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Sony’s MWC video wall of 196 Xperia ZL phones is officially a Guinness world record

Sony had an interesting video wall at the MWC earlier this year – it was made out of 196 Sony Xperia ZL phones in a 14 x 14 grid and their 1080p screens were synchronized to display one 1.9m x 1m image (6 ft 2 in by 3 ft 4 in). The team behind it said that it’s a record-breaking wall and today the Guinness book of records concurred.

The previous record was held by a setup of only 72 phones, less than half of the Xperia ZL phones used in Sony’s wall.

The whole wall was about 85” in diagonal, 70” of which was active screen area. And since each of the building blocks – the 5” screens of the phones – has FullHD resolution, the final image has a whopping 406MP resolution (26,880 x 15,120).

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