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Unofficial Counter-Strike port hits Android devices, join in the action [VIDEO]

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I can’t believe I am writing this – Counter-Strike has gone mobile. Yes, one of the most played and famous multiplayer first-person shooters is undergoing serious development for Android devices.

The games comes courtesy of the devs over at XDA. Currently, they are working on two versions – 5o (that’s five-oh), which runs on Android 2.0+ devices and 6p, which is for Android 2.3+ devices and looks a lot like Counter-Strike 1.6. Read more »

Popular holiday gifts – tablet and e-reader ownership doubled in the US compared to December last year

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The Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted several studies in the US, which show an interesting trend – in about a month over this past holiday season, the number of owners of tablets and e-readers almost doubled.

In mid-December around 10% of people in the US owned a tablet and just as many owned an e-reader. The study done in early January showed that ownership had jumped to 19% for tablets and for e-readers. Read more »

CyanogenMod to launch its own application store, to feature apps removed from the Android Market

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CyanogenMod is working on releasing their very own application store for Android. The idea was originally by one of CyanogenMod team members Koushik Dutta, who wanted to create an application store that would host applications that were removed from Android Market for some reason. This would include stuff like one click root apps, game emulators, tether apps, visual voicemail apps, etc. Although Google’s Market is open, some of these apps do get removed from time to time when they don’t meet Google’s or the carrier’s terms and conditions.

The other reason to have their own application store is so that they could use a small portion of the money coming in from app sales to fund the CyanogenMod project, which has been made available to users for no cost at all. Read more »

Brookstone’s WiFi cufflinks add hotspot functionality to your dinner attire

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These little beauties have enough tech inside to make James Bond blush whilst making sure you look sharp too.

A set of Brookstone's WiFi cufflinks

Brookstone’s latest creations are geeky enough to join the ranks of GameBoy cufflinks and 8-bit neckties, so what’s so special? Read more »

NEStalgia: A dose of super-sized gaming history as this giant joypad takes the world record

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Things that you used to think were huge as a kid, seem so much smaller once you grow up, your staircase or your Dad’s old car for example; but here’s something that appears to have grown up with us.

Giant NES Controller

There’s nothing like a super-sized NES controller to rekindle your childhood inner nerd. Read more »

Alan Wake to arrive on the PC in February, will be available exclusively through Steam

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When Microsoft and Remedy announced Alan Wake back in 2005, it was meant to be released both on the PC as well as the Xbox 360. The game wowed everyone with its visuals, which were to use the then-upcoming DirectX 10 technology from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game was canned with no word on future availability and it has been available exclusively on the Xbox 360 so far.

Now suddenly, almost two years after the game released on the Xbox, Remedy has announced the PC version of the game, which will be releasing in February. This is going to be the definitive version of the game, with improved higher resolution graphics (the screenshot above is in-game), support for keyboard/mouse/Xbox controller, stereoscopic 3D, and will come bundled with the two DLCs, ‘The Signal’ and ‘The Writer’. Read more »

Notion Ink Adam II to come with Ice Cream Sandwich, Texas Instruments processor

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The first Adam was an ambitious product from the India-based Notion Ink but was plagued with issues even before it started shipping and when eventually it did ship, the less than stellar performance meant that few actually bothered to purchase it resulting in what is possibly one of the biggest failures in the tablet segment.

But it seems Notion Ink isn’t going to let the lack of success of its first tablet leave this burgeoning segment. So now there is going to be an Adam II, which was rumored for a while now but has now been officially confirmed by the company. Read more »

Motorola building classrooms of the 21 century, shows uncanny Apple-styled video too

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Motorola has outed an article and video on building classrooms of the 21 century, where focus falls on using the Xoom tablet as an interactive tool for teaching and learning.

Now that, normally, would be all fine and good but the problem lies with the fact that Motorola, sly as they are, have released the video and article on the same day that Apple had their textbook-centric event in New York (touche!) Read more »

Get iOS 5 on your older generation iPhone…kinda

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A new custom firmware called Whited00r lets you install portions of iOS 5 on older iPhone models.

Whited00r brings a few modern improvements to the older iOS 3 and iOS 4 platforms to match the latest developments of iOS 5. Read more »

Motorola rolls out ICS update to Xoom Wi-Fi owners in the USA

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Motorola has started rolling out an OTA Ice Cream Sandwich software update to its Xoom Wi-Fi tablet but sadly only users in the US can take advantage so far.

Among the new features are a faster, updated browser, swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, browsers tabs, the new app launcher, resizable widgets and more. Read more »

Nokia Lumia 710 competes in our battery test, here are the results [TEST]

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The Nokia Lumia 710 just finished our battery test course and we guess you’re all very curios to see how it did compared to the Lumia 800. The 710 has a smaller battery (1300mAh vs. 1450mAh) and a different screen, which will have a major effect on the results.

Then again, when we tested the 800 it still hadn’t received it’s battery fix update from Nokia, so things might get pretty close. Read more »

BlackBerry OS 2.0 with contacts, email and calendar to launch on February 17, according to rumors

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The BlackBerry PlayBook caught a lot of flack when it launched because it lacked apps that seemed central to the functions of a business tablet – contacts, email and calendar. RIM has been working on adding these features in PlayBook OS 2.0, which rumor has it is finally launching on February 17.

We’ve seen leaked screenshots of the new apps a couple of times so we know what to expect. Read more »

Intel and Microsoft report record fiscal results for 2011

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Both Intel and Microsoft released today their fiscal results for the 2011 and the last quarter of 2011 respectively. Not surprisingly though, both companies report record earnings.

For Q4 of last year Intel reported $13.9 billion in revenues, which brings the total for 2011 to $54 billion. This is a whopping $10 billion more (or 24%) than what the company managed to achieve in 2010. Read more »

Google announces record-breaking Q4 results, Google Plus has reached 90 million users

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Google reported its fiscal results for the last 2011 quarter and for the year 2011 as a whole. The Q4 results were a record for the search giant, with revenue topping the $10 billion milestone for the first time.

CEO Larry Page was also proud with their social network, Google Plus. It reached 90 million users, more than double the 40 million users reported in October. This also puts them on track to reach the predicted 100 million by the end of February (a prediction that sees Google Plus reaching 400 million users by the end of 2012). Read more »

ASUS tries to fix the GPS issues on Transformer Prime

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Transformer Prime users suffering from GPS issues can now hopefully get some help. We say hopefully, because the latest OTA bugfix update is leaving many users still suffering from GPS woes (and unrooted, among other things).

This is understandable, since even ASUS admitted that the all-aluminum back panel was causing connectivity issues, and therefore software fixes might not be enough. Read more »