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Galaxy Tab 10.1 to come bundled with the upcoming Kia K9

by 8 comments

If you preorder the upcoming Kia K9 in Korea, crosstown manufacturer Samsung will throw in a tablet for free.

And not just any Galaxy Tab 10.1, but one that integrates into the car as well, doubling as a SatNav unit and an entertainment center. Read more »

Microsoft brings the Windows Phone Web Marketplace to 22 new markets

by 13 comments

If you are a Windows Phone user you are probably familiar with how the Marketplace works. In case you don’t want to browse apps from your Marketplace app on your phone you could only check them out via Zune or some third-party service.

That’s why last September Microsoft launched the Web Marketplace where you can browse and purchase apps directly from your browser. It’s a neat feature, much like the one Android users have been enjoying for a while now. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 battery test finishes, results come out impressive

by 36 comments

The battery test of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 is done – it took some time, but the Y Duos is quite different from most other phones we’ve tested, both because it’s a dual-SIM phone and because it’s a fairly low-end Android.

We couldn’t run the video battery test as our standard test videos just wouldn’t work and a lower-res video wouldn’t make for a fair comparison. We doubt many people will be interested in watching a movie on a 3.14″ QVGA screen anyway. Read more »

Motorola wins injunction against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Windows 7 in Germany

by 14 comments

Motorola has just won an injunction against Microsoft in Germany. The ban covers the Xbox 360 console, the Windows 7 OS, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

As you probably guessed, the suit was over patent infringement – Motorola claims Microsoft has infringed about 50 of its patents and demands billions in compensation. Meanwhile, Moto will have the right to ban the products using the questioned patents. Read more »

Amazon launches desktop app for its Cloud Drive service

by 5 comments

Amazon has launched a desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X to accompany its Cloud Drive service.

Unveiled last year, the Cloud Drive service from Amazon was only accessible through a web browser on a desktop computer, but now the desktop app will let you directly access your cloud-stored files. Read more »

Time lapse video shot with Nokia 808 PureView is gorgeous, shows off its zoom capabilities

by 27 comments

Nokia released a new video shot with their 808 PureView monster of a cameraphone and it’s awesome. It’s a time-lapse video shot in South Africa and it really highlights the power of the creative mode feature – the mode that uses oversampling to improve quality and allow for lossless digital zoom.

Check out the video after the break, just make sure to view it in 1080p and in fullscreen so you can enjoy it in its full shine. Read more »

Bang & Olufsen announces BeoPlay V1 LCD TV and BeoPlay A3 iPad speaker dock

by 5 comments

Bang & Olufsen, more commonly known as B&O, has launched a new LCD TV called the BeoPlay V1. The best part about this set is the flexibility of its design that allows you to position it in multiple ways.

The TV has a unique mount for the stand that allows four different positions. One allows you to wall mount the TV, the other can be used to place it on the floor at a sufficient height so that it is approximately the same height as your seating position, the other places it at floor level with a tilt to point it towards you and the last one lets you hang the TV from the ceiling so it looks like it is suspended in mid-air. Read more »

Google Play Store can now charge your movie, music and book downloads to your phone bill

by 16 comments

The Play Store has had the ability to charge your app downloads to your phone bill in certain markets and on certain carriers.

Now Google has expanded that to include movies, music and ebooks, basically everything that can be bought off the Play Store, as well. Read more »

Microsoft to allegedly launch subsidized $99 Xbox 360 with Kinect next week

by 17 comments

The Verge has managed to get their hands on some rather exciting news for gamers in the US who cannot afford to pay the full price for an Xbox-Kinect bundle but would still want to get their hands on one.

According to their sources, Microsoft is set to launch a subsidized version of the Xbox-Kinect bundle only for $99 and it could be released as early as next week. Read more »

Gmail gets a couple of hot new features – translation and mute

by 14 comments

Gmail Labs released two new features to the popular mail client – Automatic Message Translation and Smart Mute. It also tweaked the Gmail titles to highlight the number of unread messages.

The most important addition is Auto Translate – it basically incorporates Google’s translate feature into your email, which is something many have demanded for a long time now. Read more »

HTC releases 1.29.401.7 OTA update for the One X

by 32 comments

HTC released the first OTA update for the One X last week, but the Taiwanese are already ready with update number 2. The new firmware release is 1.29.401.7 and is supposed to improve several aspects of the handset’s UI and performance.

The update is 35MB in size and provides minor bug fixes as well as various system improvements and optimization. HTC hasn’t released an official changelog as of yet, but users over at the XDA forums report that power management has been improved resulting in better battery life. Read more »

HTC One X for AT&T is faster than the international version

by 57 comments

The recently released HTC One X for AT&T is surprisingly doing better in most of the popular benchmark tests as compared to its international sibling.

The reason for the sometimes noticeable differences is quite simple: despite the similar look and name, they actually have completely different insides. Read more »

CyanogenMod 9 now available for Galaxy Note international version

by 26 comments

For all you owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note who want some sweet custom ROM action, CyanogenMod now has a release based on its latest Android ICS build, Cyanogenmod 9, available for download.

If you’re willing to risk voiding your warranty, and you can get along with the few known issues, the CyanogenMod ROM is a great way to get some added functionality out of your device. Read more »

Sony VAIO launches T11 and T13, their first Ultrabooks

by 24 comments

Sony has officially announced their first Ultrabooks, the VAIO T11 and T13. As you can guess, the former has a 11-inch display and the latter a 13-inch display.

Both Ultrabooks will feature a sleek magnesium and aluminum body that will be 17.8mm thick. You get a full set of ports, including Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 and also an SD card slot. It has the traditional VAIO chicklet keyboard and a MacBook style trackpad that will hopefully will be similarly good. Read more »

Apple rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK and allow purchases outside the app

by 23 comments

Apple is under fire once again due to its App Store policies, this time for rejecting apps that use the Dropbox SDK. It goes like this: some developers were found complaining on Dropbox forums that their apps made using the Dropbox SDK are being rejected by Apple.

The reason given by Apple for these rejections is that these apps do not use in-app purchasing and instead open Safari and take the user to the Dropbox site and lets them purchase additional storage from there. Apple has had this rule for some time now that any app-related purchase should always take place within the app itself using in-app purchasing and not outside the app. Any app found in violation of this rule will be rejected or removed. Read more »