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Nokia PureView 808 shoots its own promo video

by 30 comments

Most smartphone manufacturers use insanely expensive equipment to shoot the promos of their devices. Nokia, however, didn’t need any of this as it has the PureView 808.

The Finns have recorded the latest promo video of their upcoming flagship cameraphone on the device itself, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed that if we didn’t tell you. Read more »

HTC One X drop test surfaces

by 23 comments

The HTC One X was released in Europe a few weeks back, and its been making the internet rounds ever since, undergoing almost every test under the sun and scoring some impressive results along the way.

If you’re thinking about picking up one of these bad boys, then you may be curious to see how it performs in a drop test. Or, maybe you just like seeing expensive, brand-new smartphones dropped from various heights. Read more »

NVIDIA Tegra 3+ with improved performance arriving this year, won’t have LTE

by 32 comments

NVIDIA announced that it will be releasing an updated version of the Tegra 3, called the Tegra 3+, some time in 2012. It will feature improved performance and will be available on both tablets and smartphones.

Unfortunately, though, unlike what it said before, this updated version won’t be bringing LTE support to Tegra 3. This has been one of the shortcomings of this chipset because of which hardware manufacturers such as HTC had to turn to Qualcomm for powering their LTE phones. Read more »

HTC survey says customers prefer thin phones over better battery life

by 124 comments

In a survey conducted last year, HTC asked its customers whether they prefer phones with great battery life or those that compromise battery life to be thin and it seems the majority of the people voted for the second option.

HTC was to use the results of this poll to decide the design of their future products and considering the outcome, decided to discard phones with massive 3,000mAh+ batteries in favor of those that are thinner. Hence, the One series phones. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 does a short interview in front of our camera

by 44 comments

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 doubles on a lot of the specs of its predecessor. For instance, the CPU has an extra core, there is a second camera on board, more than twice the number of pixels on a bigger screen, along with extra RAM, built-in storage and so on.

The Ace 2 dropped by our office and while it can’t stay long, we’ll have enough time for a preview (it’s a pre-production unit anyway). But first things first, it’s time for a quick hands-on video. Read more »

Domino’s Pizza delivery scooters bring uncontrollable laughter, delicious pizza

by 26 comments

Electricity-driven vehicles are great. They hug trees and save polar bears like nothing else, but they have one major flaw. They are almost perfectly quiet. Thus, they threaten pedestrians and other motorists, which might not hear them approaching.

To work around this, Domino’s Pizza has created what it calls a “Safe Sound” box, which is placed on their pizza delivery electrical scooters . And the result? Hilarity ensues on the streets of the Netherlands. Read more »

HTC continues publishing device source codes

by 17 comments

The latest additions to the long list of HTC devices, whose source code has been made public, just got even longer. The 18 new additions cover various versions of 6 devices, among which previous flagships such as the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE.

The list continues with smartphones of the likes of the US-only HTC Vivid and myTouch 4G Slide plus the elderly Desire HD and the still hot-off-the-press HTC One V. Read more »

Take a look inside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters

by 22 comments

Apple is one of the most secretive tech companies to have ever existed and it should surprise no one only the exterior of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters gets shown.

What’s on the inside is only known to Apple’s staff and Apple’s seniors want everyone to know as little as possible about how the company operates. AppleGazette, however, gathered a collection of photos showing just what it’s like to be in Apple’s Cupertino campus. Read more »

Samsung announces the mirrorless NX20, NX210 and NX1000, Wi-Fi-enabled digicams

by 6 comments

If you’ve missed it, the Samsung NX series comprises of cameras that use a big-size sensor and mirror-less technology.The new cameras include the NX20, which replaces the NX10, then the NX210, which replaces last year’s NX200, and an entirely new entry level model, the NX1000. All the three new digicams have 20.3MP APS-C sized CMOS sensors, an ISO range up to 12,800, 1080/30p video recording and yes, Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Wi-Fi connectivity allows the cameras some nifty “Smart Camera” capabilities, such as automatically backing-up images when you’re around your home Wi-Fi network, but also control of the camera via a ‘remote viewfinder’ app on your smartphone. And finally, direct uploading to online social and cloud-drive services. You can have your photos emailed or posted on Facebook directly from the camera, for instance… Impressive stuff, especially having in mind that the NX series produces some serious quality pics thanks to the big image sensor and nice optics. Read more »

Samsung US: the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will have a dual-core processor

by 17 comments

Well, it was a nice dream but it’s time for a wake up call – a representative from Samsung US contacted us and clarified that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will have a dual-core processor and not a quad-core as yesterday’s rumor claimed.

Here’s what the company representative told us: “The US version of 10.1 tablet will still have a dual-core CPU and it’s still shipping on May 13th, with pre-orders starting on May 4th.” Read more »

God of War: Ascension trailer released

by 14 comments

Prepare your PlayStations, for the all mighty God of War is coming back. Rumors of this game have been circulating for a while now but we finally have the full trailer courtesy of the PlayStation Facebook page.

The game will be called God of War: Ascension, unlike the God of War IV name that was being floated around till now. Also, unlike what I imagined, this doesn’t seem like a successor to God of War III but more like a prequel, where they show how Kratos came to be known as the Ghost of Sparta. Read more »

Nikon announces new entry level D3200 DSLR

by 10 comments

Nikon has updated its D3100 entry level DSLR with the new D3200. One of the major new features is a high-resolution DX format 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, up from the 14.2 megapixel sensor on the D3100. Despite the increased resolution, the new D3200 can now capture images at 4fps in burst mode, compared to 3fps on the D3100.

Other changes include 1080p video recording at 30fps instead of 24fps, 920k dot display instead of 230k dots and the ability to connect a Wi-Fi adaptor. Read more »

HTC Titan II brought 16MP of camera goodness to our office, here’s a hands-on

by 27 comments

As its name clearly suggests, the HTC Titan II is the rather quick sequel of the original Titan, whose sales began back in October. The AT&T exclusive newcomer has added LTE network connectivity, and a massive 16MP camera sensor to the spec sheet of its predecessor, with the rest of it left unchanged.

Like we already mentioned above, the rest of the HTC Titan II specifications are identical with the ones, found in its predecessor. Read more »

Apple’s latest Samuel Jackson ad spawns some truly hilarious parody clips

by 28 comments

If you follow us regularly, you should have caught Apple’s latest iPhone 4S ads featuring celebrities Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson.

You can imagine our amusement at the response of the creative user community. Here’s a mix of Siri playing dumb and Samuel Jackson’s thug performance in Pulp Fiction. Read more »

Nokia to open up 10k jobs with new Vietnam-based factory

by 21 comments

Expected to officially break the news to the world next Monday (April 23), Nokia will reportedly build a factory in Vietnam to speed up its device production rate.

According to sources quoting Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Markets for Nokia, the company will shell out a cool $300m to build the factory and will hire around 10 thousand people to work in it. Read more »