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Google+ turns 1 year old tomorrow, celebrates 250 million users with a great tablet version

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It was just a year ago when Google launched its own social network Google+. Since then, the young social network has more than 250 million users with 150 million of those users signing in more than once per month.

Interestingly, users spend more time on Google+ from their mobile devices than from desktop computers. Statistics show that each user spends more than 60 minutes per day on the various Google products. Read more »

Googe Q is the Google Play media player for your living room

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Google obviously has invested a lot in delivering all the content for their Google Play store – especially, the videos and the music. So much that they actually had to design and build their own hardware device that allows you to consume the Google play digital content right on the biggest screen in your house.

Enter Google Q, the web-connected, “social” box that runs Android. It’s meant to stream content for you from the cloud, where supposedly you have all your digital content. Read more »

Google Chrome for Android is out of beta, and the Nexus 7 defaults to it

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Google’s new tablet, the Nexus 7, will be the first device that will come with the mobile Google Chrome as its default browser. Google’s presenters were mum on what that means for other devices.

Nexus 7 is also the first Jelly Bean device, so it’s possible that JB will drop the current browser and use Chrome. Since it would be a while since any of us not present at the Google I/O gets one, I suggest you head to the Google Play app store to get the latest version of the Chrome browser for Android. It just graduated from beta. Read more »

Google Play enables encrypted apps, smaller updates, starts selling movies, TV shows and magazines

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We already had a look at how many new Androids are activated a day, now it’s time to look at the Google Play store. There are now 600,000 apps and games in the store and users do 1.5 billion installs each month. Google have tallied the score and there have been 20 billion installs in total.

It’s not just the number of apps though, the way apps are handled has been improved and the Play Store now offers magazines and TV shows. Read more »

Android device activations reach 400 million in total, 1 million per day

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Google’s I/O is just starting up and there are a ton of exciting news to come. But Hugo Barra opened up with how far Android has come so far – and it’s quite far as it turns out.

400 million Android devices have been activated already – that’s a four-fold increase in just one year. Read more »

Don’t like an Android app you paid for? You actually have 48h to get a refund

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Whether it be for a quick one shot task or just a game to kill some time, we’ve all bought an app on impulse that we quickly come to loathe for one reason or another, all the more so because we paid money for it.

While it may be too late to get your money back for your particular regretful purchase, there is a way to get a refund on your next one, if you act quickly enough. Read more »

Nokia 808 PureView takes an impressive video of a racing catamaran

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After getting so much praise for its incredible 41MP camera, the Nokia 808 PureView decided to take a well deserved vacation. Instead of spending all day on the beach though, the 808 found itself shooting a video of the racing catamaran Nacra Infusion MKII.

The impressive video you are about to see was actually shot using two 808 PureView units tightly packed into a plastic bag with holes for the lenses. Read more »

Apple releases new Podcasts app for iOS

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Those of you who are using iOS 6 developer beta may have noticed the lack of a podcasts section within the iTunes and Music player apps within the OS. The speculations suggested that Apple will soon be releasing a separate app for podcasts. And it has.

Now available on the App Store is a brand new Podcasts app for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app lets you download and playback audio as well as video podcasts and comes with a gorgeous new UI. Read more »

Apple launches iTunes Store in twelve Asian countries

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Unlike the practically omnipresent App Store, Apple’s iTunes Store has always been available in only a few locations, and in a crippled form in others, where all you could download from it is free content such as podcasts and some ebooks and none of the music, movies, TV shows and other excellent paid content that the iTunes Store serves elsewhere.

The Asian countries in particular got the short end of the stick when it came to getting the iTunes Store. So to make things a bit right, Apple is now releasing the iTunes Store in some of the Asian countries, twelve to be precise, starting today. Read more »

Apple wins an injunction against Samsung, halts the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States

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The latest chapter of the patent feud between Samsung and Apple has come upon us, people. This one is actually more important than the usual, as it marks Apple’s greatest achievement against its Korean rival in the United States – a preliminary injunction, banning the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Yes, that’s the same Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which got banned in Germany last year, prompting Samsung to release a redesigned version of the slate. Read more »

Google puts up a robot full of Jelly Beans in front of its offices

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It’s this time of the year again and we’re expecting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to be unveiled tomorrow evening at the Google I/O keynote. If you had any doubts about it, Google is eager to dispel it.

Today they’ve put up one of their customary over-sized figures (or statues, if you will) to commemorate their next Android release.

Android Jelly Bean is supposedly not as major a release as Ice Cream Sandwich was. Nevertheless, it’s supposed to bring along a curious novelty. Read more »

LG Optimus Vu drops by our office, brings its stylus with it

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The phablet market came as a bit of a surprise – no one expected the Note to sell as well as it did. Now that the class gained traction, though, the LG Optimus Vu, has big dreams for its future.

It sets itself apart with L-series styling, a 4:3 screen and comes with a nice, easy to handle stylus in the box. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III uses Wolfson’s WM1811 audio chip

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The Samsung Galaxy S III uses Wolfson Microelectronics’ WM1811 Audio Hub – the chip device that converts digital sound into analog, bringing users crystal clear HD sound during calls and during audio playback. This information was confirmed by Wolfson itself on the company’s website.

For those unfamiliar with Wolfson and Samsung’s partnership the Wave and Galaxy S both used the WM8994 Audio Hub and have been regarded as stellar performers. Read more »

Mozilla updates Firefox Beta for Android, bugs get squashed and stability is improved

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No, this is not the big announcement Mozilla will be making at tomorrow’s Google I/O, although judging by the new features, it easily might have been.

Instead, Mozilla has ditched the Beta and launched v.14.0 of its native Firefox browser for Android. Just as usual, some bugs are squashed and stability is improved, but most notably, the look of the browser UI has changed. Read more »

OneCloud from Box now available on Android

by 5 comments’s recently released OneCloud platform, aimed at providing enterprise level cloud storage solutions, is now available to Android users.

OneCloud is designed to allow third-party app developers the ability to sync to a Box account from within their app, which eliminates the problems when trying to view files edited via a mobile platform in a desktop environment. Read more »