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Samsung Galaxy Note stop-motion ad might be cooler than the phoneblet itself

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Hey yo dawg, Samsung heard you like stop motion, so it put stop motion in your stop motion! Jokes aside, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note ad is one of the most creative bits of advertising we have seen recently and we believe you may do a whole lot worse with a minute of your life than spending it to watch it.

Even though it didn’t quite have the budget that some of the other Samsung ads had, this video of just over a minute obviously took a substantial effort to create. Read more »

A better look at two of the new Angry birds – Ice Bird and Lazer Bird

by 11 comments

Rovio is gearing up to launch the next major version of their absurdly popular Angry Birds game and they’re stepping up the promotion – yesterday we saw a custom helmet for F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen and today brings more F1 promotion and two new birds.

Heikki’s compatriot Kimi Raikonen will wear a patch (seen above) featuring a new angry bird on his race suit. The bird was chosen to match Kimi’s nickname “Iceman” and is called (surprise!) Ice bird. Read more »

Wi-Fi-packing Samsung NX20 EVIL photos and specs leak

by 20 comments

The successor to the NX11, the upcoming NX20 interchangeable lens camera from Samsung has popped up in a series of images taken of a pre-production model.

Interestingly, the NX20 will supposedly feature full WiFi support, enabling you to transfer or stream pictures and videos wirelessly to other WiFi-enabled devices. Read more »

Unofficial WhatsApp for Nokia N9 and N900 in the works

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Maemo and MeeGo have an awesome community around them with strong DIY attitude. It’s thanks to that community that the Nokia N9 and the N900 are getting WhatsApp, even though the company behind it hasn’t made an official app for the platform.

The app is still a work in progress and you can’t get it right now, but it seems like the dev working on it is making headway. Read more »

Buying an iPad? Check out its most honest review yet first

by 61 comments

If you are reading this standing in line in front of the Apple Store in your country of residence it’s probably too late, but if you have decided to wait a few days and see if the new iPad is worth your hard-earned cash by all means see this first. It’s the first truly honest review of the Apple latest slate.

Okay, we might have oversold it a bit. What we actually have here is a pretty funny video that’s hardly worth much in terms of consumer advice, but is certainly worth checking out. Read more »

Rumor mill says Lenovo want the first Windows 8 tablet on the market to be theirs

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PC manufacturers can’t wait for Windows 8 to come out and they’ll be competing to be the first to offer a tablet running Microsoft’s new OS. Rumor has it that Lenovo will try to launch a W8 tablet as soon as the OS hits the shelves.

But they’ll have competition – Dell’s head honcho has already said “We’ll be there right on the very first day that Windows 8 is available”. Read more »

New Aakash 2 tablet comes with better specs and screen, retains $40 price tag

by 29 comments

Remember the Indian government’s project to put a tablet in the hands of every student? Well it seems to be progressing rather well and what we are seeing here is the second version of the ultra-cheap slate. The new Aakash slate is based on the Ubislate 7+ and brings a healthy improvement in specs without upping the price and represents a huge leap forward, just three months after the first version.

Most importantly, the 7″ resistive screen has been replaced by a capacitive one and the tablet got a proper CPU architecture – Cortex-A8. Okay, it’s an old proper architecture and at 700 MHz frequency it will hardly be blazing fast, but that’s more than you can demand from a $40 device. Read more »

Native panorama app for Lumia 800 just around the corner

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The Nokia Lumia 800 has one of the most solid cameras in the Windows Phone realm (or at least until the HTC Titan II comes out). However, this doesn’t mean Nokia is done improving it or has already moved on – in fact, the company just confirmed that there’s a cool new feature coming up for it.

The news came from the personal Twitter account of Damian Dinning – the head of the Nokia camera division. Apparently, the native panorama app is already on its way and we can probably count on it coming with the next software update. Read more »

Retina resolution iPad apps start populating the App Store

by 25 comments

It’s been just a week since Apple announced the new iPad and already we are seeing a decent number of apps optimized for the Retina resolution. In fact, Apple has even created a new category within iTunes that highlight these new apps optimized for the new iPad.

Now these aren’t new apps but just ones that have been spruced up to run at a higher resolution. In some cases, such as the Kindle App, it was basically making the text look sharper and in cases of 3D games like Infinity Blade II, the developers would have had to go through a lot more trouble to pour in enough detail to make the game look good enough at that resolution. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook will get BlackBerry 10 OS eventually

by 8 comments

It is yet to be decided whether there will be a second PlayBook or not, but one thing is certain for the current generation – it will be updated with the BlackBerry 10 OS once the OS is out eventually.

RIM has still to reveal the first BB10-based smartphones this year and eventually release one of them until the end of 2012. Read more »

The Amazon Appstore celebrates its 1st birthday with deals, discounts and free Kindle Fires

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Amazon are today celebrating their Android Appstore’s first birthday and in light of this fact, they’ve come over all generous. As well as a number of discounts on popular paid apps, they’re also giving away eight Kindle Fire’s between now and the end of March.

Amazon celebrate 1 year of the Appstore

As well as the week-long app discounts, the company also revealed a number of stats which they’ve been able to pull over the course of the year. For one, there are now some 31,000+ applications available to download from the Appstore up from 4000 last year, but lets talk more about those deals. Read more »

Archos’ G10 xs series tablets set their sights on Asus’ Transformer family

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To coincide with Archos now shipping Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on their current G9 tablet family, two new models have emerged to join lineup, the Archos 80 G9 Turbo and the Archos 101 G9 Turbo.

a line drawing of the soon to be announced Archos G10 xs

These two new devices come similarly specced with 1.5GHz CPUs and ICS, the 80 utilizes an 8-inch display, whilst the 101 a, you guessed it, 10.1 inch display. Depending on the device and storage capacity you opt for prices range from $310 to $425. These two tablets have little time to bask in the limelight however as Archos’ next tablets under the banner of the G10 xs Series, ready themselves for deployment. Read more »

HTC One S, One X rooted before release

by 7 comments

The HTC One S has joined the One X in the elite ranks of devices which have been rooted before actually being available for purchase on the market!

Both devices can be rooted fairly easily, save for one little caveat: they require an unlocked bootloader to do so. Read more »

Blizzard officially announces the release date for Diablo 3, mark your calendars for May 15

by 14 comments

So that’s that, then. Goodbye social life, goodbye hygiene and hello fizzy drinks, fast food and sleepless nights! For Diablo 3 will soon be in my possession.

After years and years of waiting Blizzard finally announced the release date of the long awaited game. Diablo 3 will become available exactly two months from now, on May 15. Read more »

Mozilla will add h.264 video codec support after all, starting with Boot 2 Gecko and Android

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Initially Mozilla took a firm stance when it came to HTML5′s video tag – only open-source video codecs are welcome, proprietary stuff like h.264 will not be supported. Now however, their position has softened – Firefox will support whatever media codecs the host OS has in addition to Theora (which was there from the start).

The change will first be implemented in their experimental Boot 2 Gecko mobile OS (which we saw in action at the MWC) and later added to the Android version of Firefox. Desktop Firefox might prove a bigger challenge, however. Read more »