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Gmail for Android v2.3.5 update lets you pick what labels to sync, assign them custom ringtones

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After yesterdays update for Google Maps for Android, today it’s Gmail’s turn – the updated Android app now boasts better performance, can save bandwidth by syncing only priority email, and gives you fine-grained control over notifications.

You can head to the Market app on your droid and check the My Apps section to force the update or you can use the Android Market website. While the app is updating, here’s an overview of what’s new. Read more »

Plants vs Zombies for iOS gets 1.7 update – goes HD with Retina graphics support

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You’ve probably heard of Plants vs. Zombies – one of the hottest games on the App Store since day one. Today it got updated to version 1.7 on iOS to bring users Retina support which means that the graphics are now much crisper and just look awesome.

PopCap Games (creator of PvZ) has also said that they’ve removed some bugs along the way and even made the game speedier so the update is a must. Read more »

Asus Eee Pad Transformer gets Android Honeycomb 3.2 in the US

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If you happen to be situated in the United States and own an Asus Eee Pad Transformer, it’s your lucky day. Version 3.2 of Android Honeycomb is now out for the popular tablet-slash-netbook and with it come stretchable widgets and the compatibility zoom which will make smartphone apps much better to use on the bigger screen.

The 3.1 Honeycomb update came in the first half of June – those are some super-fast update cycles. Also if you have the Transformer plus the keyboard dock you can enjoy the dock’s USB host functionality. Read more »

Blackberry Messenger 6 is out, has become even more social

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The Blackberry Messenger is among the finest proprietary mobile instant messaging service out there, backed by a strong and dedicated crowd of followers. With the latest update of the app, the folks from RIM have kept all the familiar goodness, and added several new features, which have made the latest iteration of BBM even more social.

Now on with the new stuff Read more »

Here’s the proof that the LG Optimus Black running WP7 is fake

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Do you remember that news about the LG Optimus Black running Windows Phone 7? Well, as many of you guessed it, it’s faker than fake. The phone is not running WP7, but a specially created prank demo app that just looks like it – it’s not even a full featured launcher.

As it turns out, the Optimus Black was running an app, called aPhone 7 3D, which is available on the Android Market for free. Read more »

New Google Maps 5.8 on Android lets you add your own Places, upload your own photos

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Google Maps for Android just got bumped to version 5.8, with the main focus falling on making Places and Latitude better. The new version lets you add a new place to check into, if one isn’t already available (bringing it up to speed with Facebook’s check-ins), and you can snap and upload your own photos of a place which will help other users decide if that’s a place they want to visit.

Two features that debuted on the desktop have made their way to the mobile client too – My Places and Descriptive terms. Read more »

SPB Shell 3D for Android gets updated, now offers stereoscopic 3D mode

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SPB Software has released a new version of its SPB Shell 3D interface for Android. In addition to the 3D interface with panes and the 3D dynamic widgets, SPB has added lots of other awesome goodies.

The most notable new feature is the 3D stereoscopic support (Optimus 3D, anyone?). Read more »

Sony refreshes its Walkman range with four new models, fails to get anyone excited

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Dedicated music players these days are an endangered species, slowly fading away into irrelevance due to the popularity of mobile phones with high quality sound but Sony is not ready to give up yet and to prove that has refreshed their Walkman range of music players with new models.

The NWZ-A860 is the only one with the touchscreen in the bunch. Along with that 2.8-inch, 400 x 240 touchscreen display, you also get Sony’s Clear Audio thingummies, Bluetooth for streaming audio as well as transferring photos to and from another Bluetooth enabled device and 8 and 16GB of internal storage space. The two variants are priced at $179 and $219 respectively. Read more »

Olympus reveals PEN E-PL3 pricing and availability, launches SP-810UZ

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Last month we wrote about three new Olympus cameras, the PEN EP-3, E-PL3 and E-PM1. Out of these, only the price for the E-P3 was revealed back then.

Now Olympus has decided they should let us know about the price of one more of the three cameras. So here it is. The Olympus PEN E-PL3 will cost you $699.99 and will come with a 14-42mm zoom lens or 17mm prime lens. It will be sold in three colors; black, white and red and will start shipping in September. Read more »

Opera shows off its efficiency with server-side web content compression [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you like browsing on your mobile, but don’t like worrying about hitting your data cap, you might have opted for some sort of unlimited data plan (like myself).


Such plans have become scarce of late as carriers wise up to the potential revenue benefits that data caps can bring, whilst helping take a little load off their networks at the same time. Read more »

Microsoft adds native support for previewing RAW image files in Windows

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Downloading Microsoft’s camera codec pack (16.0.0652.0621) will enable your Windows 7 or Vista OS to show RAW format pictures in Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery and it has support for about 120 DSLR cameras. This means that you’ll no longer get the “unknown file” icon when looking into an album of RAW format images.

The RAW photo format is like a digital negative of a photo made with a DSLR camera. It contains (ideally!) uncompressed data from each individual pixel of the camera’s sensor and in layman’s terms it’s a bigger, unprocessed version of the JPEG photo. Read more »

New Android Market app starts rolling out, here’s a quick review

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Google announced the updated version of the Android Market app a while back but there was one small problem, the update wasn’t available for download then. But now we are hearing Google has finally started rolling out the update to device with Android 2.2 and higher. And we couldn’t help ourselves and we went to see what it’s all about.

The version number for this latest update is 3.0.27 (the one that leaked before was 3.0.26). Apparently, if you were running the previously leaked version you will automatically be updated to the new version.

Personally, I didn’t receive the update automatically (and I have a Nexus S, for crying out loud) so I got impatient and sideloaded it. I have been using it for some time now and here are my quick impressions of it. Read more »

Stereoscopic hands-on video of the LG Optimus 3D focuses talks about the 3D

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We’ve reviewed the LG Optimus 3D just recently and told you all about its screen, the 3D cameras, and the 3D games. But nothing beats a video review of the Optimus 3D that’s shot in real 3D? Well, the guys at One Mobile Ring recorded a 11 minute video walkthrough of the phone’s more exciting features.

The video is uploaded to YouTube which supports plenty of anaglyph or polarized glasses – but just think, if you had an Optimus 3D you could use the YouTube 3D to watch the video glasses free. Read more »

HTC Puccini tablet new images leak bound for AT&T for now

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The HTC Puccini is showing its face (and back) to the world again and we heard some rumors on what specs it might offer. At this point the only thing that’s for certain is that it’s bound to AT&T, which has remained unchanged since the previous leak.

The tablet will be HTC’s first 10-incher, should run on a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, run Android Honeycomb and/or have HTC Sense on top and finally it’s rumored to have an LTE radio (that’s the proper 4G for those unfamiliar with the term). We gather from the photos that the Puccini will have an 8 MP camera with a dual-LED flash and will support HTC Scribe (judging by the photos). Read more »

Mad Russian scientist aims to save lives with telephony [VIDEO]

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Vladislav Oleschenko, a name synonymous with the mobile world. Oh what’s that you never heard of him?

Mobile phone radiation emissions
Well OK, he’s not actually famous, yet, he’s more of an ‘unknown quantity’, a Russian inventor who thinks that his latest creation could take him from mad scientist to technical-telephony genius and with the evidence he brings to the table, it’s pretty compelling stuff. Read more »