds game got 15 new tropical themed levels, part of the new 45-level Surf and Turf episode. In addition to the new levels, the update also brings new UI, new animated tutorial and some gameplay improvements such as the fast-forward key for quickly jump to the score screen after you’ve killed the last pig. Read more »

HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 7 Tango ROM, proves it can run anything

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The HTC HD2 is probably the most versatile smartphone out there. Why? Well, not only there’s an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich port and a Windows Phone 7 ROM available, but the HD2 can even dual boot them. And if that wasn’t enough, you can add Ubuntu to the boot equation.

So the love of the developer community for the smartphone should come as a surprise to no one. And neither should the HTC HD2′s latest achievement – running Windows Phone 7 Tango. Read more »

BBC iPlayer goes live for Xbox 360 in the UK

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The BBC’s popular VOD service iPlayer, which brings you popular TV and Radio programs from their site as well as on various mobile devices and and web-enabled TV’s, is now also available on the Xbox 360.

One cool feature that the developers have implemented for this version is the ability to control the application using gestures via the Xbox Kinect controller. Read more »