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Dropbox referral bonus doubled, maximum free storage upped to 16GB

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Don’t you just love competition? While Dropbox is still the most popular public cloud storage provider, the heat that it’s feeling from the competition (most notably the upcoming Google Drive) is forcing it to improve its service quite rapidly.

Today, the company announced it’s doubling the referral bonus and upping the maximum allowable free storage limit. From now on you’ll be getting half a gigabyte of extra free space for each of your friends that you manage to convince to start using Dropbox (note that they’ll get half a gig too) and you’ll be able to use those bonuses for obtaining up to 16GB of free storage. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 launch postponed to end of April due to Android 4.0

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When Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 2 range, which includes the 7-inch and the 10.1-inch models, the launch date was pegged sometime last week, at least in the UK.

As is obvious, the two products did not make it within the promised launch but now we know the reason why. A Samsung spokesperson told Computerworld that the reason that the launch of the two tablets has been delayed is due to Samsung taking its time working on Android 4.0, presumably implementing its TouchWiz UI on top. Read more »

UPDATED! Sony releases version 1.65 update for PS Vita, pulls it due to issues

by 15 comments

Yesterday, Sony issued a firmware update for the PS Vita, which took the version number to 1.65. Among the list of changes included ability to disable certain notifications, such as when friends sign in, messages are received, etc., ability to set the auto standby timer to ‘After 10 Minutes’, arrow for indicating when new activities are available in LiveArea, and the inclusion of Caps Lock for the on-screen keypad.

However, it seems there was some issue with this update, due to which Sony had to pull it down shortly after it went live. Read more »

Instagram for Android is now available for download

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In case you are not one of the 430K+ people who were on the Android waiting list, we have some good news for you. Instagram for Android is now available for download – less than a month after it was given a “coming very soon” status from its founders.

Any Android smartphone, sporting a camera and OS version 2.2 and higher is welcome join the photo sharing party. Read more »

Apple to be the first trillion-dollar company by 2014, expects analyst

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Apple is on its way to becoming the world’s first company to be worth over a trillion dollars, expects analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray. The firm sees Apple shares reaching the $1,000 mark in the quite near future – by 2014 to be specific.

Munster believes the huge success will be driven by the strong iPhone sales. According to him, at least 70% of all people who owned an iPhone for two years will choose to renew their iPhone ownership. Read more »

New Nokia 808 PureView camera samples surface

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Some new camera samples taken by the upcoming DSLR smartphone from Nokia, have surfaced in China.

It looks like the lens quality is really gonna rival that of many dedicated digital cameras out there. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 battery life test complete, results come up good

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Since we got our hands on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 we were eager to do our battery tests. We were pretty curious to find how the first Super AMOLED Plus-touting display fares, compared to its LCD rivals. Coming with a 5100mAh battery the Tab 7.7 has a theoretical advantage over the 7-inch Samsung slates, but it also has a larger screen with more pixels to power.

So, we did what we usually do – 3G talk, web browsing and video playback tests and we are now ready to share the results with you. Read more »

Maria Sharapova jumps ship, will promote Samsung from now on

by 21 comments

Sony Ericsson is a pretty big name in tennis – the Sony Ericsson Open just finished and it is a title sponsor of the Women’s Tennis Association. So, it came as a big surprise when it was announced that Maria Sharapova will promote Samsung products from now on (she was a Sony Ericsson ambassador for 4 years).

Currently, her deal covers only Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and is for three years. A new deal that covers the rest of the world might be signed next year. Read more »

The best phone for women? iPhone 4/4S with a $50 mirror back

by 19 comments

The phone industry has made numerous attempts to create a ladies’ phone, but most of them proved unsuccessful. The reason is probably that those phones tended to offer dated hardware at high prices, falsely presuming that women wouldn’t care about smooth performance, apps etc.

What if we told you that you can convert a regular iPhone 4 or 4S into something the ladies will like? All it takes is some screwdriver skills, a $10 tool kit and a $50 replacement back. Read more »

Canon announces EOS 60Da DSLR for astronomy enthusiasts

by 13 comments

After seven years since the EOS 20Da came out, Canon has released a successor to its special class of DSLR cameras geared towards capturing the wonders of the night sky in the form of the EOS 60Da.

The new EOS 60Da packs a 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, which is greatly improved over the 8.2 megapixel sensor on the 20Da. It features in improved infrared-blocking filter for better hydrogen-alpha light sensitivity, which is three times greater than its predecessor. The EOS 60Da can capture images in sensitivities as high as ISO 12,800 and has a nine-point auto-focus system. Read more »

Consumer Reports thinks the new iPad is the best tablet ever

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Now that’s a bit of a surprise. After berating the new iPad for its heating and charging issues, the Consumer Reports now thinks that the iPad is the best tablet on the market.

In case you haven’t followed the entire saga, Consumer Reports first reviewed the new iPad when it came out and showered it with praise. A few days later, they followed the review with a sensational article as to how the new iPad was running uncomfortably hotter than its predecessor and how it refuses to charge while you are using it. And now, a few days later, Consumer Reports is going back on its initial claims and praising the new iPad again for its excellent all-round performance. Read more »

Sony admits Xperia S display issues, promises a resolution

by 58 comments

When we reviewed the Sony Xperia S, we loved its 4.3″ LCD screen with HD resolution. It turns out however, that the display is far from perfect. Apparently, the unit develops a rather uncool yellow tint when the device warms up.

Thankfully, Sony Mobile Communications has admitted about the existence of the issue in a limited number of devices shipped. Read more »

Canon 5D Mark III arrives for testing, stays for duty

by 19 comments

We might not be your average digital camera review site, but we know a thing or two about DSLR’s – we’ve been using the Canon 5D Mark II since it was first released to take pictures and videos of the phones visiting our office; the ones you see on our site every day. Naturally, we were intrigued by the announcement of the new 5D Mark III and we jumped at the opportunity to test it in our day to day tasks.

Long story short – we liked it so much, it has replaced our Mark II as our in-house camera. The Canon 5D Mark III is not exactly revolutionary and in no way is it “resolutionary”, but there are numerous small improvements and fixes which made the upgrade a no-brainer. Join us as we take a look at whats new. Read more »

Angry Birds TV series set to air this autumn, will reveal where all that anger comes from

by 19 comments

After the success the Angry Birds game series has achieved, it’s only logical to see Rovio try out and push the franchise onto other mediums.

According to Rovio’s chief of animation, Nick Dorra, the Angry Birds characters will star in 52 episodes, each being two-and-a-half to three minutes long. Read more »

HTC One X flexes its Tegra 3 muscles in our benchmark tests

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The HTC One X and the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip aim to start a new chapter in the smartphone performance books. Being the first quad-core chipset in a handset, Tegra 3 faces extremely high expectations and we were as curious as you are to find out if it will live up to them.

So we ran a bunch of benchmark apps on the One X and we are rushing to give you the results, garnished with our findings. To put its results into perspective we compared them to some of the best dual-core droids, the Exynos inside Samsung Galaxy S II, the TI OMAP making the Samsung Galaxy Nexus tick and the Snapdragon powering the HTC Sensation XE. Read more »