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Samsung Galaxy Note battery life test ready, here go the results [TEST]

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It’s episode three of our new battery test and we have the Samsung Galaxy Note starring this time. The phoneblet has a 2500 mAh battery, which is much larger than that of the average smartphone, but it also has a very power-hungry 5.3″ screen.

As a direct result, the Samsung Galaxy Note’s performance in our test was quite unusual. While it got a monstrous score on the telephony part, its web browsing endurance were quite disappointing. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read more »

Unboxing the HTC Sensation XL – entering the lair of the 4.7″ droid with the Monster headset [VIDEO]

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XL – a universally recognized label for stuff bigger than regular. But don’t worry, the HTC Sensation XL fills its XL clothing with a 4.7″ screen rather than whatever the gadgetry equivalent of flabby fat is.

No, sir, this soldier here is a lean mean fighting machine. The XL packs virtually the same hardware as the recently reviewed HTC Titan – that means a single 1.5GHz CPU core and 8MP camera. But it’s a Sensation and like its sibling (the recently reviewed XE), it comes with the Monster iBeats headset which gives a hefty boost to the value for money of the package. Read more »

3GB free Dropbox storage with HTC smartphones, here’s the fine print

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HTC and Dropbox have been mum about their deal for additional 3GB of free storage which was promised to come with every HTC device. Yes, according to some reports old HTCs seem to be receiving the free space, too. Well, now with the HTC Rezound being currently available for grabs, the deal with Dropbox has become active.

This is confirmed by user NightAngel79 over at Phandroid forums, who has purchased the Rezound recently. He reports that the Dropbox app doesn’t come preinstalled with the device and the 3GB of free storage become available to your account only when you download the app and sign in with your Dropbox account. Read more »

CyanogenMod team working to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to all supported devices in two months time

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If you own one of the 60+ devices supported by CyanogenMod, you can rest assured that your droid gadget will be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) one way or another. The Cyanogen team announced they have already started working on CyanogenMod 9, which will be based on ICS.

We can expect results as early as two months from now (keep in mind the ICS source code was just released). It will probably take most makers and carriers much longer than that to put out the ICS update for their devices. Read more »

IDC report shows shows devs have increasing interest in WP7, Kindle Fire almost as interesting as original iPad

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IDC queried devs that use the Appcelerator platform and has some very interesting stats to share. The Nokia/Microsoft dual effort to attract developers is paying off – Windows Phone comes out as the third most desirable mobile platform to develop for (a big thing, considering WP7′s limited market share).

Also, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is stirring things up in the Android tablet world, overtaking the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US as the Android tablet most devs are interested in working for. Read more »

Adobe brings its range of Touch Apps to Android, iOS versions arriving next year

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Adobe has just unleashed its range of Touch Apps on Android for all the creative people out there who want to use their tablets for more than just content consumption. These apps will be a key component in Adobe’s upcoming Creative Cloud service that will be released next year, that will allow sharing and viewing of the content created using these apps on multiple devices.

The range of apps includes the Adobe Photoshop Touch, which is meant for image editing. Read more »

Samsung releases Android 3.2 update to Galaxy Tab 10.1, pulls it due to Wi-Fi connectivity issue

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Yesterday, the Wi-Fi-only model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 received the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update.. Unfortunately, instead of making things better, it made them worse. The update caused devices to lose Wi-Fi connectivity and since this is the Wi-Fi only model we are talking about here, that actually means a complete loss of Internet connectivity.

Other problems caused by the update include loss of Bluetooth connectivity and failure of the display auto-rotate function. Read more »

Samsung Exhibit II 4G is on display in our office [VIDEO]

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The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is one of the fastest product sequels we’ve seen in quite some time. Launched less than six months after the original Exhibit 4G, the smartphone is essentially the North American version of the Samsung Galaxy W, and packs a decent spec sheet to go with its bargain price tag.

The Exhibit II 4G is powered by Read more »

Lenovo prepares to launch a 10.1-inch Tegra 3 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of the year

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CES 2012? Psh, Lenovo is better than that apparently, as reportedly, they are going to launch an Ice Cream Sandwich running Tegra 3 tablet by the end of the year.

According to a tipster who sent a bunch of live photos of the said slate to Engadget, the device packs some serious horsepower under the hood. For starters, we mysterious Lenovo tablet will have the brand new quad-core Tegra 3 SoC bundled with not one, but two gigabytes of 1,600 MHz DDR3 RAM. Read more »

QuickOffice Pro is free on the Amazon appstore today, here’s your chance to save $14.99

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Free app of the day is one of the best parts of the Amazon appstore and today it offers one of the best bargains in its history. QuickOffice Pro is one of the most functional office applications around and thanks to Amazon, you can download it for free today.

Of course, most droids ship with a document-editor preinstalled nowadays, but not all of those are better than the QuickOffice Pro, so it could serve as a decent upgrade, too. There is a reason why the app normally costs a penny under $15. Read more »

Acer A510 and A511 Tegra 3 tablets are in the works, will make an appearance at CES 2012

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Tegra 3 tablets look to be on the rise today. First there are the live photos of the highly anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime, then there’s the rumor of an HTC Tegra 3 tablet arriving at MWC 2012 and now a leaked User-agent profile specifications indicate that Acer are to launch a successor to the Iconia Tab 500 at next year’s CES.

The tablet in question will carry the model name A510 and as far as its leaked specs are concerned it’s not going to be exactly
slow. Read more »

HTC Android tablet rocking Tegra 3 should make an appearance at MWC ’12

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It’s not exactly shocking, but Chinese newspaper Commercial Times has published a report saying that HTC will announce its first Tegra 3 powered tablet at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year.

According to the paper, at MWC in February, the Taiwanese-based manufacturer will not only announce an Android tablet, but two Android smartphones too. Could one of them be the recently leaked HTC Edge? Read more »

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime live photos and video reconfirm its awesomeness

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The holiday shopping spree is already less than a month away, so it is almost certain that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime will be the only quad-core slate at the shelves for Christmas. It’s too late for new announcements now, so everyone looking for the ultimate performance will be putting this fella high on their shopping list.

That’s why we thought, you might enjoy a few live shots of the device and a quick video demonstrating its Tegra 3 chipset in action. The impressive benchmark results were a good start, but we all know it’s the real life performance that really counts. Read more »

Apple recalls first generation iPod nano due to overheating battery issue

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The first generation iPod nano was immensely popular and set the stage for thin and light music players, none of which, however, came close to matching its popularity. Six years and an identical number of iterations later, Apple is now recalling the device.

The reason being given is a faulty battery, which in certain devices can overheat and pose a safety risk. So far no reports have come in from users regarding this issue but Apple clearly does not want to wait till that happens. Read more »

Google sends out invites to mystery event on November 16, could be about Google’s music service

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Google is holding an event on November 16 and has sent out invites for the same. However, the invites don’t clarify what the event is actually about. All it says is that ‘These go to eleven’.

In case you don’t get the reference, it is from the movie This Is Spinal Tap and the invite is actually marked from the character in the movie: Nigel Tufnel, who says the above mentioned line. Read more »