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Next iPhone may have a clever voice-guided Assistant to do stuff for you

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A top-secret snapshot has surfaced of an “Assistant” function on iOS 5, which has people hitting the speculation button that this could be the fruits of the Apple’s Siri buy last year and the work with Nuance’s text-to-speech technology.

For those unfamiliar with Siri – it’s a voice-controlled assistant on the iPhone that can carry out cool orders like finding you a restaurant near your location, book tickets and more. So far it works via a dedicated app but this new screenshot could mean that we’re in for some deeper OS integration. The benefits of such an app built right into the OS is that apart from access to the internet it could get access to your contacts information and more, thus ending up being much more useful than a simple voice controller. Also such a feature could cut your physical texting in half by providing fluent voice-to-text conversion. Read more »

Verizon’s LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launches on July 28th

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The Wi-Fi only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been selling in the States since June, but those of you holding out for Verizon’s LTE model will be pleased to hear that they only have to wait a couple of days more until a promise launch that’s due in this Thursday.

An official-looking, but not officially released slide pins the launch date of the 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 on July 28th. Read more »

Angry Birds Mine and Dine second update is out, brings 15 more cave themed levels

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It’s been just over a month since the Mine and Dine Episode rolled out for the original Angry Birds game. It should offer 45 levels (not counting the golden eggs) – 15 are already available, 15 you get today and 15 more should be released in a month or so.

More pigs, more stalactites, more jewels and angrier birds await you. Read more »

Android’s UK market share grows at a furious rate, should be ahead of iOS by now

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According to the latest numbers posted by comScore, Android is continuing with its plans of world domination at freakishly fast pace. The market share of Google’s operating system grew by an astounding 634 percent in May 2011 in the UK in the past one year.

In comparison, iOS market share grew by only 46 percent, which might not seem much but it is still doing a lot better than the others, particularly Symbian and Microsoft, whose market shares fell by 10 and 32 percent respectively. Read more »

iOS 5 beta 4 is out, comes via OTA update and is already jailbroken

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Apple has released the fourth iOS 5 beta version. For the first time you can get it as a OTA update (133MB) in addition to the standard download and install process via iTunes.

Actually, if you have an iOS 5 beta 3 running device, you should be already notified about the new update. Read more »

Here’s what Sony Ericsson Mobile BRAVIA Engine really does [REVIEW]

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If you have been keeping track you would know that the recent batch of high-end Xperia smartphones pack some of the best LCD displays we have seen. Their Reality displays might lack a bit in viewing angles, but their image quality is downright splendid, and as the company would gladly tell anyone, their new Mobile BRAVIA Engine certainly plays a big part in delivering it.

Bravia Engine On
Note: Mouse over or tap to toggle between Bravia Engine on and off.

Now marketing talk is always sweet, but very rarely true so we decided to check out if that engine really does anything or it’s a gimick. Here come our observations along with plenty of photos evidence that we gathered along the way. Read more »

The Galaxy S Plus i9001 revisits our office in full battle gear [VIDEO]

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We already had the pleasure of getting the Galaxy S Plus around our office a while back. It even guest-starred in an epic fight with the Optimus 2X and Galaxy S II and survived to head its own preview. All the while it was powered by a pre-release 1.2GHz processor instead of the final 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255T one. Now it’s here with all the toppings in all of its retail glory and you can bet it’s ready for its own review.

As we’re working on it we thought we’d at least bring you an unboxing video with a short UI demonstration. Read more »

Next iPad to have Retina display? So says LG Display CEO

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Rumors of an iPad with Retina display began circulating shortly before the current iPad 2 became official. It has been speculated to arrive as early as Q4 this year, bringing more bang than ever before.

Well, LG’s Display CEO – Kwon Young-soo jumped in and poured more gasoline into the rumor mill fire by saying in an interview with the Korean Times that LG’s Retina display have been used in iPhones and iPads. He went on saying that more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing the Retina display. Read more »

Ad-supported Fruit Ninja now available for free in Android Market

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If you have an Android-based smartphone and don’t like to pay for games, here is some good news for you. Halfbrick Studios has just launched an ad-supported version of Fruit Ninja and you can get it for free from the Android Market right now.

The game was launched back in March in the Amazon’s app store for free, then hit the Android Market for $1.29. Read more »

Nokia Maps comes to challenge Google Maps on iOS and Android

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Nokia Maps is well known alongside Google Maps and Bing Maps though it’s been naturally exclusive to Nokia phones on the mobile scene. Starting today, the service is available to iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone) and Android phones with HTML5-compatible browsers. This means that you’ll be able to use the browser-based Nokia Maps services (directions, searching for places, browsing maps) on your iOS or Android smartphone without the need to change camps.

As I personally can attest, Nokia Maps works great on an iPhone 4. It offers full multi-touch support and feels fluid. All services on it (positioning yourself on the map, searching for directions, etc.) work just fine. Read more »

Check out the Angry Birds Summer Pignic cinematic trailer – epicness all over

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The Angry Birds Seasons episode – Summer Pignic got its final level unlocked yesterday and if you’re already feeling sad to see it end you can watch this cool trailer made for the episode by creator RovioMobile.

The video shows the typical birds-vs-pigs battleground situation, a slingshot and the eggs being held hostage. It looks as though the pigs will prevail until the boomerang bird swoops in to save the eggs seconds before it’s too late. Read more »

GSMA is not moving the MWC for another six years, Barcelona stays the mobile’s world capital

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GSMA has just announced it has decided on the city to host the Mobile World Congress from 2013 to 2018. It’s once again Barcelona, Spain. As you might have heard, GSMA had to decide between four cities – Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Munich. The MWC 2012 was supposed to be Barcelona’s last one but it seems the city once again came up with the best bid.

There will be some changes though. Starting 2013, the MWC will be held at a new venue – the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. Judging by the few photos we found, the new fairgrounds look awesome and we can’t wait to see the new place in two years. Read more »

Microsoft Q2 results are out – things are looking good

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Microsoft has just released their financial results for the quarter ending in June and it appears that all is rosy at Redmond. The company recorded its highest ever revenue – $17.37 billion, which is 8% higher than Q2 of 2010.

Profits rose by the amazing 30% over the same period of last year and reached $5.87 billion. Just about every division of the company had a good quarter, but the Entertainment & Devices division is certainly the most impressive with its 30% growth in revenue, driven by the hugely successful Xbox 360. Read more »

Viber for Android: The good the bad and the ugly [REVIEW]

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The Viber application that won the hearts of over 12 million iOS users has now landed on the Android Market, doing just about everyone involved a favor. Android users now have another way to make free calls and send free messages (data charges not counting), iOS users can do that with a lot larger portion of their contact list and Viber gets more users. And now that we had a day or so to play with the app we bring you our take on it.

To get started with Viber you need to go to the Android Market from either you phone or your desktop browser and install the free app. You then go through a quick activation process, where you enter your phone number (the only ID you would need) and then wait for an SMS to arrive, containing your activation code. Read more »

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launches on Android as an Xperia PLAY exclusive

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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has just got a nice FPS exclusive among the rest of the droids. EA has launched Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xperia PLAY via its dedicated game store.

The game has been released for the iOS gadgets since the last December and its price there has been varying between €0.79 and €2.39. Read more »