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Nokia N9 gets disassembled on video, it hurts to watch

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The Nokia N9 internals are not exactly a secret as the service manual of the MeeGo flagship leaked a few months ago, but now we have something better for you. Some Russian dude dissected the smartphone on video and if you have a strong stomach you may check it out after the break.

As you could imagine disassembling the non-painted unibody isn’t an easy task and if your N9 is to require any repairs you’d be better off taking it to a Nokia repair center. Still, if you insist on fixing it yourself or you are just one of those guys who like messing with their gadgets all the time, you’d certain find this video useful. Read more »

Nokia is giving away 5 Lumia 800 units on Facebook

by 33 comments

You know what’s better than a really cool smartphone? A really cool smartphone that you can get for free, of course. Nokia’s holding a giveaway on its Facebook page with the recently announced Lumia 800 as the star of the show.

The Finns will give away five units of their Windows Phone flagship to some of the lucky fellas that entered the draw. All you need to do in order to participate is fill out a short form with your name, email address and, optionally, your mobile phone number. Read more »

Twelve South PlugBug lets you charge your MacBook and iPad through a single port

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If you’re tired of the iPad charger hogging an extra slot on your wall socket or one of the USB ports on your MacBook, then Twelve South has just the device for you. Called the PlugBug, this neat little accessory snaps on top of any MacBook charger and lets you charge both your iPad and MacBook simultaneously.

Of course, it’s not just limited to the iPad and the standard USB port will allow any device that supports USB charging to be charged from it but the iPad will benefit the most from it due to its hunger for power that can only be satiated with a powerful charger and with 10 watts and 2.1 amps on tap, the PlugBug has all the power it needs to provide the fastest charging experience on the iPad. Read more »

Android Market app gets updated to 3.3.11, lets you auto update all apps

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Google has released a newer version of the Android Market app. v3.3.11 is currently rolling out to devices and should be available for download soon on your device.

Among the list of changes is the ability to auto-update all the apps. Initially, you had to manually go to every app on the Market and select the auto-update option. Now the phone will update the apps in the background whenever a new update comes out. Read more »

Motorola Xoom 2 coming to Ireland before Christmas, to be priced at €400

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The Motorola Xoom 2 has leaked quite a few times before but there is still no official word from Motorola yet about it. However, we do have an approximate release date and price with us now.

According to Carphone Warehouse in Ireland, the Motorola Xoom 2 will be available sometime before Christmas. Read more »

The HTC Titan lands at the office so we can take a closer look [VIDEO]

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HTC’s Radar and Titan arrived as the flag bearers for their first Windows Phone Mango handsets, aiming to offer the best media experience possible from a Windows Phone device.

HTC Titan in hand

Following on from the Radar’s visit last week, its bigger brother, the HTC Titan now takes center stage for further inspection. Read more »

Nokia Maps to hit all WP smartphones, voice navigation remaining a Lumia exclusive

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We’ve got some good news and some bad news to those of you owning or planning to purchase a Windows Phone smartphone without a Nokia logo on it. The good news is that the Finns will be making their Nokia Maps service available to all WP devices, no matter the manufacturer.

The bad news is that the voice-guided navigation will remain an exclusive feature of the Nokia Lumia lineup at least for the time being. The voice-guided navigation is available through a separate app (Nokia Drive) on Windows Phone, instead of being integrated into the Maps and that separate app won’t be making its way to the Windows Marketplace. Read more »

Google blesses Gmail with a new interface, better navigation and search

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Google has updated the user interface of Gmail, making the popular email service even more attractive. The new UI design adds contacts images to your conversation so you can easily identify the sender of each message and lets you choose the spacing between the elements on the screen.

That makes it easy to customize Gmail for different screen sizes and resolutions. The Gmail devs have also collaborated with iStockphoto and have created new HD themes, if you are into that kind of stuff. Read more »

Google+ for Android updated with a new UI, better performance and lots of bugfixes

by 19 comments

The Android version of the Google+ app just got an update, bringing a redesigned UI, several new features and the usual for such releases batch of bugfixes. The latest version of Google+ is already available in the Android Market for most regions and as you can see it brings an Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired UI.

Along with the new looks, Google+ should bring improvements to battery life, better notifications, a sign out option and several more minor improvements like the option to add people to a circle from the circle profiles screen. Read more »

European XOOMs finally getting an Android Honeycomb 3.2 update

by 44 comments

The European version of the first Honeycomb tablet – the Motorola XOOM is on its way to receive the long-awaited Android 3.2 update. More specifically, the update is targeted at Wi-Fi-only XOOM units, that are running versions 6.4.20 and; they will be upgraded to 6.6.23.

And to make things even more limiting – only users in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK will receive the update notification message. Read more »

Nokia 800 video ad – here’s how all these amazing little segments were shot [VIDEOS]

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Remember the Nokia Lumia 800 launch advertisement, which we showed you here in our blog? If you don’t, don’t worry, you’ll see it again at the end of this post.

Nokia has decided to take you on a “Behind of scenes” tour, showing you the making of the particular segments of the ad itself. It’s pretty cool, especially the “Dirt art” video. Read more »

LG Optimus U1 to be the company’s first Android ICS smartphone?

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We just got wind of some photos of an upcoming LG smartphone, which is yet to be announced. The device will reportedly be called LG Optimus U1 and will be the company’s first handset to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Our anonymous tipster didn’t give us any more details and we cannot confirm the authenticity of the image, but we couldn’t find anything wrong with it so we’re giving it the benefit of doubt. Plus, this one looks like a Korea-bound smartphone, judging by its design and it would make perfect sense for LG to release a handset called Optimus U1 there. Read more »

Motorola Mobility to go on a firing spree, 800 jobs in jeopardy

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Motorola Mobility is about to cut 800 jobs in order to incur $31 million – $4 million of which are for closing facilities.

Motorola has reported $32 million loss for the past quarter, which is still better than the $56 million loss in the previous one. Read more »

Nokia Lumia 800 becomes the official UK X Factor smartphone [VIDEO]

by 30 comments

Nokia continues with the aggressive market campaign of its Windows Phone-running Lumia smartphones. The more expensive member of the duo, the Nokia Lumia 800, has just been pronounced the official smartphone of the UK X Factor talent show.

Each of the finalists got a brand new Nokia Lumia 800 and as you can you’ll see from some videos in a minute they really loved it. Given that Nokia is trying really hard to impress the younger audience, where most of the heavy smartphone users belong, you can see where this is coming from. Read more »

Sony considers quitting the S-LCD joint venture with Samsung

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Sony, one of the two shareholders in the S-LCD Corporation, is reportedly considering selling its shares in the joint venture. The company TV division is having a hard time on the market recently and continues to lose money, which has made the Japanese giant consider leaving the S-LCD Corporation.

According to the reports, Sony has already started negotiations with the other shareholder in S-LCD Corp – Samsung. The Koreans currently own 51% of the joint venture and if the source has it correct, that Sony’s exit negotiations will be completed this year, will end up in control of the whole company in 2012. Read more »