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Here is an awesome TNT promo video

by 17 comments

TNT has shot a really amazing promo video to promote the launch of their Belgium channel. Sticking to their We Know Drama slogan the TV network crew put an “Add drama” button to a small town’s square.

Words hardly do justice to the happens when someone presses that button, so we’ll just let you watch and enjoy the clip. Read more »

Amazon Appstore now supports in-app purchases for Android devices

by 2 comments

A feature that has been in Google Play’s Store for a while now is making its way to the Amazon Appstore, as developers now have the ability to integrate in-app purchases into their apps.

In-app payments can be in the form of additional features or subscriptions, as well as bonuses and upgrades for games. Read more »

LG Optimus 3D Max gets early benchmark results

by 4 comments

The greek tech site PostPC has managed to get its hands on the Optimus 3D Max and put it under some benchmark tests to see how it performs.

Don’t, however, expect many surprises, as the Optimus 3D Max uses the same system-on-a-chip as the Optimus 3D it replaces. The only difference is the slightly overclocked processor, which now runs at 1.2GHz, instead of 1GHz. Read more »

Google+ gets a fresh new look

by 8 comments

Google+ has received a revamp that completely changes the way it looks. Assuming you have received the design update, the first thing you’ll notice on the left is a new ribbon that houses all the key features of Google+. You can hover over them to access additional functions, move them around or put them into ‘More’ if you don’t use them very often.

Next you will notice that your conversation stream has changed a bit. The photos and videos appear a lot bigger than before and there is also a new album viewer. On the right side is a trending list, à la Twitter, to keep a tab of the topics being discussed on Google+. There is a separate Explore section on the side for you to check out all the popular and trending posts on Google+. Read more »

Samsung releases FAQ for I9000 Galaxy S Value Pack

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Couple of weeks ago, Samsung finally started rolling out the promised Value Pack to I9000 Galaxy S owners, starting with its home country Korea. It has now released a FAQ guide that talks about the new features that have been added and how you can use them.

Among the new feature that have been added is face unlock, borrowed from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Read more »

India gets its first 4G LTE network, courtesy of Bharti Airtel

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India is about to join the list of countries with fully operational 4G LTE networks. And the company responsible for this is Bharti Airtel, which also happens to be the fifth largest carrier in the world by number of subscribers.

Kolkata, a large metropolitan area in Eastern India, is the first area to be blessed with 4G LTE service. It will be followed by Karnataka, Punjab and other parts of India in Q3 of this year. Read more »

Android app design guidelines updated

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The Googlers over at Android Design have just put up some new sections into their guide for Android developers.

Highlights include a brand new section on how to create a design layout for application settings, as well as how to link to other Android applications and how to navigate to your app using widgets. Read more »

Latest Google Chrome OS dev release now seeding, looks more like a regular platform

by 28 comments

Looking at Chrome OS now will show you a browser and not much else. The latest release of the platform, which just started seeding to developers, is looking to change that, though.

There’s a taskbar, called shelf, and an app launcher, reminiscent of Apple’s Launchpad. Read more »

$40 Aakash 2 tablet to get Ice Cream Sandwich update

by 32 comments

It’s as official as it can possibly get. Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DataWind, the company responsible for the Aakash project, has announced that the Aakash 2 tablet will be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Aakash 2 tablet is hitting the Indian market in two to three weeks and it’ll take another two months until users can experience Ice Cream Sandwich on their units. Read more »

Toshiba finally announces the Excite 7.7, 10.1 and 13.3 slates

by 18 comments

Toshiba has finally made official the Excite trio of tablets – 7.7, 10.1 and 13.3. We already saw them twice back at CES in January and then at the MWC in February. We even went hands-on with the SuperAMOLED-packing 7.7 slate.

Today we finally got some official specs and the retail names – Excite 7.7, 10.1, and 13.3. All three slates are based on the quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and have a pretty decent connectivity set – 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Read more »

Instagram for Android passes 5 million downloads in just 6 days

by 6 comments

There must be a wild party going on at the Instagram office – not only did Facebook buy them for a whopping $1 billion, but also their brand new Android app has already shot past the 5 million downloads mark.

Instagram for Android hit the 1 million milestone on the first day of its existence. Now it’s just over 6 days old and over 4 million new users joined in on the sepia photo sharing fun. Read more »

Microsoft Office lands on Symbian, you can get it for free right away

by 21 comments

The Nokia-Microsoft alliance is still going strong and Symbian smartphones are the one with the benefit this time.

If you own a Nokia 701, 700, 603, E7, X7, C7, Oro or C6-01, you can now install the Microsoft Office app via the Software Update tool on your smartphones or via the Nokia Suite app on your computer. The Office app will also become available to Nokia N8, Nokia E6 or Nokia 500 in the following weeks, while the 808 PureView will have it preinstalled when it ships. Read more »

The ceramic surface on the HTC One S might have a problem, get chipped easily

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HTC did a lot of bragging about the super tough ceramic finish on the black HTC One S. It is five times more durable than stainless steel, they said, but several user reports beg to disagree.

At least three separate users have noticed that the ceramic coating gets chipped in places and they claim they haven’t dropped the device. More and more reports keep rolling in too. Read more »

Opera Mobile new beta released with support for extensions

by 12 comments

A new beta version of Opera Mobile web browser is now available and it offers support for mobile extensions. This makes Opera Mobile the third mobile web browser after Dolphin Browser HD and Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile to do so.

The design of the beta release is not final, and Opera hopes to intrigue developers by making extensions run on both Mobile and desktop versions of Opera. Read more »

Sony forecasts mind-boggling $6.4 billion loss for 2011, says better times will come

by 28 comments

Yesterday we told you about Sony’s plans on lay off about 10,000 workers due to the expected $3.2 billion loss for the 2011 fiscal year. Unfortunately for Sony, however, now that we are coming closer to the final results being published, the expected loss has doubled to $6.4 billion.

The reason for this dark forecast turns out to be an unfortunate combination of not being able to defer taxes any longer and paying extra taxes because of shifting profits between subsidiaries. But Sony keeps its chin up. Read more »