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Panasonic announces LUMIX DMC-GX1 and LUMIX DMC-3D1, priced at $700 and $500 respectively

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Panasonic has announced two new cameras, the LUMIX DMC-GX1, which is their latest Micro Four Thirds camera and the LUMIX DMC-3D1, which is a point and shoot 3D camera.

The LUMIX DMC-GX1 features a 16.01 megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine and is capable of shooting at ISO 12,800. It uses a contrast auto-focus system, which is more accurate than a phase difference system. The auto-focus system is also really fast and is claimed to focus in just 0.09 second. Read more »

Firefox 8 now available for download, brings nothing significant to the table, again

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It was fun in the beginning but now reporting a new version of Firefox has become as mundane as telling the time. Just a few weeks after Firefox 7 came out Mozilla has now released Firefox 8.

But this isn’t an official release yet. The official launch is slated for November 8 but keeping with their tradition Mozilla has provided the Firefox release on their FTP servers a couple of days before. Read more »

Samsung Focus Flash stormed in, here’s the video [HANDS-ON]

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The Samsung Focus Flash is part of the first wave of handsets from Korea, sporting Windows Phone 7.5 out of the box. The device is the budget oriented sibling of the Samsung Focus S.

Budget however, Read more »

Android-based Motorola Corvair TV controller-tablet thingy leaks, piques our curiosity

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A rather curious devices has been uncovered by the people at The Verge. The device claims to be a wireless controller for some other device and is shown operating a TV, which is presumably connected to the mystery device.

The Motorola Corvair, as it is called, itself is running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen. It communicates with other devices over IR or RF4CE using WI-Fi. There is a 4000mAh battery inside to provide to the juice for all the wireless interfacing and whatever else the device is capable. Read more »

Activision releases new Modern Warfare 3 trailer, features Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard

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It seems Battlefield 3 has stolen Call of Duty’s thunder, with the latter not generating as much interest as its predecessors. But Activision is not going to give up, not when the game is so close to launch. So here comes another trailer for the game.

But this is no ordinary trailer. It features live-action video with notable actors such as Sam Worthington, who plays a veteran gamer and Jonah Hill, who plays, you guessed it, a newbie. The video is actually pretty well made and not as cheesy as such videos usually tend to be. There is even a cameo in the end by American basketball player, Dwight Howard.

Click more to watch the video. Read more »

Transformer Prime benchmark results surface, make you stare in disbelief

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The 1.4GHz quad-core CPU that powers the Asus Transformer Prime sure sounds promising, but the real question is how much of a performance boost it brings. And, as it turns out, the answer is a lot. About two times, to be specific.

As it turns out, the Tegra 3 chipset isn’t all talk and no action – that thing is blazing fast. The Transformer Prime score appeared in the results browser of the AnTuTu benchmark and it’s more than twice higher than that of the Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom. Read more »

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.8GHz, gets ready to ace benchmarks

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is certainly one of the snappiest smartphones around, but there’s no such thing as a too fast CPU. That’s why the XDA community stepped in and pushed the clock speed of the CPU of the T-Mobile version of the smartphone to the mind-blowing 1.8 GHz.

The exact CPU frequency that was achieved is actually 1.836 GHz. The kernel used to achieve this kind of speed is publicly available and you can try it on your Galaxy S II, if you dare. Read more »

Motorola XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition get their pricing, still a bit steep for a tablet

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Yesterday Motorola unexpectedly dropped their announcement of the XOOM 2 family of tablets and the only thing they mentioned about pricing and availability was that the tablets will hit UK and Ireland in mid-November. The most important bit, pricing was left blank.

Well not anymore, as Recombu got an official word from Motorola themselves on how much the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition will cost you. Read more »

Google+ gets tighter YouTube integration, plays nicer with Chrome and Internet Explorer

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Google is continuing to add new features to its Google+ social network as it tries to upset the Facebook dominance in the online social service realm. The search giant just announced that it’s improving the Google+ integration of two of its other popular products – the YouTube video sharing service and the Chrome browser.

You’ll notice a new YouTube button at the top right of your Google+ page. Once you move your mouse over it a search field will pop up and you can look for a video to play. The video itself plays in a pop-up window, but you get the controls for it right on the Google+ page so you don’t need to switch tabs all the time. Read more »

RED announces the $9,750 SCARLET, shoots 4K RAW video and 5K still images

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Just when Canon’s parade was starting, here comes RED with the rain. The new SCARLET has just been announced and it costs nearly half of what the C300 does while at the same time managing to record 4K resolution 30fps RAW footage and 5K still images.

The size advantage of C300 has also been taken care of by the SCARLET. Although RED does not mention the actual dimensions on their site, hands-on pictures make it clear that the SCARLET is more or less the same size as the C300 and designed for hand-held usage like its big brother RED EPIC. Read more »

Canon showcases upcoming EOS Movie DSLR, will do 4K resolution video at 24fps

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More news from Canon. Continuing their assault on the professional video camera segment, Canon has showcased an upcoming and yet to be named EOS Movie DSLR.

The highlight of this camera is its full frame 35-mm sensor that can record 4K resolution videos at 24 fps in Motion-JPEG format. It was shown off with a new EF 50 lens and the gigantic Cine 24 lens you see above that even dwarfs the already large camera. Read more »

Canon announces C300 professional video camera, prices it at $20,000

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Canon has been making professional still cameras for a long time now but it is yet to enter the world of professional video camera, dominated by the likes of Arri and RED. But that’s history now with the announcement of the $20,000 Canon C300, Canon’s first professional video camera announced today at an event in the mecca of movies, Hollywood.

The two main features of the C300 according to Canon are the high video quality and the compact size of the camera. At 5.2 (w) x 7.0 (h) x 6.7 (d) inches, the C300 is one of the smallest professional video cameras around, making it possible to be used in tight spaces giving the director more room to be creative. Read more »

Motorola confirms Droid RAZR launch for 11/11/11 at 11.11 am with a cool ad [VIDEO]

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Here at GSMArena, we really love cool videos and we can’t help but notice that lately Motorola has been on a roll with the promo videos for its smartphones.

After the XOOM 2 tablets announcement earlier today, Moto has reveiled the launch date for the Droid RAZR for Verizon Wireless. The hotly anticipated launch is goint to take place on 11 November 2011 at 11.11 AM. Yes, Motorola will be launching the RAZR exactly at this date, 11.11 AM sharp. Sharp but fast as well, as you’ll see in a minute. Read more »

Watch the Sony Ericsson Xperia active take a dip [VIDEO]

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We were itching to test the Xperia active’s water resistance ever since it first stepped in our office.

Naturally, the water test is the most fun to do and we wanted to check out the wet finger tracking Sony Ericsson is bragging about. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus rooted. Wait, what?

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Apparently, we don’t even need to have the smartphone on the market for a root solution to appear. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is two weeks away from making any official sales, but a MoDaCo forum member already knows how to root it.

There’s even a handy tutorial in case you want to try that with your own Galaxy Nexus. Oh, right – you don’t have one yet. Well if you plan on getting one, you might want to bookmark the source link below. Read more »