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Safari 7 goes official at WWDC

Apple announced its OS X Maverick in the on-going WWDC 2013 and the Cupertino gaint has also introduced an improved Safari 7 that now comes with design tweaks, iCloud Keychain, memory, social and general performance improvements.

The Safari 7 will be integrated with the OS X Mavericks and the browser now features an improved reader list. The latest version of the browser for OS X Maverick comes with a sidebar for bookmarks and features a shared links tab for browsing links that you post on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Safari 7 also uses less processor power and memory when compared to the earlier versions and the current versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Lastly, the updated Safari includes the all new iCloud Keychain that stores and generates secured passwords and other vital information across all your iDevices.


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