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Google celebrates 50 billion km mark in Maps navigation, updates Android version

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Here comes an impressive milestone for you. Google Maps for Android has provided 50 billion kilometers of turn-by-turn navigation to its users. Quick calculations show that this is the distance you would cover if you traveled to the Sun and back 334 times.

To celebrate the occasion, Google has released Google Maps 6.5 for Android with a refreshed UI look and feel. The home screen in the Navigation part of the app is completely redesigned for Android 4.0+ devices and features a more intuitive and easier to use interface. Read more »

Google Play Movies launches in France, leaves rest of continental Europe hopeful

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France is joining the list of countries where purchasing movies from the Google Play store is possible. France is only the second European country to do so after the UK, which was one of four countries of the initial launch of the service, along with US, Canada and Japan.

To celebrate the launch of the Google Play Movie store in France, Google has made French classics like “La Grotte Des Reves Perdu” and “Le Bal Des Actrices” free to download. Read more »

Face unlock for Samsung Galaxy S requires blinking, is better than ICS face unlock

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After some hesitation, Samsung is finally delivering the promised Value pack update for the original Galaxy S. The new firmware adds some Ice Cream Sandwich features to the Gingerbread-tasting Galaxy, including Face unlock.

It turns out, though, the Face unlock is actually better than the one present in the stock Android ICS, which is easy to bypass with a photo. Samsung’s team responsible for the value pack heard those concerns and made this unlock option more secure. Read more »

Google explores personal analytics with Account Activity

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Google introduces a new way to track your personal usage by enabling you to view monthly usage statistics across various Google products.

Some of the statistics tracked include account sign-in locations, email and search usage, as well as how often you use various platforms. Read more »

Samsung I9300 M to come with eye-tracking and auto-dial?

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Yesterday we first heard the Samsung I9300 might be called Galaxy M and belong to the mid-range and now we already got our first glance of its specs. The new rumors have little facts to back them up, so you probably shouldn’t bet the farm on them coming up true, but they are more exciting enough to be worth checking out.

According to our source, the device might even drop the Galaxy branding and go by Samsung M. What’s more interesting, though, are few neat little tricks up its sleeve, including eye-monitoring feature, which will keep the display turned on if it recognizes you are looking at it. Read more »

Google Chrome 18 released with extended GPU acceleration

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Google has just released a new version of its Chrome web browser, giving it some extra weapons in the battle for dominance of the browser market. Three and a half years after its initial release, Google Chrome hits version number 18 and brought further-reaching GPU-acceleration support and extended WebGL support.

Google Chrome 18 enables GPU-accelerated Canvas2D on Windows and Mac computers with a discrete GPU or an APU, which should lead to a dramatic performance improvement in some web applications. Gaming has been specifically mentioned, but all graphic-intensive web apps should feel better on the new Chrome browser. Read more »

Kindle Fire 6.3 update brings loads of new features

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Amazon has pushed the 6.3 update to Kindle Fire. One of the new features that have been added is the ability to share the contents of the book that you’re reading. Users can highlight a particular passage from a book and then share it on a social network of their choice, without having to leave the book. These passages will also be available to other Kindle readers reading the same book.

Another new feature is Book Extras. It provides the user with additional content on a particular book, such as description of the characters, information on the author, etc. and is powered by the community driven book encyclopedia called Shelfari. Think of it as the special features in a DVD, but for your ebooks. Read more »

HTC Vivid for AT&T showed off its Android ICS update, here’s the video

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The LTE sporting HTC Vivid for AT&T is the first handset from the Taiwanese company’s U.S. lineup to get an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The older HTC Sense 3.0 got a bump as well – its version is now 3.6.

Quite naturally, we were curious to put the HTC take on Google’s latest OS through its paces. After all, the HTC Sense 3.6 flavored Android 4.0 ICS will find its way (it actually is already in some parts of the world) to the company’s dual-core Android lineup from last year. Therefore, if you happen to own a member of the aforementioned group of devices, read on to get an idea what will your phone’s interface look like after the major OS update. Read more »

Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi gets Android 4.0.4 update, beats everyone to it

by 17 comments

After getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the beginning of the year, the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi has now beat everyone to the chase, even Google’s own Galaxy Nexus, and has starting to receive an update to Android 4.04.

That being said, the update is incremental and doesn’t bring major new features, rather small bugfixes and enhancements. Read more »

PlayStation Orbis looking to be Sony’s next big console in 2013

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Despite any official word on Sony’s next major console unlikely to emerge until the likes of E3 next year, speculation, rumors and leaks have already started to creep out of the woodwork.

Playstation Controller timeline

First and foremost, the new name. It’s uncertain whether Sony intend on keeping it through to market, or whether it’s merely a placeholder during the developmental stages, but the company’s next leading console may well bear the name, ‘Orbis’. Read more »

Evernote for Android updated with speech-to-text and new widgets

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The extremely popular memo app, Evernote, just got a pretty major update in its Android reincarnation. Version 3.6 brings speech-to-text support a new theme and several new widgets, which should help it serve its role as an extension of your brain even better.

So from now on you will be able to dictate your notes, rather than create them with the on-screen keyboard. Naturally, voice notes are also supported, but there are times when you need to have the memo’s text, rather than just an audio file. Read more »

22nm Intel Ivy Bridge processors dated for April 29

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After numerous delays, Intel’s much-anticipated release of the new high-performance processors has finally been dated.

As an added bonus, the mobile Ivy Bridge processors will be released at the same time as their desktop counterparts. Read more »

Nokia Panorama app for the N9 hits the Nokia Store

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Nokia delivered on its promise to release a panorama app for its N9 former flagship. The application is called Nokia Panorama and is already available as a free download in the MeeGo section of the Ovi Nokia store.

The Nokia Panorama application aims to produce smooth panoramic images by automatically capturing and processing input images into a panorama, directly on your Nokia N9. Your N9 needs to be running PR1.2 firmware for the app to work, though. Read more »

ASUS Transformer Prime update to come tomorrow with LAN support and lockscreen notifications

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ASUS US just announced that the Transformer Prime is getting “awesome new features” thanks to an upcoming update. However, it didn’t provide any details about the said update so ASUS Italy had to come to the rescue and reveal the mystery.

And the news are heart-warming indeed. ASUS will launch an important update tomorrow, March 29 which will bring support for a new accessory called “Prime LAN cable”. Yes, the Transformer Prime will be able to rock an Ethernet LAN connection thus getting one step closer to being a full-fledged netbook. Read more »

Opera Mini 7 For Android released, brings better hardware acceleration and Speed dial

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Opera just released the latest version of its server-accelerated Mini web browser for Android. Opera Mini 7 brings several new features, including improved hardware acceleration, which should drastically improve its smoothness.

The Speed Dial screen has also been updated and you are now allowed to select the number of buttons you see there. Previously, Speed Dial was set to show 9 of your bookmarks and there was no way to alter that. Read more »